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S3925 (-)-Epicatechin gallate (-)-Epicatechin gallate (ECG) is an inhibitor of cyclooxygenase-1 (COX-1) with IC50 of 7.5 μM.
S3922 (-)-epigallocatechin (-)-Epigallocatechin, widespread in plants, has been shown to exhibit anti-tumor, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory functions.
S2250 (-)-Epigallocatechin Gallate (-)-Epigallocatechin Gallate(EGCG) is the main catechin extraction of green tea that inhibits telomerase and DNA methyltransferase. EGCG blocks the activation of EGF receptors and HER-2 receptors. ECGG inhibits fatty acid synthase and glutamate dehydrogenase activity.
S4723 (-)Epicatechin (−)Epicatechin (L-Epicatechin, (-)-Epicatechol) is a flavonoid present in cocoa, green tea and red wine. It is a strong antioxidant, has insulin mimic action and improves heart health.
S0371 (1E)-CFI-400437 dihydrochloride CFI-400437 is a potent and selective polo-like kinase 4 (PLK4) inhibitor.
E2384 (E)-Akt inhibitor-IV (E)-Akt inhibitor-IV is a PI3K-Akt inhibitor, with potent cytotoxic.
S3867 (E)-Cardamonin (E)-Cardamonin (Alpinetin chalcone, cardamomin) is a naturally occurring chalcone with strong anti-inflammatory activity. It is a novel TRPA1 antagonist with IC50 of 454 nM and also a NF-kB inhibitor.
E2215 (E)-Flavokawain A

(E)-Flavokawain A, a chalcone extracted from Kava, has anticarcinogenic effect. (E)-Flavokawain A induces apoptosis in bladder cancer cells by involvement of bax protein-dependent and mitochondria-dependent apoptotic pathway.

S0056 (E/Z)-BCI (E/Z)-BCI (BCI, NSC 150117) is an inhibitor of dual specific phosphatase 1/6 (DUSP1/DUSP6) and mitogen-activated protein kinase with EC50 of 13.3 μM and 8.0 μM for DUSP6 and DUSP1 in cells, respectively. (E)-BCI induces apoptosis via generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and activation of intrinsic mitochondrial pathway in H1299 lung cancer cells.
S9850 (E/Z)-GO289

(E/Z)-GO289 potently and selectively inhibits casein kinase 2 (CK2) at an IC50 of 7 nM in vitro kinase assay.

E0381 (E/Z)-GSK-3β inhibitor 1 (E/Z)-GSK-3β inhibitor 1 is a racemic compound of (E)-GSK-3β inhibitor 1 and (Z)-GSK-3β inhibitor 1 isomers, in which GSK-3β inhibitor 1 (compound 3a) is a glycogen synthase kinase 3β (GSK-3β) inhibitor with an IC50 of 4.19 nM.
S3384 (E/Z)-IT-603 (E/Z)-IT-603 is a mixture of E-IT-603 and Z-IT-603. IT-603 is a NF-κB family member c-Rel inhibitor with an IC50 of 3 μM in electrophoretic mobility shift assay (EMSA).
S6601 (±)-Equol (±)-Equol, an isoflavandiol estrogen, is a metabolite of the soy isoflavones, daidzin and daidzein.
E0012 1-EBIO 1-EBIO (1-Ethylbenzimidazolinone, 1-Ethyl-2-benzimidazolinone)is an activator of Ca2+-sensitive K+ channels with an EC50 of 490 µM in T84 cells.
E0550 12-Epinapelline 12-Epinapelline is a diterpene alkaloid isolated from Aconitum baikalense, which exhibits anti-inflammatory activity and stimulates the growth of colonies from fibroblast precursors.
E0764 16-Epivoacarpine

16-Epivoacarpine is a natural alkaloid isolated from <i>Gelsemium elegans</i>.

S4524 2-Ethoxybenzamide 2-Ethoxybenzamide (Ethenzamide) is a common analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug that is used for the relief of fever, headaches, and other minor aches and pains.
S2429 2-Ethylaniline 2-Ethylaniline is an intermediate for pharmaceuticals, dyestuffs, pesticides, and other products.
S6057 2-Ethylbutyric Acid 2-Ethylbutyric Acid (2-ethyl hexanoic acid) is a chemical used to make paint dryers and plasticizers.
S6039 4-Ethyloctanoic acid 4-ethyloctanoic acid is identified from flue-cured Virginia tobacco and is mainly used as daily flavor, food flavor, industrial flavor, nutrient, stabilizers, surfactants and emulsifiers.
S6308 4-Ethylphenol 4-Ethylphenol (P-Ethylphenol, 4-Hydroxyphenylethane) is a phenolic compound produced in wine and beer by the spoilage yeast Brettanomyces.
E2204 4-Ethylresorcinol
S7370 4E1RCat 4E1RCat is a dual inhibitor of eIF4E:eIF4G and eIF4E:4E-BP1 interaction, and inhibits the binding of eIF4G to eIF4E with IC50 of 3.2 μM.
S0532 4E2RCat 4E2RCat is a potent inhibitor of eIF4E-eIF4G interaction with IC50 of 13.5 μM.
S7369 4EGI-1 4EGI-1 is a competitive eIF4E/eIF4G interaction inhibitor by binding to eIF4E with KD of 25 μM. 4EGI-1 specifically inhibits the function of mTOR by blocking the activation of 4E-BP1. 4EGI-1 induces apoptosis.
S1661 5-Ethynyl-2'-deoxyuridine 5-Ethynyl-2'-deoxyuridine (EdU, 5-EdU, 2'-Deoxy-5-ethynyluridine), a thymidine analogue, which can be incorporated into cellular DNA and the subsequent reaction of EdU with a fluorescent azide in a copper-catalyzed [3+2] cycloaddition ("Click" reaction) are developed as a method for detection of DNA synthesis. 5-Ethynyl-2'-deoxyuridine is an alkyl chain-based PROTAC linker that is applicable to the synthesis of PROTACs.
S9265 7-Epitaxol 7-Epitaxol (7-Epipaclitaxel) is the major derivative of taxol found in cells. Taxol (paclitaxel) is a well-known natural-source cancer drug.
E2283 8-Epideoxyloganic acid 8-Epideoxyloganic acid, an iridoid glucoside found in Incarvillea delavayi, exhibits weak antinociceptive activity.
E2300 8-Epidiosbulbin E acetate 8-Epidiosbulbin E acetate, a furanoid isolated from Dioscorea bulbifera L., exhibits broad-spectrum plasmid-curing activity against multidrug-resistant (MDR) bacteria.
E2607 8-Epiloganic acid

8-Epiloganic acid, an iridoid glucoside, can be found in Linaria cymbalaria (Scrophulariaceae).

S6627 E-4031 dihydrochloride E-4031 is an experimental class III antiarrhythmic drug that blocks potassium channels of the hERG-type.
S7379 E-64 E-64 is an irreversible and selective cysteine protease inhibitor, and also inhibits papain, calpain, and cathepsins B and H, but not serine proteases or aspartic proteases. The IC50 for papain is 9 nM. E-64 induces oxidative stress and apoptosis in Filarial Parasite.
S0012 E260 E260 (Fer and FerT inhibitor E260) is a Fer kinase and FerT inhibitor that selectively evokes metabolic stress in cancer cells by imposing mitochondrial dysfunction and deformation, and onset of energy-consuming autophagy which decreases the cellular ATP level.
A5693 E2F1 Rabbit Recombinant mAb E2F1 Rabbit Recombinant mAb detects endogenous level of total E2F1.
S0716 E6446 E6446 is an inhibitor of Toll-like receptor (TLR) 7 and 9 signaling in a variety of human and mouse cell types and inhibits DNA-TLR9 interaction in vitro.
S6719 E6446 dihydrochloride E6446 dihydrochloride is a specific Toll-like receptor 9 inhibitor.
S6649 E7046 (ER-886406) E7046 (ER-886406, Palupiprant, AN0025) is a selective inhibitor of the prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) receptor EP4 with IC50 of 13.5 nM and Ki of 23.14 nM.
S9618 E7766 diammonium salt E7766 diammonium salt, a macrocycle-bridged STING agonist with a Kd of 40 nM, shows potent pan-genotypic and antitumor activities.
S6628 E7820 E7820 is a unique angiogenesis inhibitor with antitumor activities.
A5315 EAAT2 Rabbit Recombinant mAb EAAT2 Rabbit Recombinant mAb detects endogenous level of total EAAT2.
S8242 EAI045 EAI045 is an allosteric inhibitor that targets selected drug-resistant EGFR mutants but spares the wild-type receptor.
S2942 EB-3D EB-3D is a potent and selective inhibitor of choline kinase α (ChoKα) with IC50 of 1 μM for ChoKα1. EB-3D induces deregulation of the AMPK-mTOR pathway and apoptosis in leukemia T-cells.
S4262 Ebastine Ebastine(LAS-W 090,RP64305) is a potent H1-histamine receptor antagonist, used for allergic disorders.
S6530 EBE-A22 EBE-A22 is a derivative of PD 153035 which can inhibit ErbB-1-phosphorylation, whereas EBE-A22 is inactive.
A5385 EBP50 Rabbit Recombinant mAb EBP50 Rabbit Recombinant mAb detects endogenous level of total EBP50.
S6676 Ebselen Ebselen (DR 3305, SPI-1005, PZ-51, CCG-39161) is a small-molecule capsid inhibitor of HIV-1 Replication with IC50 of 46.1 nM in TR-FRET assay.
S4463 EC23 EC23 (AGN 190205, BASF-46928), a stable synthetic retinoid analogue, induces neuronal differentiation.
S0472 EC330 EC330 is a steroidal inhibitor of leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF, an interleukin 6 class cytokine). EC330 inhibits the LIF/LIF-R signaling and blocks the promoting effects of LIF on growth and migration of cancer cells.
S0809 EC5026 EC5026 (BPN-19186) is a potent and orally active soluble inhibitor of Epoxide Hydrolase (sEH). EC5026 has the potential to relieve pain by stabilizing natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory mediators.
S4853 Ecabet sodium Ecabet sodium (TA-2711, TA-2711E) is a widely employed mucoprotective agent for the treatment of gastric ulcers. Ecabet sodium inhibits the ability of Helicobacter pylori to induce neutrophil production of reactive oxygen species and interleukin-8, Ecabet sodium can also reduce apoptosis.
S3498 Ecamsule.2Na Ecamsule.2Na is the Sodium salt form of Ecamsule. Ecamsule is an active ingredient of sunscreens that protects the skin from sunburn and erythema.
S0791 eCF506 eCF506 is a potent, selective and orally bioavailable inhibitor of Src tyrosine kinase with IC50 < 0.5 nM.
E3900 Echinacea Extract
E3899 Echinacea Extract (flower) Purple coneflower Extract is extracted from purple coneflower, the flower of Echinacea purpurea, Echinacea angustifolia or Echinacea pallida. Purple coneflower is used as a treatment for respiratory tract infections and inflammatory conditions, including common cold, coughs, bronchitis, and inflammation of mouth and pharynx.
S3783 Echinacoside Echinacoside, a natural polyphenolic compound, has various biological activities, such as antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, hepatoprotective, nitric oxide radical-scavenging and vasodilative actions. Echinacoside, one of the phenylethanoids isolated from the stems of Cistanche salsa, elicits neuroprotection by activating Trk receptors and their downstream signal pathways. Echinacoside also has a remarkable antiosteoporotic activity.
E3487 Ecliptae Herba Extract
S9403 Ecliptasaponin A Ecliptasaponin A, a natural triterpenoid glucoside, has protective effects against the pulmonary fibrosis induced by bleomycin via reducing the oxidative stress, lung tissue inflammation, and the subsequent epithelial-mesenchymal transition.
S5492 Econazole Econazole is a broad spectrum antimycotic with some action against Gram positive bacteria.
S2535 Econazole nitrate Econazole Nitrate (NSC 243115) is a Ca2+ channel blocker, used as an antifungal medicine that fights infections caused by fungus.
S5591 Ectoine Ectoine ( THP(B)) is a natural amino acid derivate with membrane stabilizing and inflammation reducing capacities. It is produced by bacteria living under extreme harsh environmental conditions where it serves as osmoregulatory compatible solute.
S1326 Edaravone Edaravone (MCI-186) is a novel potent free radical scavenger that has been clinically used to reduce the neuronal damage following ischemic stroke.
E2636 EDC hydrochloride EDC hydrochloride (1-(3-Dimethylaminopropyl)-3-ethylcarbodiimide hydrochloride, EDC·HCl) is a carbodiimide reagent that can form nucleic acid and compounds with amide bonds.
S5721 Edetate calcium disodium Edetate (EDTA) calcium disodium is a chelating agent that is primarily used for the management of severe lead poisoning.
S5706 Edetate Trisodium Edetate Trisodium (EDTA trisodium salt, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) is the organic sodium salt of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA). EDTA is a chelating agent capable of removing a heavy metal, such as lead or mercury, from the blood.
S8524 Edicotinib(JNJ-40346527) Edicotinib (JNJ-40346527) is a potent, selective, brain penetrant and orally active colony-stimulating factor-1 receptor (CSF-1R) inhibitor with an IC50 of 3.2 nM.
S6733 Edonerpic maleate Edonerpic maleate (T-817) is a novel neurotrophic agent which can inhibit amyloid-β peptides (Aβ).
S4429 Edoxaban Edoxaban (DU-176b, Savaysa), an antithrombotic agent, is a selective, potent and orally active inhibitor of factor Xa (FXa) with Ki of 0.561 nM and 2.98 nM for free FXa and prothrombinase, respectively.
S7280 Edoxaban tosylate Monohydrate Edoxaban (DU-176b) is a selective factor Xa inhibitor with Ki of 0.561 nM, >10 000-fold selectivity over thrombin and FIXa, and is also an orally bioavailable anticoagulant drug.
S0940 Edpetiline Edpetiline, a principal alkaloid from P. eduardi, has significant antiinflammatory effects.
S5900 Edrophonium chloride Edrophonium chloride is the chloride salt of edrophonium, which is a rapid-onset, short-acting, readily reversible inhibitor of acetylcholinesterase.
S8496 EED226 EED226 is a potent, selective, and orally bioavailable a novel allosteric Polycomb repressive complex 2 (PRC2) inhibitor with an IC50 of 23.4 nM when the H3K27me0 peptide was used as substrate and an IC50 of 53.5 nM when the mononucleosome was used as the substrate. It directly binds to the H3K27me3 binding pocket of EED.
A5481 EEF2 Rabbit Recombinant mAb EEF2 Rabbit Recombinant mAb detects endogenous level of total EEF2.
S4263 Efaproxiral Sodium Efaproxiral Sodium(RSR13 Sodium) is a synthetic allosteric modifier of hemoglobin, decreases Hb-oxygen (O2) binding affinity and enhances oxygenation of hypoxic tumours during radiation therapy. Efaproxiral Sodium is used for brain metastases originating from breast cancer.
S4685 Efavirenz Efavirenz (Sustiva, Stocrin, DMP-266) is a synthetic non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase (RT) inhibitor with antiviral activity.
S9320 Efetaal Efetaal has a fresh floral hyacinth note with a suggestion of muguet and green leaves.
S5025 Efinaconazole Efinaconazole (KP-103) is an inhibitor of 14 alpha-demethylase which is involved in the biosynthesis of ergosterol, a constituent of fungal cell membranes.
S4582 Eflornithine (MDL-71782) hydrochloride hydrate Eflornithine (Difluoromethylornithine, DFMO, MDL-71782, RMI-71782, α-difluoromethylornithine) hydrochloride hydrate inhibits polyamine biosynthesis by the selective, irreversible inhibition of ornithine decarboxylase (ODC). A chemoprotective agent that blocks angiogenesis. Its biological half-life is 8 hours.
S4977 Efonidipine Efonidipine (NZ-105) is an L- and T-type calcium channel blocker leading to vasodilation and decreased automaticity of the heart. It also suppresses aldosterone secretion from the adrenal.
S5898 Efonidipine hydrochloride monoethanolate Efonidipine (NZ-105) hydrochloride monoethanolate is an L- and T-type calcium channel blocker leading to vasodilation and decreased automaticity of the heart. Efonidipine hydrochloride monoethanolate also suppresses aldosterone secretion from the adrenal.
S0858 EG1 EG1 is a specific Paired box 2 (Pax2) inhibitor that targets the DNA binding domain and inhibits embryonic kidney development.
A5467 Eg5 Rabbit Recombinant mAb Eg5 Rabbit Recombinant mAb detects endogenous level of total Eg5.
S8330 Eganelisib (IPI-549) Eganelisib (IPI-549) is a potent inhibitor of PI3K-γ with >100-fold selectivity over other lipid and protein kinases. The biochemical IC50 for PI3K-γ is 16 nM.
E2748 EGCG Octaacetate EGCG Octaacetate(AcEGCG) is a pro-drug of epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). EGCG have potent anti-oxidative, anti-mitotic and anti-angiogenic properties.
A5094 EGF Rabbit Recombinant mAb EGF Rabbit Recombinant mAb detects endogenous levels of total EGF.
S0360 EGFR Inhibitor EGFR inhibitor, a cell permeable, 4,6-disubstituted pyrimidine compound, is a highly selevtive inhibitor of EGFR kinase with IC50 of 21 nM. EGFR inhibitor directly depolymerizes microtubules and is used as a chemical probe to investigate both the EGFR pathway and microtubule dynamics.
A5858 EGFR Rabbit Recombinant mAb EGFR Rabbit Recombinant mAb detects endogenous levels of total EGFR.
E3563 Eggplant Extract
A5965 EGR1 Rabbit Recombinant mAb EGR1 Rabbit Recombinant mAb detects endogenous levels of total ERG1.
S0256 Ehp-inhibitor-1 Ehp-inhibitor-1 (Ehp inhibitor 2) is an Eph family tyrosine kinase inhibitor that targets Eph receptors.
S7482 EHT 1864 2HCl EHT 1864 2HCl is a potent Rac family GTPase inhibitor with Kd of 40 nM, 50 nM, 60 nM and 250 nM for Rac1, Rac1b, Rac2 and Rac3, respectively.
S7611 EI1 EI1 is a potent and selective EZH2 inhibitor with IC50 of 15 nM and 13 nM for EZH2 (WT) and EZH2 (Y641F), respectively.
S6476 Eicosapentaenoic Acid Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) is an omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid with antiinflammatory properties, and is present in fish and fish oils, including salmon, cod, and krill oils.
S6466 Eicosapentaenoic acid ethyl ester Eicosapentaenoic acid ethyl ester (AMR101, EPA ethyl ester, Ethyl eicosapentaenoate) is an omega-3 fatty acid agent that significantly reduces the triglyceride (TG) levels and improves other lipid parameters without significantly increasing the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels.
S0833 EIDD-1931 EIDD-1931 (Beta-d-N4-hydroxycytidine, β-d-N4-hydroxycytidine, NHC) is an active metabolite of EIDD-2801, a promising COVID-19 inhibitor. EIDD-1931 (NHC) has broad spectrum antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2, MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV, and related zoonotic group 2b or 2c Bat-CoVs with average IC50 of 0.15 μM, as well as increased potency against a coronavirus bearing resistance mutations to the nucleoside analog inhibitor remdesivir.
A5090 eIF4EBP1 Rabbit Recombinant mAb eIF4EBP1 Rabbit Recombinant mAb detects endogenous levels of total eIF4EBP1.
E3008 Eight clawed Golden Dragon extract
S9629 Elacestrant (RAD1901) Dihydrochloride Elacestrant (RAD1901) Dihydrochloride is an orally available selective estrogen receptor degrader (SERD) with IC50 of 48 nM and 870 nM for ERα and ERβ, respectively.
S7772 Elacridar (GF120918) Elacridar (GF120918, GW120918, GG918, GW0918) is a potent P-gp (MDR-1) and BCRP inhibitor.
E3609 Elaeagnus angustifolia Extract Elaeagnus angustifolia Extract is extracted from the fruits of Elaeagnus angustifolia L.. Elaeagnus angustifolia fruit extract has acute and chronic anti-inflammatory activities.
S3720 Elafibranor Elafibranor (GFT505) is an agonist of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-α(PPAR-alpha) and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-δ(PPAR-δ). It improves insulin sensitivity, glucose homeostasis, and lipid metabolism and reduces inflammation.
S4896 Elagolix Sodium Elagolix Soidum (NBI-56418, ABT-620) is a potent, selective, orally active, non-peptide antagonist of the gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor (GnRHR) with Kd value of 54 pM. Concentration at 10 μM shows no significant activity on ion channels, enzymes, and transporters (inhibition <50%).
S3357 Elaidic acid

Elaidic acid is a major trans fatty acid that inhibits cell viability, elevates cell apoptosis by enhancing oxidative stress. Elaidic acid can be used as a pharmaceutical solvent.

S9803 Elamipretide (MTP-131) Elamipretide (MTP-131, SS-31, D-Arg-Dmt-Lys-Phe-NH2) is a cytochrome c peroxidase inhibitor. Elamipretide improves mitochondrial dysfunction, synaptic and memory impairment induced by lipopolysaccharide in mice.
S5652 Elbasvir Elbasvir (MK8742) is an NS5A inhibitor, preventing hepatitis C viral RNA replication and virion assembly. Median EC50 values range from 0.2 to 3600 pmol/L, based on genotype.
E3345 ElderBerry Extract
S5120 Elemicin Elemicin (3,4,5-trimethoxyallylbenzene) is a constituent of the oleoresin and the essential oil of Canarium luzonicum. Elemicin is a constituent of natural aromatic phenylpropanoids present in many herbs and spices. Elemicin inhibits Stearoyl-CoA Desaturase 1(SCD1) activity in the liver by metabolic activation.
S8600 Elenbecestat Elenbecestat (E2609) is a novel BACE1 inhibitor, demonstrating prolonged reductions in plasma beta-amyloid levels after single dosing.
S1052 Elesclomol (STA-4783) Elesclomol (STA-4783) is a novel potent oxidative stress inducer that elicits pro-apoptosis events among tumor cells. Phase 3.Elesclomol specifically binds ferredoxin 1 (FDX1) α2/α3 helices and β5 strand and inhibits FDX1-mediated Fe-S cluster biosynthesis.
S3180 Eletriptan HBr Eletriptan (UK-116044) is a selective 5-HT1B and 5-HT1D receptor agonist with Ki of 0.92 nM and 3.14 nM, respectively.
E3281 Eleutherine Plicata Extract
E2449 Eleutheroside A

Eleutheroside A (Daucosterol) is a natural sterolin, displaying the neuroprotective activity.

S3841 Eleutheroside B Eleutheroside B (syringin, Syringoside, Lilacin) is a phenylpropanoid glycoside first isolated from A. senticosus and has neuroprotective, tonic, adaptogenic, and immune-modulating properties.
E2083 Eleutheroside B1

Eleutheroside B1, a coumarin compound, has a wide spectrum of anti-human influenza virus efficacy.

S8851 Elexacaftor (VX-445) Elexacaftor (VX-445) is a next-generation cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) corrector.This is a compound which is not chiral purity.
E0357 Eliapixant

Eliapixant (BAY1817080) is a highly potent and selective P2X3 receptor antagonist with a mean IC50 of 8 nM.

S7852 Eliglustat Eliglustat (GENZ-112638) inhibits glucosylceramide synthase(GCS) (IC50=20 nM in intact MDCK cells), thus reducing the load of glucosylceramide influx into the lysosome.
S4433 Eliglustat hemitartrate Eliglustat hemitartrate (Genz-112638, Eliglustat tartrate) is a potent, specific and orally active inhibitor of glucosylceramide synthase with IC50 of 24 nM.
S9864 Elimusertib (BAY-1895344) Elimusertib (BAY-1895344) is a very potent and highly selective ATR (ataxia telangiectasia and Rad3-related) inhibitor with IC50 of 7 nM. Elimusertib potently inhibits proliferation of a broad spectrum of human tumor cell lines with median IC50 of 78 nM.
S8666 Elimusertib (BAY-1895344) hydrochloride Elimusertib (BAY-1895344) hydrochloride is a potent, highly selective and orally available ATR inhibitor with an IC50 of 7 nM.
S6731 Eliprodil (SL-820715) Eliprodil (SL-820715) is a non-competitive NR2B-selective NMDA antagonist with IC50 value of 1 μM and is less potent for NR2A- and NR2C-containing receptors with IC50 > 100 μM.
A5263 ELK1 Rabbit Recombinant mAb ELK1 Rabbit Recombinant mAb detects endogenous level of total ELK1.
S1327 Ellagic acid Ellagic acid (Elagostasine, Gallogen) has antiproliferative and antioxidant property.
S6790 Ellipticine hydrochloride Ellipticine Hydrochloride (NSC 71795, PZE) is a potent inhibitor of DNA topoisomerase II and forms covalent DNA adducts mediated by its oxidation with cytochromes P450 (CYP) and peroxidases. Ellipticine Hydrochloride is a natural product isolated from the Australian evergreen tree of the Apocynaceae family with antineoplastic activity.
E0460 ELN441958

ELN-441958 is a potent and neutral antagonist of B1 receptor that inhibits the binding of the B1 agonist ligand [3H]DAKD to IMR-90 cells with Ki of 0.26 nM.

S6798 ELN484228 ELN484228 is a cell-permeable blocker that targets α-synuclein, a key protein in Parkinson’s disease.
A2034 Elotuzumab (anti-SLAMF7) Elotuzumab (anti-SLAMF7, BMS-901608, PDL063, HuLuc63) is a humanized monoclonal antibody that binds human signaling lymphocytic activation molecule F7 (hSLAMF7, also known as CS1, CD319, or CRACC). Elotuzumab shows a dual mechanism of action that includes the direct activation of natural killer (NK) cells and the induction of NK cell–mediated antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity.
S0029 ELQ-300 ELQ-300, a bioavailable antimalarial agent, is a potent and orally inhibitor of the reductive (Qi) site of the cytochrome bc1 complex (cyt bc1).
S3725 ELR-510444 ELR-510444 is a novel microtubule disruptor with potential antivascular effects and in vivo antitumor efficacy, causing a loss of cellular microtubules and the formation of aberrant mitotic spindles and leading to mitotic arrest and apoptosis of cancer cells.
E3761 Elsholtzia Ciliata Extract
S6200 Elsulfavirine Elsulfavirine (Elpida, VM-1500) is a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI) developed for the treatment and prevention of HIV-1 infection.
S8397 Eltanexor (KPT-8602) Eltanexor (KPT-8602, ONO-7706,ATG-016) is a second-generation, orally bioavailable XPO1 (also known as CRM1) inhibitor with IC50 values of 20−211 nM in 10 AML lines after 3 days exposure.
S4502 Eltrombopag Eltrombopag (SB-497115), a member of the biarylhydrazone class, is a nonpeptide agonist of the thrombopoietin receptor (TpoR), used to treat chronic hepatitis C-associated thrombocytopenia and chronic immune (idiopathic) thrombocytopenia (ITP).
S2229 Eltrombopag (SB497115) Olamine Eltrombopag Olamine (SB-497115-GR, SB497115) is a member of the biarylhydrazone class, which is a nonpeptide agonist of the thrombopoietin receptor (TpoR).
S5230 Elubiol Elubiol (dichlorophenyl imidazoldioxolan) is used as a cosmetic ingredient for the conditioning of oily skin, effective in oil control.
S2001 Elvitegravir (JTK-303) Elvitegravir (GS-9137, JTK-303) is an HIV integrase inhibitor for HIV-1 IIIB, HIV-2 EHO and HIV-2 ROD with IC50 of 0.7 nM, 2.8 nM and 1.4 nM in cell-free assays, respectively.
S9620 Elzovantinib (TPX-0022) Elzovantinib (TPX-0022, CSF1R-IN-2) is a potent inhibitor of MET/CSF1R/SRC with enzymatic kinase inhibition IC50s of 0.14 nM, 0.71 nM and 0.12 nM, respectively. TPX-0022 modulates the tumor immune microenvironment in preclinical models.
S4423 Emamectin Benzoate Emamectin Benzoate (EMB, MK-244) activates gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA) transporter. Emamectin Benzoate induces of reactive oxygen species (ROS)-mediated DNA damage and apoptosis.
A2041 Emapalumab (anti-IFNγ) Emapalumab (anti-IFNγ), a monoclonal antibody directed against IFNγ, is the first global approval for the treatment of pediatric and adult patients with primary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) with refractory.
S2592 Emapunil (AC 5216) Emapunil (AC-5216, 18 kiloDalton Translocator Protein, XBD173) is a novel mitochondrial benzodiazepine receptor/translocator protein (MBR/TSPO) ligand. Emapunil(AC-5216) showes high affinity for MBRs prepared from rat whole brain with Ki of 0.297 nM and IC50 of 3.04 nM and 2.73 nM at rat glioma cells and human glioma cells, respectively.
S9779 Emavusertib (CA-4948) Emavusertib (CA-4948) is a potent and orally bioavailable inhibitor of interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase 4/FMS-like Tyrosine Kinase 3 (IRAK4/FLT3) with anti-tumor activity.
S7025 Embelin Embelin (Embelic Acid, NSC 91874), a quinone isolated from the Japanese Ardisia herb, is an inhibitor of X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis (XIAP) with IC50 of 4.1 μM in a cell-free assay.
S8824 EMD638683 EMD638683 is a highly selective inhibitor of serum- and glucocorticoid-inducible kinase 1 (SGK1) with IC50 of 3 μM. EMD638683 exhibits antihypertensive potency and anti-tumor activity.
S5659 Emedastine Emedastine is a potent, high affinity histamine H1-receptor-selective antagonist with Ki of 1.3 ±0.1 nM for H1-receptors while considerably weaker at H2- (K1 = 49,067 ± 11,113 nM) and H3-receptors (Ki = 12,430 ± 1,282 nM).
S5647 Emedastine Difumarate Emedastine Difumarate (Rapimine, Emedastine fumarate) is the difumarate salt form of emedastine, a second generation, selective histamine H1 receptor antagonist with anti-allergic activity.
S3233 Emetine hydrochloride Emetine hydrochloride (NSC 33669), a principal alkaloid extracted from the root of ipecac clinically used as an emetic and antiprotozoal drug, reduces HIFs (hypoxia-inducible factors; HIF-1α and HIF-2α), PDK1, RhoA, Rho-kinases (ROCK1 and ROCK2) and BRD4. Emetine hydrochloride inhibits cellular autophagy and has anti-malarial, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-amoebic effect.
E3816 Emilia Sonchifolia Extract
S2977 EML 425 EML425 is a potent and selective CREB binding protein (CBP)/p300 inhibitor with IC50s of 2.9 and 1.1 μM, respectively.
S0467 Emodepside Emodepside (QHT06, BAY 44-4400, PF 1022-221), a semisynthetic derivative of PF1022A, is a cyclooctadepsipeptide with broad-spectrum anthelmintic activity. Emodepside activates Ca-dependent SLO-1-like K channels.
S2295 Emodin Emodin is a purgative resin, 6-methyl-1,3,8-trihydroxyanthraquinone, from rhubarb, the buckthorn and Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica).
E2089 Emodin-1-O-β-D-glucopyranoside Emodin-1-O-β-D-glucopyranoside, isolated from medicinal plant Polygonum cuspidatum Sieb. et Zucc., is a potent and noncompetitive bacterial neuraminidase (BNA) inhibitor.
E0243 Emodin-8-glucoside Emodin-8-glucoside (Emodin glucoside B, Anthraglycoside B, Emodin glucoside B) is an anthraquinone derivative isolated from Aloe vera, binds to minor groove of DNA.
E2192 Emodinanthrone
E0107 EMPA EMPA is a selective OX2 receptor antagonist and binds to human and rat OX2-HEK293 membranes with Kd values of 1.1 and 1.4 nM respectively.
S8022 Empagliflozin (BI 10773) Empagliflozin (BI-10773) is a potent and selective SGLT-2 inhibitor with IC50 of 3.1 nM, exhibits >300-fold selectivity over SGLT-1, 4, 5 and 6. Phase 3.
S8214 Empesertib (BAY1161909) Empesertib (BAY1161909, Mps1-IN-5), a derivative of triazolopyridine, is an orally bioavailable, selective inhibitor of the serine/threonine monopolar spindle 1 (Mps1) kinase with IC50 of <1 nM. Empesertib has potential antineoplastic activity.
S7775 Emricasan (IDN-6556) Emricasan (IDN-6556, PF 03491390, PF-03491390) is a potent irreversible pan-caspase inhibitor. Emricasan is an inhibitor of Zika virus infection.
S1704 Emtricitabine (BW 1592) Emtricitabine (BW1592, FTC) is a new nucleoside agent that has activity against both human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis B virus. It is a reverse transcriptase inhibitor. Intracellular half-life is 39 h.
E1078 Emvododstat (PTC299) Emvododstat(PTC299), a post-transcriptional inhibitor of pathogenic VEGF and dihydroorotate dehydrogenase(DHODH), inhibits VEGFA mRNA translation and abnormal cell proliferation. In HeLa cells PTC299 inhibits hypoxia-induced VEGFA protein production with an EC50 of 1.64 nM.
S9807 EN4 EN4, a covalent ligand that targets cysteine 171 (C171) of MYC, is selective for c-MYC over N-MYC and L-MYC. EN4 inhibits MYC transcriptional activity, downregulates MYC targets, and impairs tumorigenesis.
S6650 EN6 EN6 is a novel covalent autophagy activator and targets cysteine 277 in the ATP6V1A subunit of the lysosomal v-ATPase with an IC50 of 1.7 μM for recombinant human ATP6V1A protein.
S1941 Enalapril Maleate Enalapril (MK-421) Maleate is an angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor, used in the treatment of hypertension, diabetic nephropathy, and chronic heart failure.
S1657 Enalaprilat Dihydrate Enalaprilat (MK-422) is an angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor with IC50 of 1.94 nM.
S9656 Enarodustat (JTZ-951) Enarodustat (JTZ-951) is a potent and orally active HIF prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor with IC50 of 0.22 μM for PHD2 and EC50 of 5.7 μM for EPO release from Hep3B cells. Enarodustat has the potential for the treatment of renal anemia.
S8205 Enasidenib (AG-221) Enasidenib (AG-221) is a first-in-class, oral, potent, reversible, selective inhibitor of the IDH2 mutant enzyme.
S4929 Enasidenib Mesylate Enasidenib (Idhifa, AG-221) mesylate is an orally available, selective and potent inhibitor of mutant isocitrate dehydrogenase 2 (IDH2).
S2956 Encenicline (EVP-6124) Encenicline (EVP-6124) is a selective agonist of α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs). Encenicline (EVP-6124) is in development for treating cognitive impairment in schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease.
S2957 Encenicline (EVP-6124) hydrochloride Encenicline (EVP-6124) hydrochloride is a selective α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor partial agonist, improves memory performance by potentiating the acetylcholine response of α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.
S3431 Encequidar (HM30181) Encequidar (HM30181, HM30181A) is a potent and selective inhibitor of the adenosine triphosphate-binding cassette transporter P-glycoprotein (P-gp).
E0361 Enclomiphene Citrate

Enclomiphene citrate is the trans isomer of clomiphene citrate and acts as a non-steroidal estrogen receptor antagonist.

S7108 Encorafenib (LGX818) Encorafenib (LGX818) is a highly potent RAF inhibitor with selective anti-proliferative and apoptotic activity in cells expressing B-RAF(V600E) with EC50 of 4 nM. Phase 3.
L8600 Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Compound Library A unique collection of 147 endoplasmic reticulum stress (ER stress) related compounds used for high throughput screening(HTS) and high content screening(HCS).
E0369 Endovion (NS 3728) Endovion (NS 3728, SCO-101) is a potent anion channel inhibitor that blocks the Volume Regulated Anion Channels (VRAC).
S0712 Endoxifen E-isomer Endoxifen E-isomer (E-Endoxifen), an E-isomer of Endoxifen and impurity in Endoxifen Z-isomer drug substance, exhibits antiestrogenic effects.
S7839 Endoxifen HCl Endoxifen HCl, the active metabolite of Tamoxifen, ia a potent and selective estrogen receptor antagonist. Phase 2.
E0005 Enfuvirtide Acetate Enfuvirtide Acetate (T20 Acetate, DP178 Acetate) is an HIV fusion inhibitor with ic50s of 13.63  nM and 30.21  nM on infection by HIV-1IIIB in MT-2 cells and HIV-1Bal in M7 cells, respectively.
S9170 Engeletin Engeletin (Dihydrokaempferol 3-rhamnoside), a bioactive flavonoid, has multiple biological activities such as anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory effects. engeletin againsts LPS-stimulated endometritis in mice via negative regulation of pro-inflammatory mediators via the TLR4-regulated NF-κB pathway.
S1181 ENMD-2076 ENMD-2076 has selective activity against Aurora A and Flt3 with IC50 of 14 nM and 1.86 nM, 25-fold selective for Aurora A than over Aurora B and less potent to RET, SRC, NTRK1/TRKA, CSF1R/FMS, VEGFR2/KDR, FGFR and PDGFRα. ENMD-2076 inhibits the growth of a wide range of human solid tumor and hematopoietic cancer cell lines with IC50 from 0.025 to 0.7 μM, which induces apoptosis and G2/M phase arrest. Phase 2.
S2018 ENMD-2076 L-(+)-Tartaric acid ENMD-2076 L-(+)-Tartaric acid is the tartaric acid of ENMD-2076, selective activity against Aurora A and Flt3 with IC50 of 14 nM and 1.86 nM, 25-fold more selective for Aurora A than Aurora B and less potent to VEGFR2/KDR and VEGFR3, FGFR1 and FGFR2 and PDGFRα. Phase 2.
E2592 Enmein

Enmein is isolated from I. serra with immunosuppressive effect.

E3362 Enoki mushroom Extract
S1756 Enoxacin Enoxacin (AT-2266, CI919, Pd107779, NSC 629661) is an oral broad-spectrum fluoroquinolone antibacterial agent by inhibiting bacterial DNA gyrase and topoisomerase IV, used to treat a wide variety of infections.
S5209 Enoxacin Sesquihydrate Enoxacin sesquihydrate (Enoxacin hydrate) is a broad-spectrum 6-fluoronaphthyridinone antibacterial agent.
S5415 Enoxaparin sodium Enoxaparin sodium(PK 10169) is a low-molecular-weight heparin used to prevent and treat deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism. It binds to and accelerates the activity of antithrombin III.
S0891 Enoximone Enoximone, an inotropic vasodilating agent, is a selective, orally active inhibitor of phosphodiesterase III (PDE3) with IC50 of 5.9 μM. Enoximone induces vasodilatation and increases intracellular levels of cAMP by inhibiting cGMP-inhibited PDE. Enoximone also inhibits PDE4 with IC50 of 21.1 μM for myocardial PDE4A.
S2296 Enoxolone Enoxolone (Glycyrrhetin) is a pentacyclic triterpenoid derivative of the beta-amyrin type obtained from the hydrolysis of glycyrrhizic acid, which was obtained from the herb liquorice.
S0501 Enpp-1-IN-1 Enpp-1-IN-1 (UUN28589, MV 658) is an inhibitor of Ectonucleotide pyrophosphatase-phosphodiesterase 1 (enpp-1).
S3059 Enrofloxacin Enrofloxacin (BAY-Vp2674, PD160788) is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic.
S2934 Ensartinib (X-396) dihydrochloride Ensartinib (X-396) is a potent new-generation ALK inhibitor with high activity against a broad range of known crizotinib-resistant ALK mutations and CNS metastases. It potently inhibits both wild-type ALK and ALK variants (F1174, C1156Y, L1196M, S1206R, T1151, and G1202R mutants) with in vitro IC50s of <4 nM.
S4419 Ensulizole Ensulizole (PBSA), a water soluble sunscreen ingredient, is a sulfonated UV absorber which is characterized by intense UVB and partial UVA absorption. Ensulizole can damage the DNA through the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) upon UV or sunlight irradiation.
S3147 Entacapone Entacapone (OR-611) inhibits catechol-O-methyltransferase(COMT) with IC50 of 151 nM. Entacapone can be used for the research of Parkinson's disease. Entacapone serves as a inhibitor of FTO demethylation with an IC50 of 3.5 μM, can be used for the research of metabolic disorders.
E2337 Entadamide-A-β-D-glucopyranoside

Entadamide-A-β-D-glucopyranoside is one of the major components in the seeds of Entada phaseoloides. Entadamide-A-β-D-glucopyranoside has anti-complement activitie.

S0417 Entasobulin Entasobulin is an inhibitor with β-tubulin polymerization with potential anticancer activity.
S5246 Entecavir Entecavir(BMS200475,SQ34676), a new deoxyguanine nucleoside analogue, is a selective inhibitor of the replication of the hepatitis B virus (HBV).
S1252 Entecavir Hydrate Entecavir Hydrate (ETV, Baraclude), a new deoxyguanine nucleoside analogue, is a selective inhibitor of the replication of the hepatitis B virus (HBV).
S1053 Entinostat (MS-275) Entinostat (MS-275, SNDX-275) strongly inhibits HDAC1 and HDAC3 with IC50 of 0.51 μM and 1.7 μM in cell-free assays, compared with HDACs 4, 6, 8, and 10. Entinostat induces autophagy and apoptosis. Phase 3.
S7523 Entospletinib (GS-9973) Entospletinib (GS-9973) is an orally bioavailable, selective Syk inhibitor with IC50 of 7.7 nM in a cell-free assay and showed 13- to >1000-fold cellular selectivity for Syk over other kinases(including Jak2, ckit, Flt3, Ret, KDR) as assessed by target protein phosphorylation or functional response.
S7998 Entrectinib (RXDX-101) Entrectinib (RXDX-101, NMS-E628) is an orally bioavailable pan-TrkA/B/C, ROS1 and ALK inhibitor with IC50 ranging between 0.1 and 1.7 nM. Entrectinib (RXDX-101) induces autophagy. Phase 2.
S1250 Enzalutamide (MDV3100) Enzalutamide (MDV3100) is an androgen-receptor (AR) antagonist with IC50 of 36 nM in LNCaP cells. Enzalutamide is shown to increase autophagy.
S1055 Enzastaurin (LY317615) Enzastaurin (LY317615) is a potent PKCβ selective inhibitor with IC50 of 6 nM in cell-free assays, 6- to 20-fold selectivity against PKCα, PKCγ and PKCε. Phase 3.
S6877 EOAI3402143 EOAI3402143 is a dose-dependent inhibitor of Usp9x, Usp24 and Usp5 that increases tumor cell apoptosis, and fully blocks or regresses myeloma tumors in mice.
S5521 Eosin Y Disodium Eosin Y is a form of eosin. It is most commonly used as an acidic red stain for highlighting cytoplasm material in samples.
S7910 Epacadostat (INCB024360) Epacadostat (INCB024360) is a potent and selective indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO1) inhibitor with IC50 of 10 nM and displays high selectivity over other related enzymes such as IDO2 or tryptophan 2,3-dioxygenase (TDO).
S7587 Epacadostat (INCB024360) analogue Epacadostat (INCB024360) analogue (INCB14943) is a potent, competitive IDO1 (indoleamine-(2,3)-dioxygenase) inhibitor with IC50 of 67 nM.
S2035 Epalrestat (ONO-2235) Epalrestat (ONO-2235) is an aldose reductase inhibitor with IC50 of 72 nM.
S4877 Eperisone hydrochloride Eperisone hydrochloride is muscle relaxant agent with antispasmodic effects. It is widely used in the treatment of patients with muscular contractures, low back pain or spasticity.
S6897 Epertinib hydrochloride Epertinib hydrochloride (S-222611 hydrochloride) is a potent, orally active, reversible, and selective tyrosine kinase inhibitor of EGFR, HER2 and HER4 with IC50 of 1.48 nM, 7.15 nM and 2.49 nM, respectively. Epertinib hydrochloride (S-222611 hydrochloride) exhibits antitumor activity.
S7955 EPI-001 EPI-001 is an androgen receptor N-terminal domain antagonist with IC50 of ∼6 μM and a selective PPAR-gamma modulator.
S2832 Epiandrosterone Epiandrosterone (3β-androsterone, EpiA) is a steroid hormone with weak androgenic activity, is a natural metabolite of DHEA.
E2276 Epiberberine chloride Epiberberine chloride is an alkaloid isolated from Coptis chinensis, acts as a potent AChE and BChE inhibitor.
S5890 Epibetulinic acid Epibetulinic acid is a natural product isolated from the root bark of Maytenus cuzcoina and the leaves of Maytenus chiapensis with anti-inflammatory activity. Epibetulinic acid inhibits NO and prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) production in mouse macrophages stimulated with bacterial endotoxin with IC50 of 0.7 μM and 0.6 μM, respectively.
S3471 Epiblastin A Epiblastin A is an inhibitor of Casein Kinase 1 (CK1) that engages CK1 isoenzymes in cell lysate and induces efficient conversion of epiblast stem cells (EpiSCs) into embryonic stem cells (cESCs).
S8870 Epibrassinolide Epibrassinolide is a brassinosteroid isolated from various plants and has been shown to decrease toxicity and stimulate healthy plant growth in plants under stress.
E2602 epicorynoxidine

Epicorynoxidine, a natural alkaloid, shows cytotoxic effects P-388 cell line with an ED50 of 25.53 μg/mL.

E2079 Epifriedelanol Epifriedelanol is a triterpenoid isolated from the root bark of Ulmus davidiana, which has anti-tumor activity and can inhibit the senescence of human primordial cells.
E2705 Epigalantamine Epigalantamine is a diastereomer of Galantamine. Epi-galantamine is an alkaloid isolated from the bulbs and flowers of Caucasian snowdrop (Galanthus woronowii). Epi-galantamine inhibits AChE with an EC50 of 45.7 μM.
L1900 Epigenetics Compound Library A unique collection of 795 compounds with biological activity used for epigenetic research and associated assays.
S9078 Epigoitrin Epigoitrin (Goitrin, BA-51-090278), the main bioactive constituent of Radix isatidis, exerts antiviral, anticancer, and antithyroid activities.
E2626 Epimagnolin A

Epimagnolin A, a furfuran lignan, shows mild antiplasmodial activities (IC<sup>50</sup>=5.7 μg/mL) without noticeable toxicity on mammalian normal cells.

S0928 Epimedin A1 Epimedin A1 (Hexandraside F) is a flavonoid extracted from Herba Epimedii (a commonly used Chinese medicine).
E3829 Epimedium Brevicornu Extract
E3748 Epimedium Extract
E2267 Epimedokoreanin B

Epimedokoreanin B, a prenylated flavonoid isolated from <i>Epimedium</i> species, inhibits the enzymatic activity of gingipains and reduces the growth and biofilm formation of <i>P. gingivalis</i>.

S4253 Epinastine HCl Epinastine (WAL-801CL) is an antihistamine and mast cell stabilizer that is used in eye drops to treat allergic conjunctivitis.
S2521 Epinephrine bitartrate Epinephrine bitartrate (Adrenalinium) is an alpha- and beta-adrenergic receptor stimulator.
S3061 Epinephrine HCl Epinephrine HCl (Adrenaline) is a hormone and a neurotransmitter.
E2769 Epipodophyllotoxin

Epipodophyllotoxin, an antiproliferative agent against cancer cells isolated from American mayapple <i>Podophyllum peltatum</i>, inhibits mitotic spindle assembly in vitro.

E2078 Epirosmanol Epirosmanol is a phenolic diterpene isolated from Rosmarinus officinalis, with an inhibitory activity to lipid peroxidation and oxidized apo B formation in human bloods LDL.
S1223 Epirubicin (IMI 28) HCl Epirubicin HCl (IMI 28, NSC 256942, 4'-epidoxorubicin), a semisynthetic L-arabino derivative of doxorubicin, is an antineoplastic agent by inhibiting Topoisomerase. Epirubicin induces apoptosis.
P1116 Epitalon Epitalon is an anti-aging agent and a telomerase activator, with an inhibitory effect of the on the development of spontaneous tumors in mice, as well as geroprotective actions and intranasal administration increases neuronal activity, also can be used for cancer, old age and Retinitis Pigmentosa.
S1707 Eplerenone (CGP 30083) Eplerenone (CGP 30083, SC-66110) is a mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist, and blocks the action of aldosterone, used to control high blood pressure.
S9268 Epmedin B Epmedin B (Epimedin B) is a component extracted from Epimedii Folium and may have antiosteoporotic activity.
S9269 Epmedin C Epimedin C (Baohuoside VI), a flavonoid isolated from the herbs of Epimedium brevicornum Maxim, exhibits immunostimulatory and anticancer activities.
S1297 Epothilone A Epothilone A is a paclitaxel-like microtubule-stabilizing agent with EC0.01 of 2 μM.
S7038 Epoxomicin (BU-4061T) Epoxomicin (BU-4061T, Aids010837) is a selective proteasome inhibitor with anti-inflammatory activity, inhibits primarily the CH-L activity of the 20S proteasome, while T-L and PGPH catalytic activities are also inhibited at 100- and 1000-fold reduced rate. Epoxomicin promotes apoptosis.
E2197 Epoxymicheliolide
S4137 Eprazinone 2HCl Eprazinone (NSC 317935) is a mucolytic.
S7724 Eprenetapopt (APR-246) Eprenetapopt (APR-246, PRIMA-1MET) is a small organic molecule that has been shown to restore tumour-suppressor function primarily to mutant p53 and also to induce cell death in various cancer types. APR-246 induces apoptosis and autophagy.
S3591 Eprinomectin Eprinomectin (EPM, MK-397) is an excellent broad-spectrum endectocide with anthelmintic, insecticidal and miticidal activity.
S2419 Eprobemide Eprobemide is a reversible monoamine oxidase A (MAO-A) inhibitor. Eprobemide acts as an antidepressant in Russia.
S4567 Eprodisate disodium Eprodisate Disodium (NC-503) is the orally available disodium salt form of Eprodisate, a small-molecule, orally bioavailable, inhibitor of AA-amyloid fibrillogenesis.
S4102 Eprosartan Mesylate Eprosartan is a nonpeptide angiotensin II receptor antagonist, [3H]-eprosartan binds to the AT1 receptor with KD of 0.83 nM in rat vascular smooth muscle cells.
S0343 Eprotirome (KB2115) Eprotirome (KB2115) is a liver-selective agonist of thyroid hormone receptor (TR). Eprotirome is investigated for the potential treatment of dyslipidemias and obesity.
P1160 Epsilon-V1-2 Epsilon-V1-2 (ε-V1-2), a PKCε-derived peptide, is a selective PKCε inhibitor, which can inhibit the translocationof PKCε, but not α-, β-, and δ-PKC.
S0113 Eptapirone Eptapirone (F11440) is a potent, selective, high efficacy 5-HT1A receptor agonist with marked anxiolytic and antidepressant potential.The affinity (pKi) of F11440 for 5-HT1A binding sites is 8.33.
P1011 Eptifibatide Acetate Eptifibatide Acetate is a cyclic heptapeptide constructed from 6 amino acids and a mercaptopropionyl residue. A disulfide bridge forms between mercaptopropionyl and cysteine. Eptifibatide prevents platelet aggregation. One study shows the inhibition of platelet glycoprotein IIb/IIIa in acute coronary syndromes.
S7353 EPZ004777 EPZ004777 is a potent, selective DOT1L inhibitor with IC50 of 0.4 nM in a cell-free assay and demonstrates >1,200-fold selectivity for DOT1L over all other tested PMTs. EPZ004777 induces apoptosis.
S7004 EPZ005687 EPZ005687 is a potent and selective inhibitor of EZH2 with Ki of 24 nM in a cell-free assay, 50-fold selectivity against EZH1 and 500-fold selectivity against 15 other protein methyltransferases.
S7748 EPZ015666 (GSK3235025) EPZ015666 (GSK3235025) is a potent, selective and orally bioavailable PRMT5 inhibitor with Ki of 5 nM, >20,000-fold selectivity over other PMTs.
S7820 EPZ020411 2HCl EPZ020411 is a potent and selective small molecule PRMT6 inhibitor with an IC50 of 10 nM.
E3716 Equisetum arvense Extract
S2450 Equol Equol ,a metabolite of soybeans, is an important isoflavone in humans,specifically binds to 5α-DHT, has a modest affinity for recombinant estrogen receptor ERβ. Phase 2.
S6036 ER-000444793 ER-000444793 is a potent inhibitor of mitochondrial permeability transition pore (mPTP) opening with IC50 of 2.8 μM.
S7242 Erastin Erastin is a ferroptosis activator by acting on mitochondrial VDAC, exhibiting selectivity for tumor cells bearing oncogenic RAS. Solutions of Erastin are best fresh-prepared.
E0344 ErbB2 inhibitor ErbB-2 Inhibitor is a EGFR, ErbB2 and ErbB4 inhibitor with IC50s of 0.017 μM, 0.08 μM, 1.91 μM.
A5458 ERCC1 Rabbit Recombinant mAb ERCC1 Rabbit Recombinant mAb detects endogenous level of total ERCC1.
S8401 Erdafitinib (JNJ-42756493) Erdafitinib (JNJ-42756493) is a potent and selective orally bioavailable, pan fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR) inhibitor with potential antineoplastic activity. Erdafitinib also binds to RET (c-RET), CSF-1R, PDGFR-α/PDGFR-β, FLT4, Kit (c-Kit) and VEGFR-2 and induces cellular apoptosis.
S1825 Erdosteine Erdosteine (KW-9144) is a mucolytic which is used in treatment of excessive viscous mucus. Erdosteine inhibits lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced NF-κB activation.
S3485 ERDRP-0519 ERDRP-0519 is an orally available inhibitor of polymerase that shows efficacy against a lethal morbillivirus infection in a large animal model.
A5252 ERG Rabbit Recombinant mAb ERG Rabbit Recombinant mAb detects endogenous level of total ERG.
E1017 ERG240 ERG240, a selective inhibitor of branched-chain aminotransferase 1 (BCAT1) with an IC50 of 0.1-1nM, leads to decreased oxygen consumption and glycolysis through the down regulation of IRG1 expression, which leads to decrease itaconate production in human macrophages.
E2280 Ergolide Ergolide is a sesquiterpene lactone isolated from the dried flowers of Inula Britannica.
S9137 Erianin Erianin, a natural product derived from Dendrobium chrysotoxum, has been used as an analgesic in traditional Chinese medicine and is a potential anti-tumor agent. Erianin can inhibit IDO-induced tumor angiogenesis.
S8912 Eribulin Mesylate (E7389)

Eribulin Mesylate (E7389, B-1939, ER-086526,E7389 mesylate), an analogue of the marine natural product halichondrin B, is a nontaxane completely synthetic microtubule inhibitor.

E3230 Eriocauli Flos Extract
S9211 Eriocitrin Eriocitrin (eriodictyol 7-rutinoside, Eriodictyol glycoside, Eriodictioside) is a flavone glycoside mainly found in lemon with antioxidant activity.
S9123 Eriodictyol Eriodictyol, a flavonoid extracted from yerba santa, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities and taste-modifying properties.
A5018 ERK2 Rabbit Recombinant mAb

ERK2 Rabbit Recombinant mAb detects endogenous levels of total ERK2.

S7334 ERK5-IN-1 ERK5-IN-1 (XMD17-109) is a potent, and selective ERK5 inhibitor with IC50 of 162 nM.
S6786 ERK5-IN-2 ERK5-IN-2 is an orally active, sub-micromolar, selective ERK5 inhibitor with IC50 of 0.82 μM and 3 μM for ERK5 and ERK5 MEF2D, respectively.
S7786 Erlotinib (OSI-774) Erlotinib (OSI-774, CP358774, NSC 718781, Tarceva) is an EGFR inhibitor with IC50 of 2 nM, >1000-fold more sensitive for EGFR than human c-Src or v-Abl. Erlotinib induces autophagy.
S1023 Erlotinib (OSI-774) HCl Erlotinib (OSI-774, CP358774, NSC 718781) HCl is an EGFR inhibitor with IC50 of 2 nM in cell-free assays, >1000-fold more sensitive for EGFR than human c-Src or v-Abl.
S9943 ErSO

ErSO activates the anticipatory unfolded protein response (a-UPR) with an IC50 of 20.3 nM in MCF-7 cells. ErSO induces rapid and selective necrosis of ERα-positive breast cancer cell lines in vitro.

S5657 Ertapenem sodium Ertapenem Sodium (MK826) is the sodium salt of ertapenem, a long-acting, broad-spectrum antibiotic of β-lactam subclass.
S5413 Ertugliflozin Ertugliflozin (MK-8835, PF-04971729) is a potent and selective sodium-dependent glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitor with IC50 values of 0.877 nM for h-SGLT2 and 1000-fold higher for h-SGLT1.
S4431 Ertugliflozin L-pyroglutamic acid Ertugliflozin (MK-8835, PF-04971729) L-pyroglutamic acid is a potent, selective and orally active inhibitor of the sodium-dependent glucose cotransporter 2 (SGLT2) with IC50 of 0.877 nM for h-SGLT2. Ertugliflozin has the potential for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus.
S5383 Erucic acid Erucic acid (cis-13-docosenoic acid) is a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid used as mineral oil and a precursor to biodiesel fuel.
E3157 Erycibes Caulis Extract
E3115 Erythrina Variegata Extract
S4224 Erythritol Erythritol(meso-Erythritol) is a sugar alcohol used as low-calorie sweetener.
S1635 Erythromycin Erythromycin (E-Mycin) is a macrolide antibiotic that has an antimicrobial spectrum similar to or slightly wider than that of penicillin (IC50=1.5 μg/ml).
S7550 Erythromycin Cyclocarbonate Erythromycin Cyclocarbonate(Davercin), derivative of Erythromycin, inhibits protein synthesis of bacteria by binding to the 50S ribosome.
S5532 Erythromycin estolate Erythromycin (Lubomycine B), a naturally occurring macrolide, is derived from Streptomyces erythrus. It inhibits bacterial protein synthesis by binding to bacterial 50S ribosomal subunits.
S4060 Erythromycin Ethylsuccinate Erythromycin Ethylsuccinate, an oral macrolide antibiotic produced by Streptomyces erythreus, reversibly binds to the 50S ribosome of bacteria, and inhibits protein synthesis.
S5227 Erythromycin thiocyanate Erythromycin is a macrolide antibiotic that inhibits bacterial protein synthesis by binding to bacterial 50S ribosomal subunits and inhibits peptidyl transferase activity and interferes with translocation of amino acids during translation and assembly of proteins.
S6165 Erythrosine B Erythrosine B is cherry or melon-pink synthetic, primarily used for food coloring.
E0704 Esaxerenone (CS-3150)
S4690 Escin Escin (Aescin) is a mixture of saponins with anti-inflammatory, vasoconstrictor and vasoprotective effects found in Aesculus hippocastanum(the horse chestnut).
E2327 Escin IA Escin IA is a triterpene saponin isolated from horse chestnut, which inhibits HIV-1 protease with IC50 values of 35 μM. Escin IA has anti-TNBC metastasis activity, and its action mechanisms involved inhibition of epithelial-mesenchymal transition process by down-regulating LOXL2 expression.
E2450 Escin IB Escin IB is a saponin isolated from skin and the endosperm of seeds of horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum). Escin IB shows an inhibitory effect on pancreatic lipase activity.
S4064 Escitalopram Oxalate Escitalopram Oxalate is a selective serotonin (5-HT) reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) with Ki of 0.89 nM.
S4711 Esculetin Esculetin (Cichorigenin, Aesculetin) is a coumarin derivative found in various natural plant products with various biological and pharmaceutical properties including anti-edema, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour effects. It inhibits lipoxygenases (LOs).
S2258 Esculin Esculin (Aesculin) is a glucoside found in horse chestnuts.
S3382 ESI-05

ESI-05 (NSC 116966) is a specific EPAC2 (exchange protein directly activated by cAMP 2) antagonist with IC50 of 0.4 µM. ESI-05 (NSC 116966) inhibits cAMP-mediated activation of EPAC2 and EAPC2 mediated Rap1 activation.

S7499 ESI-09 ESI-09 is a specific exchange protein directly activated by cAMP (EPAC) inhibitor with IC50 of 3.2 μM and 1.4 μM for EPAC1 and EPAC2, respectively, >100-fold selectivity over PKA.
S4657 Eslicarbazepine Acetate Eslicarbazepine Acetate (BIA 2093, Zebinix, Exalief, Stedesa, Aptiom), an antiepileptic drug, is a dual a dual Inhibitor of β-Secretase and voltage-gated sodium channel.
S5778 Esmolol Esmolol is a cardioselective beta1 receptor blocker with rapid onset, a very short duration of action, and no significant intrinsic sympathomimetic or membrane stabilising activity at therapeutic dosages.
S4100 Esmolol HCl Esmolol (ASL8052) is a cardioselective b-blocker, used to control rapid heartbeats or abnormal heart rhythms.
S2233 Esomeprazole sodium Esomeprazole Sodium is a sodium salt of esomeprazole that is a potent proton pump inhibitor with an IC50 of 0.076 mg/kg.
S0301 Esonarimod Esonarimod (KE-298) is an antirheumatic drug.
S3399 EST73502 hydrochloride

EST73502 hydrochloride is a dual μ-opioid receptor agonist and σ1 receptor antagonist and is used as a clinical candidate for the treatment of pain.

S1709 Estradiol Estradiol (17β-estradiol, β-Estradiol, E2, 17β-Oestradiol) is a human sex hormone and steroid, and the primary female sex hormone. Estradiol upregulates IL-6 expression through the estrogen receptor β (ERβ) pathway.
S4110 Estradiol Benzoate Estradiol benzoate is an estradiol analog which binds to the human, murine and chicken ERα with IC50 of 22-28 nM.
S4046 Estradiol Cypionate Estradiol cypionate is the 17 β-cyclopentylpropinate ester of estradiol, which inhibits ET-1 synthesis via estrogen receptor.
S5872 Estradiol dipropionate Estradiol dipropionate (17-Beta-Estradiol-3,17-Dipropionate) is a semisynthetic, steroidal estrogen which has been used in hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms and low estrogen levels in women and in the treatment of gynecological disorders.
S3149 Estradiol valerate Estradiol is a synthetic ester used to treat menopausal symptoms and hormone deficiencies.
S2441 Estramustine phosphate sodium Estramustine phosphate sodium (EMP, Emcyt, Estracyt) is an antitumour drug with a unique dual mode of action. Estrone and estradiol, products of the metabolism of estramustine phosphate sodium, have shown antigonadotrophic activity resulting in reduced testosterone levels. Estramustine(the cytotoxic metabolite produced by dephosphorylation of estramustine phosphate sodium) is an antiprostatic tumor drug with antimicrotubule effects.
S2466 Estriol Estriol (NSC-12169) is an antagonist of the G-protein coupled estrogen receptor in estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer cells.
S0503 Estrogen receptor modulator 1 Estrogen receptor modulator 1 (compound 18) is an orally active and selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) with pIC50 of 0.46. Estrogen receptor modulator 1 exhibits potential anti-tumor activity.
S1665 Estrone Estrone is an estrogenic hormone.
S5288 Estropipate Estropipate (Piperazine estrone sulfate, Estrone sulfate piperazine salt, Pipestrone) is a natural estrogenic substance composed of estrone sulfate and piperazine and is used mainly in menopausal hormone therapy in the treatment of menopausal symptoms.
S0428 Etalocib Etalocib(LY293111, VML295) is a leukotriene B4 receptor (LTB4R) antagonist that blocks activation of human neutrophils.
S7953 ETC-1002 ETC-1002 (Bempedoic acid, ESP-55016),also known as Bempedoic acid, is an orally available, once-daily LDL-C lowering small molecule designed to lower elevated levels of LDL-C and to avoid side effects associated with existing LDL-C lowering therapies.ETC-1002 is an activator of hepatic AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK). It has potent inhibitory activity against hepatic ATP-citrate lyase(IC50=29 uM).
S6616 ETC-159 ETC-159 (ETC-1922159) is an orally available, potent porcupine inhibitor with an IC50 of 2.9 nM for inhibiting β-catenin reporter activity in STF3A cells.
S6658 ETC-206 (AUM 001) ETC-206 (AUM 001, ETC-1907206) is an orally available highly selective small-molecule MNK 1/2 inhibitor with IC50s of 64 nM and 86 nM, respectively.
P1110 Etelcalcetide HCl Etelcalcetide HCl (AMG 416) is a novel synthetic peptide agonist of the calcium-sensing receptor (CaSR) composed of a linear chain of seven d-amino acids with a d-cysteine linked to an l-cysteine via a disulfide bond.
S4945 Ethacridine lactate Ethacridine lactate (Acrinol) is an aromatic organic compound based on acridine used as an antiseptic agent. Ethacridine lactate is also a poly(ADP-ribose) glycohydrolase (PARG) inhibitor.
S4196 Ethacridine lactate monohydrate Ethacridine lactate monohydrate(Acrinol monohydrat) is an aromatic organic compound based on acridine used as an antiseptic agent.
S5847 Ethacrynate Sodium Ethacrynate Sodium (ethacrynic acid sodium) is the sodium salt form of ethacrynic acid, which inhibits symport of sodium, potassium, and chloride primarily in the ascending limb of Henle, but also in the proximal and distal tubules.
S5561 Ethacrynic Acid Ethacrynic Acid is a loop or high ceiling diuretic used for the treatment of high blood pressure and edema caused by diseases like congestive heart failure, liver failure, and kidney failure.
S4004 Ethambutol 2HCl Ethambutol 2HCl (CL40881) is a bacteriostatic antimycobacterial agent, which obstructs the formation of cell wall by inhibiting arabinosyl transferases.
S4152 Ethamsylate Ethamsylate (Etamsylate) is a haemostatic drug, which inhibits biosynthesis and action of prostaglandins, and increases capillary endothelial resistance as and platelet adhesion.
S6210 Ethanolamine hydrochloride Ethanolamine (2-Aminoethanol) is a viscous, hygroscopic amino alcohol with an ammoniacal odor. It is widely distributed in biological tissue and is a component of lecithin.
S3689 Ethidium bromide Ethidium Bromide (Homidium bromide, EtBr, EB) is an intercalating agent which resembles a DNA base pair and commonly used as a fluorescent tag (nucleic acid stain) in molecular biology laboratories for techniques such as agarose gel electrophoresis.
S1625 Ethinyl Estradiol Ethinyl Estradiol is an orally bio-active estrogen used in almost all modern formulations of combined oral contraceptive pills.
S1777 Ethionamide Ethionamide (Bayer 5312) is an antibiotic used in the treatment of tuberculosis.
S2611 Ethisterone Ethisterone is a progestogen hormone being considered to treat prostate cancer.
S3707 Ethopabate Ethopabate (ETP, Ethyl pabate) is a coccidiostat that is frequently used to prevent and treat coccidiosis in chickens.
S4626 Ethosuximide Ethosuximide(Zarontin) is a succinimide anticonvulsant, used mainly in absence seizures; A calcium channel blocker.
E0586 Ethoxychelerythrin

Ethoxychelerythrin is an alkaloid which retains antimicrobial and antitumor activity.

E0584 Ethoxysanguinarine

Ethoxysanguinarine, a benzophenanthridine alkaloid natural product mainly found in <i>Macleaya cordata</i>, inhibits viability and induces apoptosis of colorectal cancer cells by inhibiting protein phosphatase 2A (CIP2A).

S5511 Ethyl (triphenylphosphoranylidene) acetate Ethyl (triphenylphosphoranylidene) acetate (Triphenylcarbethoxymethylenephosphorane, (Carbethoxymethylene)triphenylphosphorane) may act as an inhibitor of cholinesterase that inhibits AChE and BChE.
E2217 Ethyl 3,4-dihydroxybenzoate

Ethyl 3,4-dihydroxybenzoate (Ethyl protocatechuate), an antioxidant, is a prolyl-hydroxylase inhibitor found in the testa of peanut seeds. Ethyl 3,4-dihydroxybenzoate protects myocardium by activating NO synthase and generating mitochondrial ROS. 

S3682 Ethyl 3-Aminobenzoate methanesulfonate Ethyl 3-Aminobenzoate (Ethyl m-Aminobenzoate, NSC 93790, Tricaine) can block the generation of action potentials via voltage-dependent Na+-channels and usually used for anesthesia, sedation, or euthanasia of fish.
S9350 Ethyl 4-Methoxycinnamate Ethyl 4-Methoxycinnamate (Ethyl p-methoxycinnamate, 4-Methoxycinnamic Acid Ethyl Ester), a natural product found in K. galanga and C. zedoaria extracts, has anti-inflammatory, antiangiogenic, antifungal, larvicidal, and analgesic activities.
S6024 Ethyl acetoacetate Ethyl acetoacetate, found in coffee and coffee products as well as in strawberry and yellow passion fruit juice, is a flavouring agent used as a chemical intermediate in the production of a wide variety of compounds.
S5640 Ethyl caffeate Ethyl caffeate, a naturally occurring compound found in Bidens pilosa, suppresses NF-kappaB activation and its downstream inflammatory mediators, iNOS, COX-2 and PGE2 in vitro.
S5349 Ethyl chrysanthemumate Ethyl chrysanthemate (Chrysanthemic acid ethyl ester) is an allelochemical compound used as an attractant.
S9336 Ethyl Coumarin-3-carboxylate Ethyl coumarin-3-carboxylate occupies an important position in the organic synthesis and is used in production of biologically active compounds.
S3855 Ethyl ferulate Ethyl ferulate (Ferulic acid ethyl ester) is the alkyl ester derivative of ferulic acid which is a naturally occurring plant product with anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and antiproliferative activities.
S5550 Ethyl gallate Ethyl gallat (Phyllemblin, gallic acid ethyl ester), which could be found naturally in a variety of plant sources, is a food additive with antimicrobial activity. Ethyl gallat activates the death receptor-dependent pathway of apoptosis by enhancing the expression of caspases-8, -9, and -3 and the Bcl-2 interacting domain (Bid).
S6335 Ethyl maltol Ethyl maltol (2-Ethyl-3-hydroxy-4H-pyran-4-one, 2-Ethyl pyromeconic acid) is a common flavourant in some confectioneries.
S5367 Ethyl Oleate Ethyl Oleate (Oleic acid ethyl ester) is a fatty acid ester formed by the condensation of oleic acid and ethanol, usually used as a solvent for pharmaceutical drug preparations.
S9372 Ethyl palmitate Ethyl palmitate (Ethyl hexadecanoate, Palmitic acid ethyl ester) is a long-chain fatty acid ethyl ester that is used as a hair- and skin-conditioning agent.
S6222 Ethyl potassium malonate Ethyl potassium malonate (Potassium 3-ethoxy-3-oxopropanoate) is used as a competitive inhibitor of the enzyme succinate dehydrogenase. It acts as a precursor to produce (trimethylsilyl)ethyl malonate, which is utilized to prepare beta-ketoesters by acylation and serves as an intermediate for the preparation of ethyl tert-butyl malonate.
S6243 Ethyl pyruvate Ethyl pyruvate (CTI-01) is a simple aliphatic ester of pyruvic acid and has been shown to have robust neuroprotective effects via its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and anti-apoptotic functions.
S3993 Ethyl Vanillate Ethyl vanillin (Bourbonal, Ethylprotal), a vanillin analog, is a flavouring agent and a fungicidal agent that exhibits strong antioxidant activity. Ethyl Vanillate inhibits 17β-HSD2 with an IC50 1.3 µM.
S9337 Ethyl vanillin acetate Ethyl vanillin acetate is acectate form of ethyl vanillin, which is a flavorant and is used in the production of chocolate.
S6350 Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) is a chelating agent commonly used in protein purification, both to eliminate contaminating divalent cations and to inhibit protease activity.
S4525 Ethylparaben Ethylparaben (Ethyl parahydroxybenzoate, Ethyl 4-hydroxybenzoate) is the ethyl ester of p-hydroxybenzoic acid, used as an antifungal preservative and food additive. It is a standardized chemical allergen. The physiologic effect of ethylparaben is by means of Increased Histamine Release, and Cell-mediated Immunity.
S4568 Ethylvanillin Ethylvanillin (Ethylprotal, Bourbonal, Rhodiarome) is the organic flavorant. It is about three times as potent as vanillin and used in the production of chocolate.
S3160 Ethynodiol diacetate Ethynodiol diacetate (8080 CB) is one of the first synthetic progestogens used in contraceptive pills.
S1857 Etidronate Etidronate is a non-aminobisphosphonate, show protein tyrosine phosphatase (PTP) inhibitory activity, used for the treatment of Paget's disease and the prevention of heterotopic ossification.
S3563 Etifoxine hydrochloride Etifoxine hydrochloride (HCl) is a positive allosteric modulators (PAM) of α1β2γ2 and α1β3γ2 subunit-containing GABAA receptors.
S1328 Etodolac Etodolac is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) and a COX inhibitor, used for the treatment of inflammation and pain.
S6742 Etofenamate Etofenamate is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used for the treatment of joint and muscular pain.
S4264 Etofibrate Etofibrate is a combination of clofibrate and niacin, used to treat hyperlipemia.
S5029 Etofylline Etofylline (Aethophyllinum, Cordalin, Oxyphylline) is a N-7 substituted theophylline derivative used as a bronchodilator.
S1329 Etomidate Etomidate (R16659) is a GABAA receptor agonist, used as a short-acting anaesthetic agent or sedative.
S4724 Etomidate hydrochloride Etomidate (Amidate, R 16659) hydrochloride is a general anesthetic that produces its effects by enhancing GABA(A) receptor activity.
S8244 Etomoxir sodium salt Etomoxir sodium salt ((R)-(+)-Etomoxir sodium salt) is an irreversible inhibitor of carnitine palmitoyltransferase-1 (CPT-1) on the outer face of the inner mitochondrial membrane. Etomoxir enhances palmitate-induced cell apoptosis.
S4673 Etonogestrel Etonogestrel (Implanon, Nexplanon, 3-Oxodesogestrel, 3-keto-Desogestrel) is a synthetic form of the naturally occurring female sex hormone progesterone. It binds to the cytoplasmic progesterone receptors in the reproductive system and subsequently activates progesterone receptor mediated gene expression.
S1225 Etoposide (VP-16) Etoposide (VP-16, VP-16213) is a semisynthetic derivative of podophyllotoxin, which inhibits DNA synthesis via topoisomerase II inhibition activity. Etoposide induces autophagy, mitophagy and apoptosis.
S4651 Etoricoxib Etoricoxib (Arcoxia, MK-663, MK-0663, Tauxib, Algix, Nucoxia) is a new COX-2 selective inhibitor with anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic, and potential antineoplastic properties.
S6802 Etosalamide Etosalamide (Ethosalamide) is an anti-inflammatory drug with antipyretic and analgesics properties.
E0479 ETP 45658

ETP 45658 is a PI 3-kinase inhibitor with IC50 values of 22 nM, 30 nM, 129 nM and 710 nM for PI 3-Kα, PI 3-Kδ, PI 3-Kβ and PI 3-Kγ respectively.

S8050 ETP-46464 ETP-46464 is a potent and selective inhibitor of ATR with IC50 of 25 nM.
S3080 Etravirine (TMC125) Etravirine (TMC125, R-165335) is a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI) used for the treatment of HIV.
S4699 Etretinate Etretinate (Tegison, Ethyl etrinoate, Retinoid, Etretinato,Ro 10-9359) is an oral aromatic retinoid acid which is effective in psoriasis and other dermatological syndromes. It activates retinoid receptors, causing an induction of cell differentiation, inhibition of cell proliferation, and inhibition of tissue infiltration by inflammatory cells.
S9608 Etrumadenant (AB928) Etrumadenant (AB928, A2aR/A2bR antagonist-1) is a novel dual A2aR/A2bR antagonist with Kd of 1.4 nM and 2 nM for A2aR and A2bR, respectively.
A5476 ETS1 Rabbit Recombinant mAb ETS1 Rabbit Recombinant mAb detects endogenous level of total ETS1.
S3761 Eucalyptol Eucalyptol (NSC 6171, 1,8-Cineol, 1,8-cineole, 1,8-Epoxy-p-menthane, 1,8-Oxido-p-menthane, Cineol, Cineole) is a monoterpenoid oil present in many plants, principally the Eucalyptus species, and has been reported to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidative effects. Eucalyptol controls airway mucus hypersecretion and asthma via anti-inflammatory cytokine inhibition.
E3817 Eucalyptus Globulus Fruit Extract
E3004 Eucalyptus Leaf Extract
E3174 Eucommia Extract (Bark, Branch and Leaf)
E3175 Eucommia Ulmoides Male Flower Extract
E3173 Eucommiae Cortex Extract
E0689 Eudesmin

Eudesmin impairs adipogenic differentiation via inhibition of S6K1 signaling pathway. Eudesmin possesses diverse therapeutic effects, including anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial activities.

E2162 Eugenin
S4706 Eugenol Eugenol (4-Allyl-2-methoxyphenol, 4-Allylguaiacol, Eugenic acid, Allylguaiacol) is a naturally occuring scent chemical found in clove oil and other plants. The physiologic effect of eugenol is by means of increased Histamine Release, and cell-mediated Immunity.
S9377 Eugenyl acetate Eugenyl acetate, an aromatic component of clove essential oil, exhibits various pharmacological activities, including antibacterial and anti-virulence activities against drug-resistant A. baumannii clinical isolates.
S4261 EUK 134 EUK 134, a synthetic superoxide dismutase (SOD)/catalase mimetic, exhibits potent antioxidant activities, and inhibits the formation of β-amyloid and related amyloid fibril.
E3237 Euonymus alatus Sieb Extract
E2248 Eupalinolide B Eupalinolide B is a germacrane sesquiterpene isolated from Eupatorium lindleyanum, which demonstrates potent cytotoxicity against A-549, BGC-823 and HL-60 tumour cell lines.
E2593 Eupalinolide K

Eupalinolide K is a sesquiterpene lactones compound from <i>Eupatorium lindleyanum</i>. Eupalinolide K is a <b>STAT3</b> inhibitor. Eupalinolide K is a Michael reaction acceptor (MRA).

S3846 Eupatilin Eupatilin (NSC 122413), a major flavonoid from Artemisia plants, possesses various beneficial biological effects including anti-inflammation, anti-tumor, anti-cancer, anti-allergy, and anti-oxidation activity. Eupatilin, a lipophilic flavonoid isolated from Artemisia species, is a PPARα agonist, and possesses anti-apoptotic, anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory activities.
E2090 Euphol Euphol is a tetracyclic triterpene alcohol isolated from the sap of Euphorbia tirucalli, with anti-mutagenic, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects, orally active.
S9410 Euphorbia factor L1 Euphorbia factor L1, a diterpenoid isolated from Euphorbia lathyris, inhibits osteoclastogenesis and induces osteoclast apoptosis.
S9279 Euphorbia factor L3 Euphorbia factor L3 (5,15-Diacetyl-3-benzoyllathyrol), belonging to the lathyrane diterpenoids isolated from Caper Euphorbia Seed, shows potent cytotoxicity and induces apoptosis via the mitochondrial pathway in A549 cells.
E3860 Euphorbia Helioscopia Extract
E3191 Euphorbia Hirta Extract
E3552 Euphorbia lathyris Extract
E3148 Euphorbiae Humifusae Herba Extract
S3832 Euphorbiasteroid Euphorbiasteroid (Euphorbia factor L1), a component of Euphorbia lathyris L., inhibits adipogenesis of 3T3-L1 cells through activation of the AMPK pathway and induces HL-60 cells to apoptosis via promoting Bcl-2/Bax apoptotic signaling pathway in a dose-dependent manner. Euphorbiasteroid is a tricyclic diperpene of Euphorbia lathyris L., inhibits tyrosinase, and increases the phosphorylation of AMPK, with anti-cancer, anti-virus, anti-obesity and multidrug resistance-modulating effect.
E3702 Eupolyphage sinensis Walker Extract
S0846 Euquinine Euquinine is generally used as a febrifuge, antimalarial, and tonic.
E3558 Euryale ferox Extract
E2022 Eurycomalactone Eurycomalactone is a bioactive component isolated from Eurycoma longifolia Jack., possessing a marked NF-kB inhibition.
E2760 Euscaphic acid Euscaphic acid, a DNA polymerase inhibitor and a triterpene isolated from roots of the R. alceaefolius Poir, inhibits calf DNA polymerase α (pol α) and rat DNA polymerase β (pol β) with IC50s of 61 and 108 μM, also induces apoptosis.
S2925 Evacetrapib (LY2484595) Evacetrapib (LY2484595) is a potent and selective inhibitor of CETP with IC50 of 5.5 nM, elevates HDL cholesterol without increases in aldosterone or blood pressure. Phase 3.
S4716 Evans Blue Evans Blue (Direct Blue 53,C.I.23860) is a potent inhibitor of the uptake of L-glutamate into synaptic vesicles, also an AMPA/kainate receptor antagonist.
E0053 Evatanepag Evatanepag (CP-533536 free acid) is a potent and selective EP2 receptor agonist with an IC50 of 50 nM for rEP2.
S1120 Everolimus (RAD001) Everolimus (RAD001, SDZ-RAD, Afinitor) is an mTOR inhibitor of FKBP12 with IC50 of 1.6-2.4 nM in a cell-free assay. Everolimus induces cell apoptosis and autophagy and inhibits tumor cells proliferation.
S8777 Evobrutinib (M-2951) Evobrutinib (M-2951, MSC-2364447C) is a highly selective BTK inhibitor with an IC50 of 37.9 nM. It has potential anti-neoplastic activity.
E2570 Evocarpine

Evocarpine, a quinolone alkaloid isolated from <i>Evodiae fructus</i>, inhibits Ca<sup>2+</sup> influx through voltage-dependent calcium channels, also possesses antimycobacterial activity.

E3589 Evodia Lepta Bark Extract
S2382 Evodiamine Evodiamine (Isoevodiamine), an alkaloid extract from the fruit of Evodiae Fructus exhibits antitumor activities against the human tumor cells. It is shown to inhibit NF-kB activation through suppression of IkB kinase activity.
S9563 Evodine Evodine, a natural product extracted from Evodiae fructus (EF), is a biomarker for quality assessment of EF in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. Evodine is a potent P-gp inhibitor.
S2757 Evofosfamide (TH-302) Evofosfamide (TH-302) is selective hypoxia-activated prodrug targeting hypoxic regions of solid tumors with IC50 of 19 nM, demonstrates 270-fold enhanced cytotoxicity under hypoxia versus their potency under aerobic conditions, stable to cytochrome P450 metabolism.
E2175 Evolitrine
A2043 Evolocumab (anti-PCSK9) Evolocumab (anti-PCSK9) is a human monoclonal antibody that inhibits PCSK9. Evolocumab binds to the circulating PCSK9 protein, inhibiting it from binding to the LDLR. Evolocumab can be used for the research of hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases.
S8999 Exatecan Mesylate Exatecan Mesylate (DX-8951f) is a water-soluble and non-pro-drug analog of camptothecin and shows significant topoisomerase I inhibition with IC50 of 0.975 μg/ml.
S1196 Exemestane (FCE 24304) Exemestane (FCE24304, PNU155971) is an aromatase inhibitor, inhibits human placental and rat ovarian aromatase with IC50 of 30 nM and 40 nM, respectively.
P1046 Exenatide Acetate (Exendin-4) Exenatide Acetate (Exendin-4), a 39-amino acid peptide originally isolated from the salivary glands of the Gila monster (Heloderma suspectum), differs from exendin-3 only in two positions close to the N-terminus.
S6800 Exo1 Exo1 (2-(4-Fluorobenzoylamino)-benzoic acid methyl ester) is a reversible inhibitor of exocytosis, induces a rapid collapse of the Golgi to the endoplasmic reticulum and the rapid release of ADP-ribosylation factor (ARF) 1 from Golgi membranes.
E3374 Exocarpium Citri Rubrum Extract
L8800 Exosome Secretion Related Compound Library A unique collection of 51 exosome secretion related compounds used for high throughput screening(HTS) and high content screening(HCS).
L3600 Express-Pick Library A unique collection of 3010 chemical compounds featured different core structures and structural diversities respectively for high throughput screening (HTS) and high content screening (HCS).
E3547 Extract of Scandent Schefflera Stem and Leaf
E3772 Eyebright Extract
S9698 Ezatiostat Ezatiostat (TER199, TLK199, Telintra), a tripeptide analog of glutathione, is a peptidomimetic inhibitor of Glutathione S-transferase P1-1 (GSTP1-1). Ezatiostat activates c-Jun NH2 terminal kinase (JNK1) and ERK1/ERK2 and induces apoptosis.
S1655 Ezetimibe (SCH-58235) Ezetimibe (SCH-58235) is a potent, selective, cholesterol absorption inhibitor, used to lower cholesterol.
E1179 EZM0414 EZM0414 is a potent, selective, and orally bioavailable inhibitor of Histone-lysine N-methyltransferase SETD2.
A5281 Ezrin Rabbit Recombinant mAb Ezrin Rabbit Recombinant mAb detects endogenous level of total Ezrin.
S0418 Ezutromid Ezutromid (SMT C1100,BMN 195,VOX-C1100) is a first-in-class, orally active benzoxazole utrophin modulator with an EC50 of 0.91 μM which can be used for the research Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), also inhibits CYP1A2 enzymic activity in human liver microsomes (HLM) with an IC50 of 5.4 μM.
S6957 β-Elemene

β-Elemene ((-)-β-Elemene, Levo-β-elemene) is a sesquiterpene compound extracted from the herb Curcuma Rhizoma with antitumor activities. β-elemene can inhibit cell proliferation, arrest the cell cycle, and induce cell apoptosis or autophagy.

S5236 β-Estradiol 17-Acetate β-Estradiol 17-Acetate is a metabolite of estradiol which is an estrogen steroid hormone and the major female sex hormone.