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S2252 (+)-Usniacin (+)-Usniacin (D-Usnic Acid) is a naturally occurring dibenzofuran derivative found in several lichen species.
S6063 1,11-Undecanedicarboxylic acid 1,11-Undecanedicarboxylic acid (Tridecanedioic acid, Brassylic acid, Brassilic acid) is an unusual odd-numbered dicarboxylic acid that appears in the urines of children with neonatal adrenoleukodystrophy and Zellweger syndrome, as an additional marker of these peroxisomal disorders.
S9450 1-Undecanol 1-Undecanol (Undecyl alcohol, 1-Hendecanol), found naturally in many foods such as fruits (including apples and bananas), butter, eggs and cooked pork, is used as a flavoring ingredient.
S6225 10-Undecen-1-ol 10-Undecen-1-ol is used as a flavoring agent.
S9452 10-Undecenoic acid 10-Undecenoic acid, a natural or synthetic fungistatic fatty acid, is used for the preparation of active pharmaceutical ingredients, cosmetics, perfumes, antidandruff shampoos and antimicrobial powders.
S9453 2-Undecanol 2-Undecanol (Methyl nonyl carbinol, 2-Hydroxyundecane, 2-Hendecanol) is a fatty alcohol lipid molecule.
S0251 U 19963 U 19963 (1,3-Bis(4-fluorophenyl)thiourea) is a bioactive compound.
S2866 U-104 U-104 (MST-104, NSC 213841, SLC-0111, WBI-5111) is a potent carbonic anhydrase (CA) inhibitor for CA IX and CA XII with Ki of 45.1 nM and 4.5 nM, respectively, very low inhibition for CA I and CA II.
S1102 U0126-EtOH U0126-EtOH is a highly selective inhibitor of MEK1/2 with IC50 of 0.07 μM/0.06 μM in cell-free assays, 100-fold higher affinity for ΔN3-S218E/S222D MEK than PD98059. U0126 inhibits autophagy and mitophagy with antiviral activity.
S9669 U18666A U18666A (U18) is an inhibitor of intra-cellular cholesterol transport that inhibits dengue virus entry and replication.
S8011 U73122 U73122 is a potent phospholipase C (PLC) inhibitor, which reduces agonist-induced Ca2+ increases in platelets and PMN. U73122 potently inhibits human 5-lipoxygenase (5-LO).
S0281 U93631 U93631 is a ligand of GABAA receptor of novel chemical structure with IC50 of 100 nM. U93631 induces a rapid, time-dependent decay of GABA-induced whole-cell Cl-currents in recombinant GABAA receptors.
S8792 UAMC-3203 UAMC-3203 is an improved ferroptosis inhibitor with an IC50 value of 10 nM in IMR-32 neuroblastoma cells.
S0241 UAMC00039 dihydrochloride UAMC00039 dihydrochloride is a potent, reversible and competitive inhibitor of dipeptidyl peptidase II with IC50 of 0.48 nM.
S8909 UBCS039 UBCS039 is the first synthetic SIRT6 activator with EC50 of 38 μM,induces a time-dependent activation of autophagy in several human tumor cell lines.
L6000 Ubiquitination Compound Library A unique collection of 198 small molecules for Ubiquitination related research.
E1190 UC2288 UC2288 is a novel, cell-permeable, and orally active p21 attenuator, decreases p21 mRNA expression independently of p53, and attenuates p21 protein levels with minimal effect on p21 protein stability.
S3231 UCB-9260 UCB-9260 is an orally active inhibitor that inhibits TNF signalling by stabilising an asymmetric form of the trimer. UCB-9260 binds TNF with Kd of 13  nM. UCB-9260 also inhibits NF-κB with IC50 of 202 nM after TNF stimulation.
S0041 UCB9608 UCB9608 (compound 44) is a potent, selective and orally bioavailable inhibitor of PI4KIIIβ with IC50 of 11 nM. UCB9608 is a potent immunosuppressive agent that improves metabolic stability and exhibits excellent pharmacokinetic profile.
E0080 UCLA GP130 2 UCLA GP130 2 (GP130 receptor agonist-1) is a potent, brain-penetrant and orally active Glycoprotein 130 (Gp130) receptor agonist, being a humanin mimetic binding to the GP130 D4-D5 domain and reducing NMDA-induced toxicity.
S0297 UCPH-101 UCPH-101 is an inhibitor of excitatory amino acid transporter subtype 1 (EAAT1) with IC50 of 0.66 μM at EAAT1-HEK293 cells in the [3H]-D-Asp uptake assay.
S6433 Udenafil Udenafil is a potent antagonist of human PDE5 with an IC50 of 8.25 nM and a comparable selectivity profile as sildenafil for the other PDEs.
S5261 Ufenamate Ufenamate (Butyl flufenamate, Flufenamic acid butyl ester, Fenazol) is an anthranilic acid derivative with anti-inflammatory activity.
S6438 Ufiprazole Ufiprazole (Omeprazole sulfide) is an intermediate used in the production of the gastric proton pump inhibitors omeprazole and esomeprazole.
S2224 UK 383367 UK-383367 is a procollagen C-proteinase inhibitor with IC50 of 44 nM, has excellent selectivity over MMPs.
S5317 UK 5099 UK5099 (PF-1005023) is a potent inhibitor of the mitochondrial pyruvate carrier, inhibiting pyruvate transport across the plasma membrane of trypanosomes with Ki value of 49 μM.
S8457 UK-371804 HCl UK-371804 is a potent and selective urokinase-type plasmogen activator (uPA) inhibitor with excellent enzyme potency (Ki=10 nM) and selectivity profile (4000-fold versus tPA and 2700-fold versus plasmin).
S3081 Ulipristal Acetate (CDB 2914) Ulipristal acetate (CDB-2914, HRP 2000, RU 44675) is a selective SPRM for emergency contraception after an unprotected intercourse or contraceptive failure.
S7854 Ulixertinib (BVD-523) Ulixertinib (BVD-523, VRT752271) is a potent and reversible ERK1/ERK2 inhibitor with IC50 of <0.3 nM for ERK2. Phase 1.
S8793 ULK-101 ULK-101 is a potent and selective ULK1 inhibitor with IC50 values of 8.3 nM and 30 nM for ULK1 and ULK2, respectively.
E3729 Ulmus macrocarpa Hance seeds Extract
E3840 Ulmus Pumila Bark Extract
E3883 Umbellate Pore Fungus Extract
S3675 Umbelliferone Umbelliferone (7-hydroxycoumarin, hydrangine, skimmetine, beta-umbelliferone) is a 7-hydroxycoumarin that is a pharmacologically active agent. It is a fluorescing compound used as a sunscreen agent and shows good inhibitions of DPPH, hydroxyl, superoxide anion and ABTS radicals with anti-inflammatory, anti-hyperglycaemic, molluscicidal and anti-tumor activities.
S8194 umbralisib (TGR-1202) Umbralisib (TGR-1202, Rp-5264), a novel, next generation PI3Kδ inhibitor, inhibits PI3Kδ activity in enzyme and cell based assays with IC50 and EC50 values of 22.2 & 24.3 nM, respectively.
S3735 Umeclidinium bromide Umeclidinium bromide is a long-acting muscarinic antagonist approved for the maintenance treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
S8869 UNBS5162 UNBS5162 is a pan-antagonist of CXCL chemokine expression with in vitro cytotoxic activity (IC50 range of 0.5-5 µM) against a range of human cancer cell lines including glioblastoma (Hs683 and U373MG), colorectal (HCT-15 and LoVo), non-small-cell lung (A549) and breast (MCF-7).
S5262 UNC-926 UNC-926 is a L3MBTL1 domain inhibitor with Kd value of 3.9 μM for binding with the MBT domain of the L3MBTL1 protein.
S0207 UNC0064-12 (VEGFR-2-IN-5) UNC0064-12 (VEGFR-2-IN-5) is a VEGFR2 inhibitor extracted from patent WO2013055780A1, Page 71.UNC0064-12 (VEGFR-2-IN-5) is a multikinase inhibitor and has a -NH2 terminal linker for further synthesis.
S8071 UNC0638 UNC0638 is a potent, selective and cell-penetrant chemical probe for G9a and GLP histone methyltransferase with IC50 of <15 nM and 19 nM, respectively, shows selectivity over a wide range of epigenetic and non-epigenetic targets. UNC0638 has anti-viral activities.
S7020 UNC0646 UNC0646 is a selective histone lysine methyltransferase (HMTase) inhibitor for G9a and GLP with IC50 of 6 nM and 15 nM , respectively, with excellent potency in a variety of cell lines and excellent separation of functional potency versus cell toxicity.
S7165 UNC1999 UNC1999 is a potent, orally bioavailable and selective inhibitor of EZH2 and EZH1 with IC50 of 2 nM and 45 nM in cell-free assays, respectively, showing >1000-fold selectivity over a broad range of epigenetic and non-epigenetic targets. UNC1999 is a potent autophagy inducer. UNC1999 specifically suppresses H3K27me3/2 and induces a range of anti-leukemia effects including anti-proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis.
S9662 UNC2025 UNC2025 is a potent and orally active dual inhibitor of FLT3 and MER with IC50 of 0.35 nM and 0.46 nM, respectively. UNC2025 also inhibits AXL, TRKA, TRKC, QIK, TYRO3, SLK, NuaK1, Kit (c-Kit) and Met (c-Met) with IC50 of 1.65 nM, 1.67 nM, 4.38 nM, 5.75 nM, 5.83 nM, 6.14 nM, 7.97 nM, 8.18 nM and 364 nM, respectively.
S7576 UNC2025 HCl UNC2025 HCl is a potent and orally bioavailable dual MER/FLT3 inhibitor with IC50 of 0.74 nM and 0.8 nM, respectively, about 20-fold selectivity over Axl and Tyro3.
S7342 UNC2250 UNC2250 is a potent and selective Mer inhibitor with IC50 of 1.7 nM, about 160- and 60-fold selectivity over the closely related kinases Axl/Tyro3.
S7325 UNC2881 UNC2881 is a specific Mer tyrosine kinase inhibitor with IC50 of 4.3 nM, about 83- and 58-fold selectivity over Axl and Tyro3, respectively.
S9659 UNC6852 UNC6852 is a selective degrader that targets polycomb repressive complex 2 (PRC2) with IC50 of 247 nM for EED. UNC6852 is based on PROTAC and contains an EED226-derived ligand and a ligand for VHL.
E1059 UNC6934 UNC6934 is a a chemical probe targeting the N-terminal PWWP (PWWP1) domain of NSD2. UNC6934 is a potent antagonist of NSD2-PWWP1 with a Kd (SPR) of 80 nM and is selective for NSD2-PWWP1 over 14 other PWWP domains including NSD3-PWWP1 UNC6934 disrupts the NSD2-PWWP1 interaction with H3K36me2 nucleosomes in U2OS cells as measured by a NanoBret assay with an IC50 of 1.09 μM.
E3227 Uncaria Extract
E3579 Undaria pinnatifida Extract
S6333 Undecanedioic acid Undecanedioic acid (1,9-Nonanedicarboxylic acid, Undecanedionate) is a long-chain dicarboxylic acid that has applications in corrosion inhibitors, hot melt adhesives, high performance polyamides/Nylon, and more.
S9454 Undecanoic acid Undecanoic acid (Undecylic acid) is a medium chain length monocarboxylic acid that appears to be involved in the control of triacylglycerol synthesis.
S8820 Unesbulin (PTC596) Unesbulin (PTC596) is a second-generation BMI-1 inhibitor that accelerates BMI-1 degradation. PTC596 downregulates MCL-1 and induces p53-independent mitochondrial apoptosis. IC50 values at 72 hours ranged from 68 to 340 nM in mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) cell lines.
S3660 Uniconazole (S 3307D) Uniconazole (S 3307D, XE 1019D) is a well known inhibitor of cytochrome P450 monooxygenase that prevents the biosynthesis of trans-zeatin. Uniconazole targets CYP735As with Ki of 22 μM.
E3427 Uniflower swisscentaury root Extract
E3875 Unripe Bitter Orange Extract
S8162 Upadacitinib (ABT-494) Upadacitinib (ABT-494) is a selective JAK1 inhibitor which demonstrates activity against JAK1 (0.045 μM) and JAK2 (0.109 μM), with > 40 fold selectivity over JAK3 (2.1 μM) and 100 fold selectivity over TYK2 (4.7 μM) as compared to JAK1.
E1014 Upamostat (WX-671) Upamostat (WX-671), a novel serine protease urokinase (uPA) inhibitor by inhibiting the urokinase-type plasminogen activator (uPA) system.
S8778 UPGL00004 UPGL00004 is a potent glutaminase C (GAC) inhibitor with an IC50 of 29 nM, showing high selectivity for GAC over GLS2.
S7492 Uprosertib (GSK2141795) Uprosertib (GSK2141795, GSK795) is a selective, ATP-competitive, and orally bioavailable Akt inhibitor with IC50 of 180 nM, 328 nM, and 38 nM for Akt 1, 2 and 3, respectively. Phase 2.
S4177 Uracil Uracil is one of the four nucleobases in the nucleic acid of RNA can be used for drug delivery and as a pharmaceutical.
S4807 Uracil 1-β-D-arabinofuranoside Uracil 1-β-D-arabinofuranoside (Spongouridine, Arauridine, 1-beta-D-Arabinofuranosyluracil, Ara-U) is a deamination metabolite of Cytarabine.
S5965 Urapidil Urapidil is an antihypertensive drug acting as an α1 adrenoreceptor antagonist and a 5-HT1A agonist.
S2025 Urapidil HCl Urapidil HCl is a hydrochloride salt form of urapidil which is α1-adrenoceptor antagonist and 5-HT1A receptor agonist with pIC50 of 6.13 and 6.4 respectively.
S2631 URB597 URB597 (KDS-4103) is a potent, orally bioavailable FAAH inhibitor with IC50 of 4.6 nM, with no activity on other cannabinoid-related targets. Phase 1.
S6550 URB602 URB602 is an inhibitor of monoacylglycerol lipase (MGL), a serine hydrolase involved in the biological deactivation of the endocannabinoid 2-arachidonoyl-sn-glycerol (2-AG).
S3586 URB937 URB937 is an orally active and peripherally restricted FAAH inhibitor with IC50 of 26.8 nM and increases anandamide levels.
S3687 Urea Urea (Carbonyldiamide, Ureophil) is a highly soluble organic compound formed in the liver from ammonia produced by the deamination of amino acids. It is the principal end product of protein catabolism and constitutes about one half of the total urinary solids.
S6143 Ureidopropionic acid Ureidopropionic acid is an intermediate in the metabolism of uracil.
S6259 Ureidosuccinic acid Ureidosuccinic acid (Carbamoyl aspartic acid) is an intermediary product in pyrimidine biosynthesis.
S4544 Urethane Urethane (Carbamic acid ethyl ester, Ethyl carbamate, Ethylurethane) is a kind of antineoplastic agent that is also used as a veterinary anesthetic. It is a intermediate in organic synthesis.
S3955 Uric Acid Uric Acid (2,6,8-Trioxypurine, 2,6,8-Trihydroxypurine, 2,6,8-Trioxopurine), a normal component of urine, is a product of the metabolic breakdown of purine nucleotides.
S2029 Uridine Uridine (NSC 20256) is a nucleoside, contains a uracil attached to a ribose ring via a β-N1-glycosidic bond.
S3216 Uridine 5'-diphosphoglucose disodium salt Uridine-5'-diphosphoglucose (UDPG, UDP-Glc, UDP-D-Glucose, UDP-α-D-Glucose) activates the P2Y(14) receptor, a neuroimmune system GPCR. Uridine-5'-diphosphoglucose is the precursor of glucose-containing oligosaccharides, polysaccharides, glycoproteins, and glycolipids in animal tissues and in some microorganisms.
S9451 Uridine 5'-monophosphate Uridine 5'-monophosphate (Uridylic acid, 5'-Uridylic acid, Uridine phosphate, 5'-UMP, Uridine 5'-phosphoric acid) is a nucleotide that is used as a monomer in RNA.
S6484 uridine triacetate Uridine triacetate (Vistonuridine, PN401) is an orally active prodrug of the naturally occurring nucleoside uridine. It is used for the treatment of hereditary orotic aciduria (Xuriden), or for the emergency treatment of fluorouracil or capecitabine overdose or toxicity.
S3368 Uridine-5'-diphosphate disodium salt

Uridine-5'-diphosphate (UDP) disodium salt is a potent, selective and natural agonist of P2Y6 receptor with EC50 = 300 nM and pEC50 of 6.52, respectively. Uridine-5'-diphosphate (UDP) disodium salt is also an antagonist of P2Y14 receptor with pEC50 of 7.28.

S7343 URMC-099 URMC-099 is an orally bioavailable, brain penetrant mixed lineage kinase (MLK) inhibitor with IC50 of 19 nM, 42 nM, 14 nM, and 150 nM, for MLK1, MLK2, MLK3, and DLK, respectively, and also inhibits LRRK2 activity with IC50 of 11 nM. URMC-099 also inhibits ABL1 with IC50 of 6.8 nM. URMC-099 induces autophagy.
S9449 Urocanic acid Urocanic acid is an intermediate in the catabolism of L-histidine.
S5312 Urolithin A Urolithin A (3,8-Dihydroxy Urolithin, 2',7-Dihydroxy-3,4-benzocoumarin), a metabolite of ellagitannin, is a first-in-class natural compound that induces mitophagy both in vitro and in vivo following oral consumption.
S1321 Urolithin B Urolithin B inhibits NF-κB activity by reducing the phosphorylation and degradation of IκBα. Urolithin B suppresses the phosphorylation of JNK, ERK, and Akt, and enhances the phosphorylation of AMPK. Urolithin B is also a regulator of skeletal muscle mass.
E2683 Ursodeoxycholic acid sodium Ursodeoxycholic acid sodium is a sodium salt of a naturally occurring bile acid that is used to treat a variety of hepatic and gastrointestinal diseases.
S1643 Ursodiol Ursodiol (Ursodeoxycholic acid, UDCA) reduces cholesterol absorption and is used to dissolve (cholesterol) gallstones. (IC50=0.22 μM)
S2370 Ursolic Acid Ursolic acid (NSC 167406, NSC-4060, Prunol, Urson, Malol) is a pentacyclic triterpene acid, used in cosmetics.
S3902 Ursonic acid Ursonic acid (Prunol, Malol, beta-Ursolic acid, NSC4060, CCRIS 7123, TOS-BB-0966), present in many plants, is a pentacyclic triterpenoid that can be used as a cosmetics additive and serve as a starting material for synthesis of more potent bioactive derivatives, such as experimental antitumor agents. Ursonic acid induces the apoptosis of human cancer cells through multiple signaling pathways.
E3793 Urtica Fissa Extract
E0687 Usaramine

Usaramine is a pyrrolizidine alkaloid isolated from seeds of Crolatalaria pallida. Usaramine demonstrates a highlighted antibiofilm activity against Staphylococcus epidermidis by reducing more than 50% of biofilm formation without killing the bacteria.

S3583 USL311 USL311 is a selective antagonist of CXCR4 with anti-tumor activity. USL311 prevents the binding of stromal-cell derived factor-1 (SDF-1 or CXCL12) to CXCR4.
S4953 Usnic acid Usnic acid (Usniacin) is a furandione found uniquely in lichen that is used widely in cosmetics, deodorants, toothpaste and medicinal creams as well as some herbal products. It exhibits antiviral, antiprotozoal, antiproliferative, anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity. Usnic acid inhibits breast tumor angiogenesis and growth by suppressing VEGFR2-mediated AKT and ERK1/2 signaling pathways.
S8904 USP25/28 inhibitor AZ1 AZ1 is a potent and noncompetitive dual Inhibitors of the ubiquitin-specific protease (USP) 25/28 with IC50s of 0.62 μM and 0.7 μM in Ub-RH110 assay,respectively.
A2024 Ustekinumab (anti-IL-12/IL-23) Ustekinumab (Stelara, CNTO 1275) is an anti-IL-12/IL-23 IgG1κ human monoclonal antibody used to treat psoriasis. MW=145.6 kDa.
S8885 UT-34 UT-34 is a potent, selective and orally bioavailable second-generation androgen receptor (AR) pan antagonist and degrader with IC50 of 203.46 nM, 80.78 nM and 94.17 nM for wild-type, T877A and W741L AR, respectively. UT-34 is a potential next-generation therapeutic for enzalutamide-resistant prostate cancer.
S3540 UTL-5g UTL-5g (GBL-5g) is a novel small-molecule TNF-α inhibitor which can lower hepatotoxicity, nephrotoxicity and myelotoxicity induced by Cisplatin.
S5384 UTP Trisodium Salt Uridine-5'-triphosphate (UTP) is a pyrimidine nucleoside triphosphate and a substrate for the synthesis of RNA during transcription.
S3537 UUN51204 UUN51204 is an inhibitor of β-​lactamase with no formal name.
S0224 UV0155041 UV0155041 is a potent, positive allosteric agonist of mGlu4 receptors with EC50 of 798 nM and 693 nM for human and rat mGlu4 receptors, respectively.
S9551 Uvaol Uvaol is a pentacyclic triterpene, found in the non-glyceride fraction of olive pomace oil, exhibiting both pro- and anti-inflammatory properties.
S2833 UVI 3003 UVI 3003 is a highly selective antagonist of retinoid X receptor (RXR), and inhibits xenopus and human RXRα with IC50 of 0.22 μM and 0.24 μM in Cos7 cells, respectively.
S8800 Uzansertib (INCB053914) Uzansertib (INCB053914) is a novel, ATP-competitive, small molecule, pan-inhibitor of PIM kinases with IC50 values of 0.24 nM, 30 nM and 0.12 nM for PIM1, PIM2 and PIM3 respectively in biochemical assays.