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S7110 (+)-JQ1 (+)-JQ1 is a BET bromodomain inhibitor, with IC50 of 77 nM/33 nM for BRD4(1/2) in cell-free assays, binding to all bromodomains of the BET family, but not to bromodomains outside the BET family. (+)-JQ1 suppresses cell proliferation via inducing autophagy. (+)-JQ1 inhibits the expression of Nuclear receptor binding SET domain protein 3 (NSD3) target genes.
S6993 (+)-JQ1 carboxylic acid (+)-JQ1 carboxylic acid ((+)-JQ1-COOH) is a (+)-JQ1 with a carboxylic acid functional group. (+)-JQ1 carboxylic acid ((+)-JQ1-COOH) can be used as a precursor to a PROTAC that targets BET bromodomains after conjugation to a linker and E3 ligase ligand.
S2941 (+)-JQ1 PA (+)-JQ1 PA is a derivative of the Bromodomain and extra-terminal (BET) inhibitor JQ1.
S5269 J147 J147, a curcumin derivative, is a potent neurogenic and neuroprotective compound developed for the treatment of neurodegenerative conditions associated with aging.
S0931 Jaceosidin Jaceosidin, a flavonoid isolated from Artemisia vestita, possesses anti-tumor and anti-proliferative activities in many cancer cells. Jaceosidin induces apoptosis, activates Bax and down-regulates Mcl-1 and c-FLIP expression. Jaceosidin inhibits COX-2 expression and NF-κB activation.
S6789 JAK Inhibitor I (Pyridone 6) JAK Inhibitor I (Pyridone 6, CMP 6, Compound 6) is a pan-JAK inhibitor with IC50s of 1 nM, 1 nM, 5 nM and 15 nM for JAK2, TYK2, JAK3 and JAK1, respectively.
L5400 JAK/STAT compound library A unique collection of 191 small molecules used for research in JAK-STAT signaling pathway.
S5903 JANEX-1 JANEX-1 (WHI-P131) is a small molecule inhibitor of JAK3 that selectively inhibits JAK3 at an IC50 of 78 µM without altering the activity of JAK1 or JAK2, or any other protein tyrosine kinases (IC50 ≥ 350 µM).
E3535 Japanese ardisia Extract
E3862 Japanese Xylosma Twig Extract
E3486 Jasmine flower Extract
E3834 Jasminum Nudiflorum Extract
S3884 Jatrorrhizine Jatrorrhizine (Neprotin, Yatrorizine), one of the active constituents of Coptis chinensis Franch, has multiple bioactivities, such as hypoglycemic, antimicrobial, and antioxidant activities. It is an inhibitor of AChE with IC50 of 872 nM and demonstrates >115-fold selectivity for AChE over BuChE.
S9069 Jatrorrhizine chloride Jatrorrhizine chloride (Neprotine, Yatrorhizine) is the hydrochloride salt form of jatrorrhizine, which is an inhibitor of AChE with IC50 of 872 nM and demonstrates >115-fold selectivity for AChE over BuChE.
S6779 JBSNF-000088 JBSNF-000088 (6-Methoxynicotinamide), an analog of nicotinamide (NA), is a potent inhibitor of Nicotinamide N-methyltransferase (NNMT) with IC50 of 1.8 µM, 2.8 µM, and 5.0 µM for human NNMT(hNNMT), monkey NNMT (mkNNMT) and mouse NNMT (mNNMT), respectively.
S9784 JC-1 JC-1 (CBIC2, NK 1420), a fluorescent lipophilic carbocyanine dye, is a mitochondrial potential (ΔΨ(m)) marker. JC-1 fluorescence is usually excited by the 488 nm laser wavelength common in flow cytometers.
S0883 JCN037 JCN037 (JGK037) is potent, non-covalent and brain-penetrant inhibitor of EGFR tyrosine kinase with IC50 of 2.49 nM, 3.95 nM, 4.48 nM for EGFR, p-wtEGFR and pEGFRvⅢ, respectively.
S3455 JCP174 JCP174 is a depalmitoylase inhibitor that enhances Toxoplasma host-cell invasion by targeting TgPPT1.
S6735 JD-5037 JD-5037 is a peripherally restricted (PR) cannabinoid-1 receptor blocker with an IC50 value of 2 nM for CB1 receptor and > 1000 nM for CB2 receptor.
E3808 Jerusalem Artichoke Extract
S4747 Jervine Jervine (11-Ketocyclopamine) is a Hedgehog signaling (IC50=500-700 nM) inhibitor that inhibits the sonic hedgehog (shh) pathway by interacting with smoothened.
S6090 JFD01307SC JFD01307SC ([(1,1-dioxidotetrahydrothien-3-yl)amino]acetic acid) shows activity against M.tuberculosis with minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs) in the range of 8 to 16 µg/ml. JFD01307SC may targets enzymes involved in glutamine biosynthesis.
S6721 JG98 JG-98 is an allosteric inhibitor of Hsp70 that binds tightly to a deep pocket that is conserved in members of the Hsp70 family. JG-98 induces classical apoptosis features, including morphological changes consistent with programmed cell death and positive annexin staining. JG-98 exhibits anticancer activity.
S0182 JH-II-127 JH-II-127 is a potent, selective and brain-penetrant inhibitor of LRRK2 with IC50 of 6.6 nM, 2.2 nM and 47.7 nM for LRRK2-wild-type, LRRK2-G2019S and LRRK2-A2016T, respectively.
S8850 JH-RE-06 JH-RE-06 is a potent REV1-REV7 interface inhibitor with an IC50 of 0.78 μM and Kd value of 0.42 μM, disrupting REV1-POL ζ-mediated mutagenic translesion synthesis (TLS).
S9780 JH-X-119-01 JH-X-119-01 is a highly potent and selective covalent inhibitor of IRAK1 with IC50 of 9 nM.
S8891 JHU-083 JHU-083 (Ethyl 2-(2-Amino-4-methylpentanamido)-DON) is a novel prodrug of DON.JHU-083 selectively blocks glutaminase activity in brain CD11b+ cells and prevents depression-associated behaviors induced by chronic social defeat stress.Solutions are best fresh-prepared.
S9789 JHU37152 JHU37152 is a Designer Receptors Exclusively Activated by Designer Drug (DREADD) agonist with Ki of 1.8 nM and 8.7 nM for human muscarinic acetylcholine M3 receptors (hM3Dq) and hM4Di in vitro, respectively. And EC50 values are 5 nM and 0.5 nM for hM3Dq and hM4Di in fluorescent and BRET-based assays in HEK-293 cells, respectively.
S9790 JHU37160 JHU37160 is a Designer Receptors Exclusively Activated by Designer Drug (DREADD) agonist with Ki of 1.9 nM and 3.6 nM for human muscarinic acetylcholine M3 receptors (hM3Dq) and hM4Di in vitro, respectively. And EC50 values are 18.5 nM and 0.2 nM for hM3Dq and hM4Di in fluorescent and BRET-based assays in HEK-293 cells, respectively.
S8892 JHU395 JHU395 is a novel orally bioavailable GA (glutamine antagonists) prodrug designed to circulate inert in plasma, but permeate and release active GA within target tissues. JHU395 delivers active GA to malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor (MPNST), and significantly inhibits tumor growth without observed toxicity.
E3340 Jiao San Xian Extract

Jiao Sanxian is composed of Jiao Malt(Coke Malt), Jiao Hawthorn (Coke Hawthorn) and Jiao Shenqu.

S7281 JIB-04 JIB-04 (NSC 693627) is a pan-selective Jumonji histone demethylase inhibitor with IC50 of 230, 340, 855, 445, 435, 1100, and 290 nM for JARID1A, JMJD2E, JMJD3, JMJD2A, JMJD2B, JMJD2C, and JMJD2D in cell-free assays, respectively. JIB‑04 also induces cell apoptosis.
S0239 JK-P3 JK-P3 is a novel, pyrazole-based inhibitor of VEGFR-2 with IC50 of 7.8 μM). JK-P3 inhibits FGFR 1/3 kinase activity in vitro, but has no effect on FGFR signaling in cell-based assays.
S6565 JK184 JK184 inhibits Gli in the Hedgehog (Hh) pathway with IC50 of 30 nM in mammalian cells.
S0135 JMS-17-2 JMS-17-2 is a potent and selective small-molecule antagonist of CX3C chemokine receptor 1 (CX3CR1/GPR13) with IC50 of 0.32 nM. JMS-17-2 is used in the research of metastatic disease in breast cancer patients.
S6881 JND3229 JND3229 is a potent reversible inhibitor of EGFRC797S with an IC50 value of 5.8 nM. JND3229 also potently suppresses EGFRL858R/T790M and EGFRWT with IC50 values of 30.5 nM and 6.8 nM, respectively.
S0087 JNJ 303 JNJ 303 is a potent blocker of the voltage dependent IKs-channel encoded by KCNQ1/KCNE1 with IC50 of 64 nM. JNJ 303 induces QT-prolongations and causes unprovoked torsades de pointes (TdP).
S6416 JNJ 31020028 JNJ 31020028 is a novel neuropeptide Y Y2 receptor antagonist which bound with high affinity with human and rat Y2 receptor (pIC50=8.07±0.05 for human Y2 receptor, and pIC50=8.22±0.06 for rat Y2 receptor) and >100-fold selective versus human Y1, Y4, and Y5 receptors.
S6425 JNJ 63533054 JNJ 63533054 is a potent and selective GPR139 agonist. It specifically activated human GPR139 in the calcium mobilization (EC50 = 16 ± 6 nM) and GTPγS binding (EC50 = 17 ± 4 nM) assays.
E2393 JNJ-10198409 JNJ-10198409, a relatively selective, orally active, and ATP competitive PDGF-RTK (platelet-derived growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase) inhibitor with IC50 of 2 nM, is a dual-mechanism, antiangiogenic, and tumor cell antiproliferative agent, has good activity against PDGFRβ kinase and PDGFRα kinase with IC50 of 4.2 and 45 nM, respectively.
S0019 JNJ-10229570 JNJ-10229570 (UNII-N9IX402L35) is a potent MC1R and MC5R antagonist.
S2828 JNJ-1661010 JNJ-1661010 (Takeda-25) is a potent and selective FAAH inhibitor with IC50 of 10 nM (rat) and 12 nM (human), exhibits >100-fold selectivity for FAAH-1 when compared to FAAH-2.
S1114 JNJ-38877605 JNJ-38877605 is an ATP-competitive inhibitor of c-Met with IC50 of 4 nM, 600-fold selective for c-Met than 200 other tyrosine and serine-threonine kinases. Phase 1.
S8854 JNJ-38877618(OMO-1) JNJ-38877618 (OMO-1) is a potent, highly selective, orally bioavailable Met (c-Met) kinase inhibitor with binding affinity (Kd) of 1.4 nM and enzyme inhibitory activity against wt and M1268T mutant Met (c-Met) (2 and 3 nM IC50).
S6212 JNJ-40411813 JNJ-40411813 (ADX-71149) is a positive allosteric modulator (PAM) of the metabotropic Glutamate 2 receptor (mGlu2R) with EC50 of 147 nM.
S6618 JNJ-42153605 JNJ-42153605 is a potent and selective mGlu2 receptor positive allosteric modulator with an EC50 of 17 nM.
S0497 JNJ-42165279 JNJ-42165279 (JNJ-5279) is an inhibitor of fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH) that inhibits recombinant human and rat FAAH with IC50 of 70 nM and 313 nM, respectively.
S0517 JNJ-5207852 JNJ-5207852 is a selective and potent antagonist of histamine H3 receptor (H3R) with pKi of 8.9, 9.24 for rat and human H3R, respectively.
S0847 JNJ-5207852 dihydrochloride JNJ-5207852 dihydrochloride is a selective and potent antagonist of histamine H3 receptor (H3R) with pKi of 8.9, 9.24 for rat H3R and human H3R, respectively.
S0796 JNJ-632 JNJ-632 is a potent hepatitis B virus (HBV) capsid assembly modulator (CAM) with mean EC50 of 121 nM in HepG2.2.15 cells.
S9900 JNJ-63576253 (TRC-253) JNJ-63576253 (TRC-253) is a potent and selective androgen receptor (AR) Antagonist with IC50 of 6.9 nM. JNJ-63576253 displays robust inhibition in WT and LBD-mutated, enzalutamide-resistant models of prostate cancer.
S9896 JNJ-67856633

JNJ-67856633 (JNJ-6633) is a potent, selective, allosteric inhibitor of MALT1 protease.

S1249 JNJ-7706621 JNJ-7706621 is pan-CDK inhibitor with the highest potency on CDK1/2 with IC50 of 9 nM/4 nM and showing >6-fold selectivity for CDK1/2 than CDK3/4/6 in cell-free assays. It also potently inhibits Aurora A/B and has no activity on Plk1 and Wee1.
S2905 JNJ-7777120 JNJ-7777120 is the first potent and selective non-imidazole histamine H4 receptor antagonist with Ki of 4.5 nM, exhibits >1000-fold selectivity over the other histamin receptors.
S5696 JNJ0966 JNJ0966 is a highly selective compound that inhibits activation of MMP-9 zymogen and subsequent generation of catalytically active enzyme. It has no effect on MMP-1, MMP-2, MMP-3, MMP-9, or MMP-14 catalytic activity and did not inhibit activation of the highly related MMP-2 zymogen.
S7508 JNK Inhibitor IX JNK inhibitor IX (TCS JNK 5a) is a selective and potent JNK inhibitor with pIC50 of 6.5 and 6.7 for JNK2 and JNK3, respectively.
S7794 JNK Inhibitor VIII JNK Inhibitor VIII (TCS JNK 6o) is an inhibitor of c-Jun N-terminal kinases with IC50 of 45 nM and 160 nM for JNK-1 and JNK-2, respectively. JNK Inhibitor VIII (TCS JNK 6o) inihibits JNK-1, JNK-2, and JNK-3 with Ki of 2 nM, 4 nM and 52 nM, respectively.
S4901 JNK-IN-8 JNK-IN-8 (JNK Inhibitor XVI) is the first irreversible JNK inhibitor for JNK1, JNK2 and JNK3 with IC50 of 4.7 nM, 18.7 nM and 1 nM, >10-fold selectivity against MNK2, Fms and no inhibition to c-Kit, Met, PDGFRβin A375 cell line.
E2558 Jolkinolide B

Jolkinolide B, a bioactive diterpene isolated from the roots of <i>Euphorbia fischeriana</i> Steud., induces apoptosis in cancer cells.

S4421 Josamycin Josamycin (EN-141, Kitasamycin A3, Leucomycin A3, Turimycin A5) is a macrolide antibiotic from Streptomyces narbonensis. The drug has antimicrobial activity against a wide spectrum of pathogens.
E0408 JP1302 JP-1302(MMV006172), a novel highly selective α2C-adrenoceptor antagonist with Kb of 16 nM at the α2C-adrenoceptor subtype, also produces antidepressant and antipsychotic-like effects. 
S8607 JQ-EZ-05 (JQEZ5) JQ-EZ-05 (JQEZ5) is a specific and reversible EZH1/2 inhibitor.
E1151 JR-AB2-011 JR-AB2-011 is a potent inhibitor of mTOR-mLST8-mSIN1-Rictor complex (mTORC2) which can block mTORC2 signaling and Rictor association with mTOR at lower effective concentrations.
E1048 JR14a JR14a, a selective and potent human Complement C3a receptor antagonist, which is assessed by inhibition of intracellular calcium release (IC50=10 nM) induced in human monocyte-derived macrophages by C3a, inhibition of β-hexosaminidase secretion (IC50=8 nM) from human LAD2 mast cells degranulated by C3a, and selectivity for human C3aR over C5aR.
S8783 JSH-150 JSH-150 is a highly selective and potent inhibitor of CDK9 with IC50 of 1 nM.
E2515 JT010 JT010 is a potent agonist of transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily A member 1 (TRPA1) with an EC50 of 0.65 nM.
S2722 JTC-801 JTC-801 is a selective opioid receptor-like1 (ORL1) receptor antagonist with IC50 of 94 nM, weakly inhibits receptors δ, κ, and μ.
E0314 JTE-607 Dihydrochloride

JTE-607 Dihydrochloride is a prodrug compound that is converted to an active form by ester hydrolysis. JTE-607 is a multiple cytokine production inhibitor that targets CPSF3 and inhibits pre-mRNA processing. JTE-607 inhibits tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha, interleukin (IL)-1beta, IL-6, IL-8 and IL-10, from LPS-stimulated human PBMCs, with IC50 values of 11 nM, 5.9 nM, 8.8 nM, 7.3 nM and 9.1 nM, respectively.

E0987 Juglalin Juglalin (Kaempferol 3-O-arabinoside) is an antioxidant flavonoids isolated from ethyl acetate fraction (EAF) obtained from the leaves of Nectandra hihua. Juglalin has good antioxidant capacity.
E3261 Juglandis Semen Extract
E3296 Juglans Regia Extract
S5512 Juglone Juglone (Regianin, 5-Hydroxy-1,4-naphthoquinone), a natural naphthoquinone found in the black walnut and other plants, has moderate antifungal activity and growth-stimulating effects to many types of plants. It sometimes can be used as an herbicide, as a dye for cloth and inks, and as a coloring agent for foods and cosmetics.
E3131 Jujubae Fructus Extract
E3152 Junci Medulla Extract
E3172 Juniper Berry Extract
E3767 Justicia Gendarussa Extract
S6745 JW55 JW55 is a potent and selective inhibitor of the canonical Wnt pathway that functions via inhibition of the PARP domain of tankyrase 1 and tankyrase 2 (TNKS1/2).
S7543 JW642 JW642 is a potent inhibitor of monoacylglycerol lipase (MAGL) that displays IC50 values of 7.6, 14, and 3.7 nM for inhibition of MAGL in mouse, rat, and human brain membranes, respectively.
S0983 JX06 JX06 as a selective covalent inhibitor of PDK1 in cells. JX06 dose-dependently inhibits PDK1, PDK2 and PDK3 with IC50 0.049 μM, 0.101 μM and 0.313 μM, respectively.
S4904 JZL184 JZL 184 is the first selective inhibitor of monoacylglycerol lipase (MAGL) with IC50 of 8 nM.
S6609 JZL195 JZL195 is a potent inhibitor of both FAAH and MAGL with IC50s of 2 and 4 nM respectively.