TM4SF1 facilitates non-small cell lung cancer progression through regulating YAP-TEAD pathway

Objective: Transmembrane-4-L- Six-Family-1 (TM4SF1) has been found involved in the development and progression of tumor. This study aims to investigate the effect of TM4SF1 on the proliferation, migration, and invasion of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and reveal its underlying mechanisms.

Materials and methods: qRT-PCR, immunohistochemical analysis, and Western blot were used to evaluate the expression of TM4SF1 in human NSCLC tissues and cells. Cell proliferation was measured by CCK-8 and colony formation assay. Cell apoptosis was evaluated by flow cytometry assay. Cell migration and invasion were detected by wound healing and transwell assays. Co-immunoprecipitation (Co-IP) assay was used to examine the interactions between proteins. Expression levels of related proteins were determined by Western blot. For in vivo experiment, xenograft tumor models were used.

Results: TM4SF1 was upregulated in NSCLC tissues and cell lines and closely correlated to survival time, tumor size, lymph node metastasis, distant metastasis, and clinical stage. Gain-of function and loss-of function experiments demonstrated the oncogenic effect of TM4SF1 on NSCLC cell proliferation, apoptosis, migration, and invasion. Notably, mechanism studies showed that TM4SF1 regulated the interaction between YAP and TEAD and the level of downstream target genes. Besides, sh-YAP or Peptide 17 treatment (YAP-TEAD protein-protein interaction inhibitor) reversed the effect of TM4SF1 on NSCLC cells. The in vivo research suggested that the knockdown of TM4SF1 inhibited the growth of xenograft tumor of NSCLC.

Conclusions: This is the first evidence demonstrating that TM4SF1 could promote proliferation, migration, and invasion in NSCLC, at least partially through a potential YAP-TEAD signaling pathway-dependent mechanism. This study might provide a potential therapeutic target for the treatment of NSCLC.

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