Modulation of Cell-Mediated Immunity to Suppress High Fat Diet-Induced Obesity and Insulin Resistance


To assess the effect of immune modulators, cyclosporin A and fingolimod, on high fat diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance.


C57BL/6 mice were fed a high fat diet and injected intraperitoneally with cyclosporine A, fingolimod, or vehicle twice weekly for 15 weeks. Body weight and food intake were manually measured every other day. Glucose tolerance test, insulin sensitivity, and body composition were examined and compared between the control and the immune modulator treated animals. Tissue samples were collected at the end of the experiment and examined for serum biochemistry, histology, and mRNA levels of marker genes for inflammation, and glucose and lipid metabolism in white and brown adipose tissues and in the liver.


Cyclosporine A and fingolimod suppressed high fat diet-induced weight gain, reduced hepatic fat accumulation, and improved insulin sensitivity. The beneficial effects are associated with altered expression of F4/80, Cd68, Il-6, Tnf-α, and Mcp-1 genes, which are involved in macrophage-related chronic inflammation in adipose and hepatic tissues.


Immune modulation represents an important intervention for obesity and obesity-associated insulin resistance.

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