17-DMAG dually inhibits Hsp90 and histone lysine demethylases in alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma

Histone lysine demethylases (KDMs) play critical roles in oncogenesis and therefore may be effective targets for anticancer therapy. Using a time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer demethylation screen assay, in combination with multiple orthogonal validation approaches, we identified geldanamycin and its analog 17-DMAG as KDM inhibitors. In addition, we found that these Hsp90 inhibitors increase degradation of the alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma (aRMS) driver oncoprotein PAX3-FOXO1 and induce the repressive epigenetic mark H3K9me3 and H3K36me3 at genomic loci of PAX3-FOXO1 targets. We found that as monotherapy 17-DMAG significantly inhibits expression of PAX3-FOXO1 target genes and multiple oncogenic pathways, induces a muscle differentiation signature, delays tumor growth and extends survival in aRMS xenograft mouse models. The combination of 17-DMAG with conventional chemotherapy significantly enhances therapeutic efficacy, indicating that targeting KDM in combination with chemotherapy may serve as a therapeutic approach to PAX3-FOXO1-positive aRMS.

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S1142 Alvespimycin (17-DMAG) HCl Alvespimycin (17-DMAG, NSC 707545, BMS 826476, KOS 1022) HCl is a potent HSP90 inhibitor with IC50 of 62 nM in a cell-free assay. Phase 2.

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