ABT-888 restores sensitivity in temozolomide resistant glioma cells and xenografts

57 views | Oct 14 2019

Yuan AL et al. indicated that in laboratory models, the addition of ABT-888 to TMZ overcame resistance to TMZ. [Read the Full Post]

Veliparib with First-Line Chemotherapy and as Maintenance Therapy in Ovarian Cancer

54 views | Oct 13 2019

Coleman RL et al. indicated that across all trial populations, a regimen of carboplatin, paclitaxel, and veliparib induction therapy followed by veliparib maintenance therapy led to significantly longer progression-free survival than carboplatin plus paclitaxel induction therapy alone. The independent value of adding veliparib during induction therapy without veliparib maintenance was less clear. [Read the Full Post]

Activity of BET-proteolysis targeting chimeric (PROTAC) compounds in triple negative breast cancer

97 views | Oct 11 2019

Noblejas-López MDM et al. provided options for further clinical development of these agents in TNBC. [Read the Full Post]

Rucaparib: the past, present, and future of a newly approved PARP inhibitor for ovarian cancer

85 views | Sep 08 2019

Dockery LE et al. indicated this article reviews the mechanisms of action, safety, approval, and indications for use of the PARP inhibitor rucaparib as well as future trials and use of rucaparib's companion diagnostic test. [Read the Full Post]

Activation of Wnt signaling promotes olaparib resistant ovarian cancer

102 views | Sep 08 2019

Yamamoto TM et al. demonstrated that Wnt signaling can mediate PARPi resistance in HGSOC and provides a clinical rationale for combining PARP and Wnt inhibitors. [Read the Full Post]

PARP Inhibition Suppresses GR-MYCN-CDK5-RB1-E2F1 Signaling and Neuroendocrine Differentiation in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer

76 views | Aug 30 2019

Liu B et al. demonstrated efficacy for OLA+DINA combination therapy in NEPC xenograft models. [Read the Full Post]

Combined Strategies with Poly (ADP-Ribose) Polymerase (PARP) Inhibitors for the Treatment of Ovarian Cancer: A Literature Review.

89 views | Aug 17 2019

Boussios S et al. discussed multiple clinical trials that are underway examining the antitumor activity of such combination strategies. [Read the Full Post]

PARP1 Inhibition Radiosensitizes Models of Inflammatory Breast Cancer to Ionizing Radiation

105 views | Aug 17 2019

Michmerhuizen AR et al. demonstrated that PARPi improves the effectiveness of radiotherapy in IBC models and provides the preclinical rationale for the opening phase II randomized trial of RT +/- PARPi in women with IBC [Read the Full Post]

Targeting autophagy potentiates the anti-tumor effect of PARP inhibitor in pediatric chronic myeloid leukemia

94 views | Aug 07 2019

Liu Y et al. demonstrated that autophagy played a cyto-protective role in talazoparib-treated pediatric CML and co-treatment with talazoparib and autophagy inhibitor could induce synergetic anti-tumor effect, providing novel insights for pediatric CML treatment. [Read the Full Post]

Sustained Release Talazoparib Implants for Localized Treatment of BRCA1-deficient Breast Cancer

97 views | Jul 22 2019

Belz JE et al. demonstrated that localized and sustained delivery of Talazoparib via implants has potential to provide superior treatment outcomes at sub-clinical doses with minimal toxicity in patients with BRCA1 deficient tumors. [Read the Full Post]