Suppressor of Ty 16 promotes lung cancer malignancy and is negatively regulated by miR-1227-5p

Suppressor of Ty 16 (Spt16) is a component of the facilitates chromatin transcription (FACT) complex, which is a histone chaperone and involved in gene transcription, DNA replication, and DNA repair. Previous studies showed that FACT is highly expressed in cancer, and cancer cells are more reliant on FACT than normal cells. However, the relationship between Spt16 and lung cancer remains unclear. In this study, we explored the functions of Spt16 in lung cancer cells. The effects of Spt16 on lung cancer cell proliferation, cell cycle progression, apoptosis, migration, and invasion were examined. We found that knockdown of Spt16 led to obvious decreases of both Rb and MCM7, and further activated the DNA damage response (DDR) pathway. In addition, a novel micro-RNA, miR-1227-5p, directly targeted the 3'-UTR of Spt16 and regulated the mRNA levels of Spt16. Furthermore, we found that CBL0137, the functional inhibitor of FACT, showed similar effects as loss of Spt16. Together, our data indicated that Spt16 is likely to be an essential regulator for lung cancer malignancy and is negatively regulated by miR-1227-5p.

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S8483 CBL0137 HCl CBL0137 (CBLC137, Curaxin 137) HCl activates p53 and inhibits NF-kB with EC50s of 0.37 μM and 0.47 μM in the cell-based p53 and NF-kB reporter assays, respectively. It also inhibits histone chaperone FACT (facilitates chromatin transcription complex). (6)

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