Monitoring of plasma concentrations of dabrafenib and trametinib in advanced BRAFV600 mut melanoma patients

Background: Dabrafenib (D) and trametinib (T) improved survival in patients with BRAFV600mut melanoma. High plasma concentration of D (PCD) is weakly associated with adverse events (AE). We investigated the relationship between PCD/T and tumour control or AE.

Methods: We analysed PCD/T in patients treated with D+T for metastatic melanoma. We collected data of tumour response (RECIST 1.1) and AE (CTCAE 4.0) blinded to PCD/T results.

Results: We analysed 71 D and 58T assays from 34 patients. High inter-individual variability of PCD (median: 65.0ng/mL; interquartile range (IQR) [4-945]) and of PCT (median: 8.6ng/mL; IQR [5-39]) was observed. We found a weak relationship between PCD and progression-free survival, taking follow-up time into account (hazard ratio 0.991; 95%CI, 0.981 to 1.000; P=0.06). However, no difference was observed between mean PCD/T of progressing patients (n=21; 125±183ng/mL and 9.3±3.6ng/mL, respectively) and responders (complete, partial or stable response) (n=13; 159±225ng/mL, P=0.58 and 10.6±24.4ng/mL, P=0.29, respectively). No significant relationship was found between PCD/T and most common AEs (fever, lymphopenia, CPK increase, and hepatic cytolysis), body mass index, or age. Mean CPT (n=16) was significantly higher for female subjects (n=18; 11.5±4.8ng/mL) than for male subjects (8.8ng/mL±2.9, P=0.01), but no difference was observed between sex and CPD (P=0.32).

Conclusion: Our study showed a weak relationship between PCD and progression-free survival, but no relationship between PCD/T and AE was found. Monitoring PCD and PCT alone is unlikely to be useful in assessing response to treatment.

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