Leptin-STAT3-G9a Signaling Promotes Obesity-Mediated Breast Cancer Progression

Obesity has been linked to breast cancer progression but the underlying mechanisms remain obscure. Here we report how leptin, an obesity-associated adipokine, regulates a transcriptional pathway to silence a genetic program of epithelial homeostasis in breast cancer stem-like cells (CSC) that promotes malignant progression. Using genome-wide ChIP-seq and RNA expression profiling, we defined a role for activated STAT3 and G9a histone methyltransferase in epigenetic silencing of miR-200c, which promotes the formation of breast CSCs defined by elevated cell surface levels of the leptin receptor (OBR(hi)). Inhibiting the STAT3/G9a pathway restored expression of miR-200c, which in turn reversed the CSC phenotype to a more differentiated epithelial phenotype. In a rat model of breast cancer driven by diet-induced obesity, STAT3 blockade suppressed the CSC-like OBR(hi) population and abrogated tumor progression. Together, our results show how targeting STAT3-G9a signaling regulates CSC plasticity during obesity-related breast cancer progression, suggesting a novel therapeutic paradigm to suppress CSC pools and limit breast malignancy.

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S8006 BIX 01294 BIX01294 is an inhibitor of G9a histone methyltransferase with IC50 of 2.7 μM in a cell-free assay, reduces H3K9me2 of bulk histones, also weakly inhibits GLP (primarily H3K9me3), no significant activity observed at other histone methyltransferases. BIX01294 induces autophagy. BIX01294 also inhibits H3K36 methylation by oncoproteins NSD1, NSD2 and NSD3.

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