How to survive the zombie apocalypse

Want to survive the zombie apocalypse A little chemistry knowledge may LDE225 help you make it through the disaster.
Recently, I believe many zombie fans are after the AMCs The Walking Dead. You many not have the lovely plants to resist the zombies attack like in the hot app game Plants vs. Zombies. Ph.D., Raychelle Burks, a chemist, shares her recipe for a death cologne that might someday save you from the undead. So what is death cologne According to many TV and films description that the zombies are attracted to the scent of fresh, living humans but not the stench of a rotting corpse. Nilotinib So if we can made a death cologne consisting of putrescine, cadaverine and methanethiol which imitates the smell of a rotting corpse, perhaps we may be safe from the undead.
In the American Chemical Societys (ACS) latest Reactions video, Raychelle Burks talk about the amazing idea in detail. If you are a natural alarmist youd better watch the video at

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