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Catalog No. Product Name Solubility(25°C)
Water DMSO Alcohol
S1150 Paclitaxel <1 mg/mL 171 mg/mL 18 mg/mL
S1148 Docetaxel <1 mg/mL 100 mg/mL 53 mg/mL
S1241 Vincristine sulfate 60 mg/mL 100 mg/mL <1 mg/mL
S1364 Patupilone (EPO906, Epothilone B) <1 mg/mL 102 mg/mL 102 mg/mL
S1165 ABT-751 (E7010) <1 mg/mL 74 mg/mL 12 mg/mL
S8789 SSE15206 <1 mg/mL 74 mg/mL <1 mg/mL
S3970 Vindoline -1 mg/mL 91 mg/mL -1 mg/mL
S2775 Nocodazole <1 mg/mL 7 mg/mL <1 mg/mL
S3022 Cabazitaxel <1 mg/mL 100 mg/mL <1 mg/mL
S2195 Lexibulin (CYT997) <1 mg/mL 86 mg/mL 20 mg/mL
S1297 Epothilone A <1 mg/mL 99 mg/mL 99 mg/mL
S7204 Fosbretabulin (Combretastatin A4 Phosphate (CA4P)) Disodium 28 mg/mL <1 mg/mL <1 mg/mL
S1640 Albendazole <1 mg/mL 17 mg/mL <1 mg/mL
S7336 CW069 <1 mg/mL 100 mg/mL 4 mg/mL
S1836 Albendazole Oxide <1 mg/mL 11 mg/mL <1 mg/mL
S7721 Monomethyl auristatin E (MMAE) <1 mg/mL 100 mg/mL 100 mg/mL
S4114 Triclabendazole <1 mg/mL 72 mg/mL <1 mg/mL
S7787 Docetaxel Trihydrate <1 mg/mL 100 mg/mL 100 mg/mL
S7783 Combretastatin A4 <1 mg/mL 63 mg/mL 34 mg/mL
S2284 Colchicine 80 mg/mL 80 mg/mL 80 mg/mL
S4071 Griseofulvin <1 mg/mL 50 mg/mL <1 mg/mL
S7762 TRx0237 (LMTX) mesylate 95 mg/mL 95 mg/mL <1 mg/mL
S7497 CK-636 <1 mg/mL 57 mg/mL 50 mg/mL
S3725 ELR-510444 <1 mg/mL 73 mg/mL 24 mg/mL
S4269 Vinorelbine Tartrate 100 mg/mL 100 mg/mL 100 mg/mL
S7495 TAI-1 <1 mg/mL 86 mg/mL <1 mg/mL
S7930 Ixabepilone (BMS-247550) <1 mg/mL 100 mg/mL 100 mg/mL
S4505 Vinblastine sulfate <1 mg/mL 100 mg/mL <1 mg/mL
S7493 INH1 <1 mg/mL 61 mg/mL 61 mg/mL
S7494 INH6 <1 mg/mL 64 mg/mL 11 mg/mL
Catalog No. Information Product Use Citations Product Validations


Paclitaxel is a microtubule polymer stabilizer with IC50 of 0.1 pM in human endothelial cells.



Docetaxel, an analog of paclitaxel, is an inhibitor of depolymerisation of microtubules by binding to stabilized microtubules.


Vincristine sulfate

Vincristine sulfate is an inhibitor of polymerization of microtubules by binding to tubulin with IC50 of 32 μM in a cell-free assay.


Patupilone (EPO906, Epothilone B)

Patupilone (EPO906, Epothilone B) is a paclitaxel-like microtubule-stabilizing agent with EC0.01 of 1.8 μM. Phase 2.


ABT-751 (E7010)

ABT-751 (E7010) binds to the colchicine site on β-tubulin and inhibits polymerization of microtubules, not a substrate for the MDR transporter and is active against cell lines resistant to vincristine, doxorubicin, and cisplatin. Phase 1/2.



SSE15206 is a tubulin polymerization inhibitor that has potent antiproliferative activities in cancer cell lines of different origins and overcomes resistance to microtubule-targeting agents.



Vindoline is a chemical precursor to vinblastine and exhibits antimitotic activity by inhibiting microtubule assembly.



4'-Demethylepipodophyllotoxin is an antimitotic agent which binds to monomeric tubulin, preventing micro-tubule polymerization. It is a potent inhibitor of microtubule assembly.



Nocodazole is a rapidly-reversible inhibitor of microtubule polymerization, also inhibits Abl, Abl(E255K) and Abl(T315I) with IC50 of 0.21 μM, 0.53 μM and 0.64 μM in cell-free assays, respectively. Nocodazole improves the CRISPR-mediated HDR efficiency and has an additive effect on enhancing precise genome editing.



Cabazitaxel is a semi-synthetic derivative of a natural taxoid that kills cancer cells by inhibiting cell division and growth. Cabazitaxel exerts its effects by inhibiting microtubule growth and assembly, processes that are essential for cells to divide.


Lexibulin (CYT997)

Lexibulin (CYT997) is a potent microtubule polymerization inhibitor with IC50 of 10-100 nM in cancer cell lines. Phase 2.


Epothilone A

Epothilone A is a paclitaxel-like microtubule-stabilizing agent with EC0.01 of 2 μM.


Fosbretabulin (Combretastatin A4 Phosphate (CA4P)) Disodium

Fosbretabulin (Combretastatin A4 Phosphate (CA4P)) Disodium is the water-soluble prodrug of Combretastatin A4 (CA4), which is a microtubule-targeting agent that binds β-tubulin with Kd of 0.4 μM in a cell-free assay. Fosbretabulin Disodium inhibits the polymerization of tubulin with IC50 of 2.4 μM, and also disrupts tumor vasculature. Phase 3.



Albendazole is a member of the benzimidazole compounds used as a drug indicated for the treatment of a variety of worm infestations.



CW069 is an allosteric, and selective inhibitor of microtubule motor protein HSET with IC50 of 75 μM, significant selectivity over KSP.


Albendazole Oxide

Albendazole is a tubulin polymerization or assembly inhibitor, used for the treatment of a variety of parasitic worm infestations.


Monomethyl auristatin E (MMAE)

Monomethyl auristatin E (MMAE) is a synthetic antineoplastic agent, which is linked to a monoclonal antibody (MAB). It is also a microtubule-disrupting agent .



Triclabendazole is a benzimidazole, it binds to tubulin impairing intracellular transport mechanisms and interferes with protein synthesis.


Docetaxel Trihydrate

Docetaxel, an analog of paclitaxel, is an inhibitor of depolymerisation of microtubules by binding to stabilized microtubules.


Combretastatin A4

Combretastatin A4 is a microtubule-targeting agent that binds β-tubulin with Kd of 0.4 μM.Phase 3.



Colchicine is a microtubule polymerization inhibitor with an IC50 of 3 nM.



Griseofulvin, a production from some strains of the mold Penicillium griseofulvumam, is able to inhibit cell mitosis by interfering with microtubule function.


TRx0237 (LMTX) mesylate

TRx 0237 (LMTX™) mesylate is a second-generation tau protein aggregation inhibitor for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease (AD) and frontotemporal dementia.



CK-636 is an Arp2/3 complex inhibitor with IC50 of 4 μM, 24 μM and 32 μM for inhibition of actin polymerization induced by human, fission yeast and bovine Arp2/3 complex, respectively.



ELR-510444 is a novel microtubule disruptor with potential antivascular effects and in vivo antitumor efficacy, causing a loss of cellular microtubules and the formation of aberrant mitotic spindles and leading to mitotic arrest and apoptosis of cancer cells.


Vinorelbine Tartrate

Vinorelbine Tartrate is a semi-synthetic vinca alkaloid, and inhibits mitosis through interaction with tubulin.



TAI-1 is a potent and specific Hec1 inhibitor, which disrupts Hec1-Nek2 protein interaction.


Ixabepilone (BMS-247550)

Ixabepilone is an orally bioavailable microtubule inhibitor. It binds to tubulin and promotes tubulin polymerization and microtubule stabilization, thereby arresting cells in the G2-M phase of the cell cycle and inducing tumor cell apoptosis.


Vinblastine sulfate

Vinblastine sulfate inhibits microtubule formation and suppresses nAChR activity with IC50 of 8.9 μM in a cell-free assay, used to treat certain kinds of cancer.



INH1 is a cell-permeable Hec1 inhibitor, which specifically disrupts the Hec1/Nek2 interaction.



INH6 is a potent Hec1 inhibitor, which specifically disrupts the Hec1/Nek2 interaction and causes chromosome mis-alignment.

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