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Catalog No.S3022 Synonyms: RPR-116258A, XRP6258, TXD 258

17 publications

Cabazitaxel  Chemical Structure

Molecular Weight(MW): 835.93

Cabazitaxel (RPR-116258A, XRP6258, TXD 258) is a semi-synthetic derivative of a natural taxoid that kills cancer cells by inhibiting cell division and growth. Cabazitaxel exerts its effects by inhibiting microtubule growth and assembly, processes that are essential for cells to divide. Cabazitaxel induces autophagy via the PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway.

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Selleck's Cabazitaxel has been cited by 17 publications

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  • Quantification of colony formation assays of aggressive PC cells (DU145-DR and 22Rv1-DR) transfected with control siRNA or two siRNAs targeting each specific nucleoporin following 72 hour treatment with cabazitaxel (25 nM) and single dose radiation (5 Gys).

    Cell, 2018, 174(5):1200-1215. Cabazitaxel purchased from Selleck.

  • ABCB1 functional inhibition using elacridar re-sensitizes TaxR and DU145-DTXR cells to cabazitaxel treatment. A. TaxR and DU145-DTXR cells were subjected to cell growth assays using either vehicle (DMSO), elacridar (0.5μM), cabazitaxel (1nM), or a combination of elacridar and cabazitaxel. Cells were counted 72 hours post-treatment. B. TaxR and DU145-DTXR cells were treated with either vehicle (DMSO), elacridar (0.5μM), cabazitaxel (1nM), or a combination of both elacridar and cabazitaxel for 72 hours. Whole cell lysates were then prepared and subjected to western blot analysis using indicated antibodies. Tubulin served as a loading control. c-PARP = cleaved-PARP, C = control (DMSO) treatment, Elac = elacridar, CTX = cabazitaxel. All data is presented as percent of control mean ± standard deviation. * = p-value ≤ 0.05.

    Mol Cancer Ther, 2017, 16(10):2257-2266. Cabazitaxel purchased from Selleck.

  • Viability of PC-3R and PC-3 cells treated with docetaxel and cabazitaxel. The 3,000 cells seeded in a 96-well plate were treated with docetaxel or cabazitaxel at indicated concentrations for 72 hours and subjected to WST assay (n=5).

    Urol Oncol, 2015, 33(9):385.e15-20.. Cabazitaxel purchased from Selleck.

  • Immunoblot showing FKBP7 protein level in various parental cells after treatment with 10 nmol/L docetaxel or 3 nmol/L cabazitaxel for 24, 48, 72, and 120 hours. Actin or Hsc70 are the loading control.s

    Clin Cancer Res, 2018, doi:10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-18-0704. Cabazitaxel purchased from Selleck.

  • Combination effect of cabazitaxel with drugs that target the PI3K-pathway simultaneously: LNCaP cells were treated with the indicated combination of the drugs and analyzed as described in Methods and Figure ​Figure3

    Oncotarget, 2016, 7(46):76181-76196. Cabazitaxel purchased from Selleck.

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Biological Activity

Description Cabazitaxel (RPR-116258A, XRP6258, TXD 258) is a semi-synthetic derivative of a natural taxoid that kills cancer cells by inhibiting cell division and growth. Cabazitaxel exerts its effects by inhibiting microtubule growth and assembly, processes that are essential for cells to divide. Cabazitaxel induces autophagy via the PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway.
Features A semi-synthetic derivative of a natural taxoid.
Microtubule [1]
(Cell-free assay)
In vitro

Cabazitaxel increases CYP3A enzyme activities in rat hepatocytes. The mean ex-vivo human plasma protein binding of Cabazitaxel is 91.6%. Cabazitaxel is rapidly and extensively metabolised in numerous metabolites. Cabazitaxel demonstrates activity in several murine and human resistant cell lines. [1] With a 4-day exposure to cabazitaxel, cytotoxicity is noted with relatively low cabazitaxel concentrations. Cabazitaxel shows high antitumor activity in 3 human colorectal cell lines (HCT-116, HCT-8, and HT-29). [2]

Cell Data
Cell Lines Assay Type Concentration Incubation Time Formulation Activity Description PMID
human MCF7 cells NIPhXVNIem:5dHigbY5pcWKrdHnvckBie3OjeR?= Ml[zS5Jwf3SqIHnubIljcXSrb36gc4YhcHWvYX6gUWNHPyClZXzsd{BjgSCPVGSgZZN{[XluIFfJOVA:OS5zOTDuUS=> NHrz[40zPDRyNUewNi=>
human DU145 cells MYDHdo94fGhiaX7obYJqfGmxbjDhd5NigQ>? MXfHdo94fGhiaX7obYJqfGmxbjDv[kBpfW2jbjDEWVE1PSClZXzsd{BjgSCPVGSgZZN{[XluIFnDOVA:OS52MzDuUS=> M322VFI1PDB3N{Cy
human A549 cells MlPMS5Jwf3SqIHnubIljcXSrb36gZZN{[Xl? Mke2S5Jwf3SqIHnubIljcXSrb36gc4YhcHWvYX6gRVU1QSClZXzsd{BjgSCPVGSgZZN{[XluIFnDOVA:OS52ODDuUS=> MV[yOFQxPTdyMh?=
human A431 cells NFHIXW5Iem:5dHigbY5pcWKrdHnvckBie3OjeR?= M2q4Smdzd3e2aDDpcohq[mm2aX;uJI9nKGi3bXHuJGE1OzFiY3XscJMh[nliTWTUJIF{e2G7LDDJR|UxRTFwNEigcm0> MWmyOFQxPTdyMh?=
human HeLa cells M{HBZmdzd3e2aDDpcohq[mm2aX;uJIF{e2G7 NYfLdVMyT3Kxd4ToJIlvcGmkaYTpc44hd2ZiaIXtZY4hUGWOYTDj[YxteyCkeTDNWHQh[XO|YYpvwKwhUUN3ME2xMlghdk1? NEfDXVMzPDRyNUewNi=>
human K562 cells MV3Hdo94fGhiaX7obYJqfGmxbjDhd5NigQ>? M{PZTWdzd3e2aDDpcohq[mm2aX;uJI9nKGi3bXHuJGs2PjJiY3XscJMh[nliTWTUJIF{e2G7 M2HFO|I1PDB3N{Cy
human HL60 cells NGfpN4tIem:5dHigbY5pcWKrdHnvckBie3OjeR?= MljVS5Jwf3SqIHnubIljcXSrb36gc4YhcHWvYX6gTGw3OCClZXzsd{BjgSCPVGSgZZN{[Xl? M2jMe|I1PDB3N{Cy

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In vivo In accompanying models, Cabazitaxel is noted to have significant antitumor activity. In murine tumor xenografts (colon C38 and pancreas P03), Cabazitaxel elicites complete tumor regressions. Using SF-295 and U251 human glioblastoma cell lines, both orthotopic and subcutaneous murine xenografts are generated. Cabazitaxel treatment leads to complete regression in the majority of subcutaneously implanted tumors. Furthermore, in orthotopic models, Cabazitaxel leads to complete tumor regression in 4 out of 10 U251 tumors. [2]


Solubility (25°C)

In vitro DMSO 100 mg/mL (119.62 mM)
Water Insoluble
Ethanol Insoluble

* Please note that Selleck tests the solubility of all compounds in-house, and the actual solubility may differ slightly from published values. This is normal and is due to slight batch-to-batch variations.

Chemical Information

Molecular Weight 835.93


CAS No. 183133-96-2
Storage powder
in solvent
Synonyms RPR-116258A, XRP6258, TXD 258
Smiles CC1=C2C(C(=O)C3(C(CC4C(C3C(C(C2(C)C)(CC1OC(=O)C(C(C5=CC=CC=C5)NC(=O)OC(C)(C)C)O)O)OC(=O)C6=CC=CC=C6)(CO4)OC(=O)C)OC)C)OC

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Clinical Trial Information

NCT Number Recruitment interventions Conditions Sponsor/Collaborators Start Date Phases
NCT04495179 Not yet recruiting Drug: AZD4635|Drug: Durvalumab|Drug: Cabazitaxel Progressive Metastatic Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer AstraZeneca|Parexel July 24 2020 Phase 2
NCT03257891 Recruiting Drug: Cabazitaxel Adrenocortical Carcinoma Azienda Socio Sanitaria Territoriale degli Spedali Civili di Brescia|San Luigi Gonzaga Hospital January 25 2018 Phase 2
NCT02844582 Completed Drug: Cabazitaxel|Drug: Prednisone Hormone-Resistant Prostate Cancer|Stage IV Prostate Adenocarcinoma University of California Davis|Sanofi December 20 2017 Phase 2
NCT03043989 Terminated Drug: Docetaxel|Drug: Cabazitaxel|Drug: Clarithromycin Prostate Cancer Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins|Maryland Technology Development Corporation March 21 2017 Phase 1

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question 1:

    What is the elimination half-life of cabazitaxel?

  • Answer:

    According to the paper report, the elimination half-life of cabazitaxel is 95h.

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