Romidepsin (FK228, Depsipeptide)

Catalog No.S3020 Synonyms: FR 901228, NSC 630176

Romidepsin (FK228, Depsipeptide) Chemical Structure

Molecular Weight(MW): 540.7

Romidepsin (FK228, depsipeptide) is a potent HDAC1 and HDAC2 inhibitor with IC50 of 36 nM and 47 nM in cell-free assays, respectively.

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Cited by 20 Publications

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  • Concentration over time for each dose cohort of romidepsin (B).

    Blood, 2018, 131(4):397-407. Romidepsin (FK228, Depsipeptide) purchased from Selleck.

    PBMCs from a patient were incubated with diverse agents (2 μM Compound E, 2 nM Bortezomib and 1nM Romidepsin) for 48 hours. Apoptosis detection was performed by Annexin V/PI staining and analyzed by flow cytometry. Annexin V+/PI− (lower right quadrant) areas stand for early apoptotic cells, and Annexin V+/PI+ (upper right quadrant) areas stand for late apoptotic or necrotic cells.

    Leukemia, 2015, 29(3):556-66. Romidepsin (FK228, Depsipeptide) purchased from Selleck.

  • Effects of combination of bort/romidepsin on HDAC6 inhibition and activation of ER stress signaling. HA cells were treated with combination of 15 nM bortezomib and 5 nM romidepsin or either drug alone for 24 hr. Expression of CHOP/GADD153 (green signals) and cleaved PARP (red signals) was detected by immunofluorescent staining. DAPI (blue signals) stained the cell nuclei.

    Int J Cancer 2014 135(12):2950-61. Romidepsin (FK228, Depsipeptide) purchased from Selleck.

    An HIV-Gag-SLYNTVATL-specific CTL clone was labeled with Alexa-Fluor555 conjugated cholera toxin subunit B either cultured with 500 nM SAHA or 25 nM romidepsin for 20 hours, or maintained as an untreated control. These effector cells were combined with SLYNTVATL peptide pulsed target cells, matched on the restricting allele, in a collagen matrix medium containing sytox green viability dye. These mixtures were then plated in three separate wells of an 8-well cover slip and imaged by time-lapse brightfield and fluorescent microscopy. A. Shown are representative fields of view from the no treatment (upper panel), 500 nM SAHA (middle panel), and 25 nM romidepsin (lower panel) conditions advancing in time from left to right. Time stamps are given in hh[ratio]mm format. Clones described in the results are indicated with yellow arrows and killed target cells are indicated with white arrows in the upper right panel.

    PLoS Pathog 2014 10(8), e1004287. Romidepsin (FK228, Depsipeptide) purchased from Selleck.

  • PLZF-RARa–nonexpressing and -expressing PLZFRARβ3 cells were treated with 5 nmol/L romidepsin for the indicated time points. Induction of the DNA DSB marker γH2AX was measured by Western blotting. β-Actin was used as a loading control.

    Mol Cancer Ther 2013 12(8), 1591-604. Romidepsin (FK228, Depsipeptide) purchased from Selleck.

    Impacts of chromopeptide A and FK228 on G2/M transition regulators. PC3 and LNCaP cells were treated with chromopeptide A or FK228 at indicated concentrations for 24 h, and cells lysates were immunoblotted with the indicated antibodies.

    Acta Pharmacol Sin, 2017, 38(4):551-560. Romidepsin (FK228, Depsipeptide) purchased from Selleck.

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Biological Activity

Description Romidepsin (FK228, depsipeptide) is a potent HDAC1 and HDAC2 inhibitor with IC50 of 36 nM and 47 nM in cell-free assays, respectively.
Features More effective than other classical HDAC inhibitors such as TSA, TPX, and butyrate.
HDAC1 [1]
(Cell-free assay)
HDAC2 [1]
(Cell-free assay)
36 nM 47 nM
In vitro

Unlike TSA, the active form redFK of Romidepsin strongly inhibits HDAC1 and HDAC2 with IC50 of 1.6 nM and 3.9 nM, respectively, but is relatively weak in inhibiting HDAC4 and HDAC6 with IC50 25 nM and 790 nM, respectively. Romidepsin is 17-23 times weaker than redFK in inhibiting these HDACs with IC50 of 36 nM, 47 nM, 510 nM, and 14 μM, respectively. Romidepsin treatment in HeLa cells induces histone acetylation and p21 expression with EC50 of 3.0 nM, more strongly than redFK with EC50 of 11 nM due to the instability of redFK. [1] In addition to G2/M arrest, Romidepsin treatment causes cyclin D1 downregulation and a p53-independent p21 induction, leading to inhibition of CDK and dephosphorylation of Rb resulting in growth arrest in the early G1 phase. [2] Romidepsin is 100 times more potent than TSA and 1,000,000 times more potent than butyrate in inhibiting the proliferation of the A549 cells. [3] Romidepsin inhibits the growth of U-937, K562, and CCRF-CEM cells with IC50 of 5.92 nM, 8.36 nM, and 6.95 nM, respectively. [5] Romidepsin promotes apoptosis in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) cells at a concentration corresponding to that at which H3 and H4 acetylation and HDAC inhibition occurs, selectively involving activation of caspase 8 and effector caspase 3, as well as down-regulation of c-FLIP protein. [6] In 11 of 13 (85%) renal cell carcinoma cell lines and in 16 of 37 (43%) other cancer cell lines, Romidepsin treatment up-regulates tumor death receptors, and potentiates natural killer (NK)-mediated tumor killing. [7] Romidepsin exhibits concentration-dependent cytotoxicity against a panel of mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) cell lines. [9]

Cell Data
Cell Lines Assay Type Concentration Incubation Time Formulation Activity Description PMID
SU-DHL4 MXTD[YxtKF[rYXLpcIl1gSCDc4PhfS=> M2PuOlIvPS1zNTDuUS=> NWHKepNNPzJiaB?= NFu1RlVqdmS3Y3XzJIN6fG:2b4jpZ4l1gSCrbjDhJINwdmOnboTyZZRqd25vZHXw[Y5l\W62IH3hco5mesLi NHnZemgzPTd7MEmwOy=>
U2932  MonlR4VtdCCYaXHibYxqfHliQYPzZZk> NHzKcVMzNjVvMUWgcm0> NIm2ZY84OiCq NGPZZm5qdmS3Y3XzJIN6fG:2b4jpZ4l1gSCrbjDhJINwdmOnboTyZZRqd25vZHXw[Y5l\W62IH3hco5mesLi M1jtXVI2PzlyOUC3
OCI-LY7 NWX4V|FHS2WubDDWbYFjcWyrdImgRZN{[Xl? M2e4PFIvPS1zNTDuUS=> NYLRUIdCPzJiaB?= NYW1VppscW6mdXPld{BkgXSxdH;4bYNqfHliaX6gZUBkd26lZX70doF1cW:wLXTldIVv\GWwdDDtZY5v\XMEoB?= MWqyOVc6ODlyNx?=
Farage NF\jUWlE\WyuIG\pZYJqdGm2eTDBd5NigQ>? NGPpbXYzNjVvMUWgcm0> NYLhOnZ{PzJiaB?= NFexSVBqdmS3Y3XzJIN6fG:2b4jpZ4l1gSCrbjDhJINwdmOnboTyZZRqd25vZHXw[Y5l\W62IH3hco5mesLi MnvGNlU4QTB7MEe=
LY7/EBV NGHLWZFE\WyuIG\pZYJqdGm2eTDBd5NigQ>? M{nhRlIvPS1zNTDuUS=> MWG3NkBp Mo\FbY5lfWOnczDjfZRwfG:6aXPpeJkhcW5iYTDjc45k\W62cnH0bY9vNWSncHXu[IVvfCCvYX7u[ZLDqA>? M3P0TFI2PzlyOUC3
U2932/EBV M1jrd2NmdGxiVnnhZoltcXS7IFHzd4F6 NEmxN3kzNjVvMUWgcm0> NHzVOZA4OiCq NWO3XFdbcW6mdXPld{BkgXSxdH;4bYNqfHliaX6gZUBkd26lZX70doF1cW:wLXTldIVv\GWwdDDtZY5v\XMEoB?= MVSyOVc6ODlyNx?=
HCT116 NGLKb5dIem:5dHigTY5pcWKrdHnvckBCe3OjeR?= Mn\QOU02ODByIH7N MkPnNlQhcA>? M4XZfWROW09? M{PUTIlv\HWlZYOgZ4VtdCCmZXH0bEBqdiCjIHPvcoNmdnS{YYTpc44u\GWyZX7k[Y51KG2jbn7ldi=> Mn7sNlU1QTJ3MUW=
MCF-10A MoHOS5Jwf3SqIFnubIljcXSrb36gRZN{[Xl? M17pemlEPTB;MD6xO:KyOC5yMTDuUS=> Ml3MNlQ6PTR6NU[=
MCF-7 MnnhS5Jwf3SqIFnubIljcXSrb36gRZN{[Xl? MXHJR|UxRTFwMUFCtVAvOjBibl2= MWiyOFk2PDh3Nh?=
SK-BR-3 NVrX[G96T3Kxd4ToJGlvcGmkaYTpc44hSXO|YYm= MVzJR|UxRTFwMEFCtVAvOzVibl2= NHS5NXgzPDl3NEi1Oi=>
MDA-MB-231 MYTHdo94fGhiSX7obYJqfGmxbjDBd5NigQ>? MWPJR|UxRTBwNklCtVAvOTRibl2= NIjOT3MzPDl3NEi1Oi=>
PC3 NFzyPI1Iem:5dHigTY5pcWKrdHnvckBCe3OjeR?= NWP4fGppUUN3ME2xMlY2yrFyLkO1JI5O M3jyblI1QTV2OEW2
HCT116-p21-/- M1nHW2dzd3e2aDDJcohq[mm2aX;uJGF{e2G7 NGnqZY1KSzVyPUGuNlbDuTBwM{egcm0> MlvsNlQ6PTR6NU[=
S1 NWnPOYZnT3Kxd4ToJGlvcGmkaYTpc44hSXO|YYm= M1XtcWlEPTB;Nz62O:KyOC5{OTDuUS=> M3jhO|I1QTV2OEW2
SW620 NFTZW4VIem:5dHigTY5pcWKrdHnvckBCe3OjeR?= MorPTWM2OD1yLkmzxtExNjJ7IH7N MVOyOFk2PDh3Nh?=
UACC-62 MkTUS5Jwf3SqIFnubIljcXSrb36gRZN{[Xl? M4PSdGlEPTB;MD61OuKyOC5zNjDuUS=> NFWy[pgzPDl3NEi1Oi=>
MDA-MB-435 MlvkS5Jwf3SqIFnubIljcXSrb36gRZN{[Xl? MnzSTWM2OD1yLkmwxtExNjB4IH7N NUHR[ldjOjR7NUS4OVY>
SF-295 MV7Hdo94fGhiSX7obYJqfGmxbjDBd5NigQ>? MXvJR|UxRTBwOElCtVAvOTVibl2= MofDNlQ6PTR6NU[=
A549 NW\6b2pJT3Kxd4ToJGlvcGmkaYTpc44hSXO|YYm= NELTdGtKSzVyPUGuNlbDuTBwMkSgcm0> NEHRb44zPDl3NEi1Oi=>
H460 MmXzS5Jwf3SqIFnubIljcXSrb36gRZN{[Xl? NWn3UJpuUUN3ME2yMlU5yrFyLkiwJI5O M{nlXVI1QTV2OEW2
EKVX NF3nfnJIem:5dHigTY5pcWKrdHnvckBCe3OjeR?= M4LwUmlEPTB;MT6zN:KyOC5|NDDuUS=> NV\1WYg3OjR7NUS4OVY>
H146 MkjxS5Jwf3SqIFnubIljcXSrb36gRZN{[Xl? M{Pwe2lEPTB;MD6yNuKyOC5yNzDuUS=> NVrCUYZpOjR7NUS4OVY>
H526 NHTZelhIem:5dHigTY5pcWKrdHnvckBCe3OjeR?= MnXJTWM2OD1yLkG1xtExNjB|IH7N M{XDPFI1QTV2OEW2
HuT-78 NEHCOYJIem:5dHigTY5pcWKrdHnvckBCe3OjeR?= MWLJR|UxRTFwN{RCtVAvPDRibl2= MUiyOFk2PDh3Nh?=
HA Mn60S5Jwf3SqIFnubIljcXSrb36gRZN{[Xl? M3TDV|AvPjJ3LUGwcm0> NInNWYI1QCCq M{nXTolv\HWlZYOgZUB{cWewaX\pZ4FvfGy7IIP0do9v\2W{IHnubIljcXSrb36gc4Yh[2WubDDwdo9tcW[ncnH0bY9vKGOxLYTy[YF1\WRid3n0bEBjd3K2ZYrvcYlj M3XwPVI1PzdzNUGw
MS-275 MmjHS5Jwf3SqIFnubIljcXSrb36gRZN{[Xl? MlTyNE43OjVvMUDuUS=> M1zud|Q5KGh? NFK0SJdqdmS3Y3XzJIEhe2mpbnnmbYNidnSueTDzeJJwdmencjDpcohq[mm2aX;uJI9nKGOnbHygdJJwdGmoZYLheIlwdiClbz30doVifGWmIIfpeIgh[m:{dHX6c41q[g>? Mn7ZNlQ4PzF3MUC=
CD4 T Mlv5S5Jwf3SqIFnubIljcXSrb36gRZN{[Xl? M{\yeFQ5KGh? M17yXWVEPTB;ND61xtEyNjBibl2= NFfENJczPDd{MkS1OC=>
CD4 T NETlUlVIem:5dHigTY5pcWKrdHnvckBCe3OjeR?= NXW1fWFpPDhiaB?= MW\DR|UxRTFyN9MxNVI3KG6P MYiyOFczOjR3NB?=
A549 M3;CO2dzd3e2aDDJcohq[mm2aX;uJGF{e2G7 NUDzdZd4OTEkgKOxNFDDqG6P MXWyOE8{Pi92ODDo MUDpcohq[mm2czDj[YxtKGe{b4f0bEBqdiCkb4ToJINwdmOnboTyZZRqd25vIHHu[EB1cW2nLXTldIVv\GWwdDDtZY5v\XJ? MoDkNlQ1QDV5OUm=
JJN3 NXf3bHJyT3Kxd4ToJGlvcGmkaYTpc44hSXO|YYm= M2q0clI1NzR6IHi= MoLsSWM2ODxz4pEJcm08KDR64pEJbC=> NEG3OXgzPDB|MEG1NC=>
OPM-2 Mo\US5Jwf3SqIFnubIljcXSrb36gRZN{[Xl? NH7KT5AzPC92ODDo MYHFR|Uxez1z4pEJcm08KDR64pEJbC=> NF71T2YzPDB|MEG1NC=>
RPMI-8226 NHn6N4hIem:5dHigTY5pcWKrdHnvckBCe3OjeR?= NW\HO3NROjRxNEigbC=> NV;1RnZqTUN3MIO9NU456oDLbl27JFQ56oDLaB?= NXXRTGRZOjRyM{CxOVA>
U266 MWTHdo94fGhiSX7obYJqfGmxbjDBd5NigQ>? NUDkd5V3OjRxNEigbC=> NHPKclZGSzVyc{2xNQKBkW6POzC0PQKBkWh? MUWyOFA{ODF3MB?=
CA46 MULBdI9xfG:|aYOgRZN{[Xl? NFK3T4Y3KGh? M1jqUolv\HWlZYOgZox2dnRiYYDvdJRwe2m| M3HTSlI{QTZ4MU[0
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DpVp50 NXfYZpRzSXCxcITvd4l{KEG|c3H5 MXSxM|ExNzFyMDDuUS=> NFL4TIY1QCCq M2\hNolv\HWlZYOgZox2dnRiYYDvdJRwe2m| M4\Ub|I{PTN{N{Oy
DpP75  NFnYNGVCeG:ydH;zbZMhSXO|YYm= M{Plb|EwOTBxMUCwJI5O NFmzZmI1QCCq NGnHXIdqdmS3Y3XzJIJtfW62IHHwc5B1d3Orcx?= MUSyN|U{Ojd|Mh?=
SKOV-3 MUHHdo94fGhiSX7obYJqfGmxbjDBd5NigQ>? MWGx5qCUOjCwTR?= M{PsRlczKGh? NWfydoRtTE2VTx?= NU\CZm03emWmdXPld{Bk\WyuII\pZYJqdGm2eTDhcI9v\SCjbnSgZ49u[mmwZXSge4l1cCClaYPwcIF1cW5? MmfuNlMxOTB|NEi=
Brca1 WT NFnj[XdIem:5dHigTY5pcWKrdHnvckBCe3OjeR?= M{i3OFHjiJN{MH7N NIW0Voc4OiCq NX;ubXhJTE2VTx?= MUDy[YR2[2W|IHPlcIwhfmmjYnnsbZR6KGGub37lJIFv\CClb33ibY5m\CC5aYToJINqe3CuYYTpci=> MmHUNlMxOTB|NEi=
Brca1 Null MofQS5Jwf3SqIFnubIljcXSrb36gRZN{[Xl? MUCx5qCUOjCwTR?= M3PWZ|czKGh? MV3EUXNQ NWj5W4x3emWmdXPld{Bk\WyuII\pZYJqdGm2eTDhcI9v\SCjbnSgZ49u[mmwZXSge4l1cCClaYPwcIF1cW5? NI\RZWozOzBzMEO0PC=>
OVCAR-8  MUTHdo94fGhiSX7obYJqfGmxbjDBd5NigQ>? NV;STG13OeLCk{Kwcm0> NYrrOJJ7PzJiaB?= Mn;DSG1UVw>? MVHy[YR2[2W|IHPlcIwhfmmjYnnsbZR6KGGub37lJIFv\CClb33ibY5m\CC5aYToJINqe3CuYYTpci=> MUSyN|AyODN2OB?=
NCI/ADR-RES MX;Hdo94fGhiSX7obYJqfGmxbjDBd5NigQ>? NV\lTWpGOeLCk{Kwcm0> M2P3RlczKGh? M1TTb2ROW09? NVrlfphzemWmdXPld{Bk\WyuII\pZYJqdGm2eTDhcI9v\SCjbnSgZ49u[mmwZXSge4l1cCClaYPwcIF1cW5? NV;2N|dXOjNyMUCzOFg>
HCT116 M2rRemdzd3e2aDDJcohq[mm2aX;uJGF{e2G7 MorQOUBvVS13MDFOwG0> MUmyOEBp NEHGVZhFVVOR NUD4Xop7cW6qaXLpeJMh[2WubDDndo94fGhiaX6gZUBkd26lZX70doF1cW:wLXTldIVv\GWwdDDtZY5v\XJ? MkLyNlI6OjR7NUi=
RKO M124NWdzd3e2aDDJcohq[mm2aX;uJGF{e2G7 MkDLOUBvVS13MDFOwG0> Mnn4NlQhcA>? MUDEUXNQ M{fzeolvcGmkaYTzJINmdGxiZ4Lve5RpKGmwIHGgZ49v[2WwdILheIlwdi2mZYDlcoRmdnRibXHucoVz M2LreFIzQTJ2OUW4
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A549 Ml7IS5Jwf3SqIFnubIljcXSrb36gRZN{[Xl? M3zZelUhdk1? M3jDO|I1NzR6L{eyJIg> M2TPbYlvcGmkaYTzJINmdGxiZ4Lve5RpKHSrbXWt[IVx\W6mZX70cJk> MnjvNlIyODZ{OEK=
697  M{fDSmdzd3e2aDDJcohq[mm2aX;uJGF{e2G7 M1XhVGlEPTEkgJm95qCKOi53wrDuUS=> MV:yNVU{QDJzNh?=
697-R NEDrR4lIem:5dHigTY5pcWKrdHnvckBCe3OjeR?= M{nN[mlEPTEkgJm95qCKQC54wrDuUeKh NXrudI1GOjF3M{iyNVY>
HUT78 NVX5TWgyT3Kxd4ToJGlvcGmkaYTpc44hSXO|YYm= MXfJR|UxRTFibl2= NGfMdHMzOTF7OEW0OS=>
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HL-60  NXizOYJGS3m2b4TvfIlkcXS7IFHzd4F6 MYSxMVUxOCCwTR?= MmHTNlQhcA>? M2r2OYlv\HWlZYOgZ5l1d3SxeHnjbZR6KGmwIHGgZ49v[2WwdILheIlwdi2mZYDlcoRmdnRibXHucoVzyqB? M17DS|IxPjJ2MU[z
HP100 NF3ndoVEgXSxdH;4bYNqfHliQYPzZZk> M2HrVFEuPTByIH7N MWKyOEBp MWnpcoR2[2W|IHP5eI91d3irY3n0fUBqdiCjIHPvcoNmdnS{YYTpc44u\GWyZX7k[Y51KG2jbn7lduKh MY[yNFYzPDF4Mx?=
HL-60  NI\iVGFHfW6ldHnvckBCe3OjeR?= MVGxNEBvVQ>? NXLQSWl4PC94L{G2JIg> NFrGbm9qdmS3Y3XzJJRp\SCpZX7ldoF1cW:wIH;mJIh6\HKxZ3XuJJBmem:6aXTlJIZzd21iNHi= NWDORlVXOjB4MkSxOlM>
HP100 MYXGeY5kfGmxbjDBd5NigQ>? NWTlTJA1OTBibl2= M{fXRVQwPi9zNjDo MWjpcoR2[2W|IITo[UBo\W6ncnH0bY9vKG:oIHj5[JJw\2WwIIDldo95cWSnIH\yc40hPGh? NEXzc4IzODZ{NEG2Ny=>
HL-60  NX;IcHZNTnWwY4Tpc44hSXO|YYm= MVqxNE02ODBibl2= Mlj6OEBp Mkix[IVkemWjc3XzJJRp\SCqaYP0c45mKGSnYXPleJlt[XOnIDjISGFEMSCjY4Tpeol1gcLi M4nvTlIxPjJ2MU[z
HP100 M{n3R2Z2dmO2aX;uJGF{e2G7 M33KeVExNTVyMDDuUS=> M2C3VVQhcA>? NUC0c|dN\GWlcnXhd4V{KHSqZTDobZN1d26nIHTlZYNmfHmuYYPlJEhJTEGFKTDhZ5Rqfmm2edMg MofjNlA3OjRzNkO=
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In vivo Romidepsin treatment potently inhibits the neovascularization of chick embryo and that of adult mice in the Matrigel plug assay. [4]Administration of Romidepsin at 0.1-1 mg/kg twice a week significantly prolongs the survival of mice bearing U-937 lymphoma, with median survival times of 30.5 (0.56 mg/kg) and 33 days (0.32 mg/kg), respectively (vs. 20 days in control mice). [5]


Kinase Assay:


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HDAC-inhibitory activity:

For the enzyme assay, 10 μL of [3H]acetyl-labeled histones (25,000 cpm/10 μg) are added to 90 μL of the HDAC enzyme fraction extracted from 293T cells overexpressing HDAC1 or HDAC2 in the presence of increasing concentrations of Romidepsin, and the mixture is incubated at 37 °C for 15 minutes. The enzyme reaction is linear for at least 1 hour. The reaction is stopped by the addition of 10 μL of concentrated HCl. The released [3H]acetic acid is extracted with 1 mL of ethylacetate, and 0.9 mL of the solvent layer is taken into 5 mL of aqueous counting scintillant II solution for determination of radioactivity. The IC50 values are determined from at least three independent dose-response curves.
Cell Research:


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  • Cell lines: HL60, Jurkat, A549, and MCF-7
  • Concentrations: Dissolved in DMSO, final concentrations ~10 μM
  • Incubation Time: 72 hours
  • Method:

    Cells are exposed to various concentrations of Romidepsin for 72 hours in 96-well plates. 20 μL of 5 mg/mL MTT solution in PBS is added to each well for 4 hours. After removal of the medium, 170 μL of DMSO is added to each well to dissolve the formazan crystals. The absorbance at 540 nm is determined. In addition, cells are incubated with trypan blue, and the numbers of blue (dead) cells and transparent (live) cells are counted in a hemocytometer. For cell cycle analysis, cells are incubated for 30 minutes in propidium iodide staining solution containing 0.05 mg/mL propidium iodide, 1 mM EDTA, 0.1% Triton X-100, and 1 mg/mL RNase A in PBS. The suspension is then passed through a nylon mesh filter and analyzed on a Becton Dickinson FACScan.

    (Only for Reference)
Animal Research:


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  • Animal Models: Male scid mice inoculated i.p. with U-937 cells
  • Formulation: Dissolved in DMSO, and diluted in saline
  • Dosages: ~1 mg/kg once or twice a week
  • Administration: Treated i.p.
    (Only for Reference)

Solubility (25°C)

In vitro DMSO 10 mg/mL (18.49 mM)
Water Insoluble
Ethanol Insoluble
In vivo Add solvents to the product individually and in order(Data is from Selleck tests instead of citations):
2% DMSO+30% PEG 300+5%Tween 80+ddH2O
For best results, use promptly after mixing.

* Please note that Selleck tests the solubility of all compounds in-house, and the actual solubility may differ slightly from published values. This is normal and is due to slight batch-to-batch variations.

Chemical Information

Molecular Weight 540.7


CAS No. 128517-07-7
Storage powder
in solvent
Synonyms FR 901228, NSC 630176

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Molarity Calculator

Molarity Calculator

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Mass (g) = Concentration (mol/L) × Volume (L) × Molecular Weight (g/mol)

  • Mass
    Molecular Weight

*When preparing stock solutions, please always use the batch-specific molecular weight of the product found on the via label and MSDS / COA (available on product pages).

Dilution Calculator

Dilution Calculator

Calculate the dilution required to prepare a stock solution. The Selleck dilution calculator is based on the following equation:

Concentration (start) x Volume (start) = Concentration (final) x Volume (final)

This equation is commonly abbreviated as: C1V1 = C2V2 ( Input Output )

  • C1

* When preparing stock solutions always use the batch-specific molecular weight of the product found on the vial label and MSDS / COA (available online).

The Serial Dilution Calculator Equation

  • Serial Dilutions

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  • C1=C0/X C1: LOG(C1):
    C2=C1/X C2: LOG(C2):
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    C4=C3/X C4: LOG(C4):
    C5=C4/X C5: LOG(C5):
    C6=C5/X C6: LOG(C6):
    C7=C6/X C7: LOG(C7):
    C8=C7/X C8: LOG(C8):
Molecular Weight Calculator

Molecular Weight Calculator

Enter the chemical formula of a compound to calculate its molar mass and elemental composition:

Total Molecular Weight: g/mol

Tip: Chemical formula is case sensitive. C10H16N2O2 c10h16n2o2

Instructions to calculate molar mass (molecular weight) of a chemical compound:

To calculate molar mass of a chemical compound, please enter its chemical formula and click 'Calculate'.

Definitions of molecular mass, molecular weight, molar mass and molar weight:

Molecular mass (molecular weight) is the mass of one molecule of a substance and is expressed in the unified atomic mass units (u). (1 u is equal to 1/12 the mass of one atom of carbon-12)
Molar mass (molar weight) is the mass of one mole of a substance and is expressed in g/mol.

Molarity Calculator

Mass Concentration Volume Molecular Weight

Clinical Trial Information

NCT Number Recruitment Conditions Sponsor/Collaborators Start Date Phases
NCT03770000 Recruiting T Cell Lymphoma Rhizen Pharmaceuticals SA March 2019 Phase 1|Phase 2
NCT03770000 Recruiting T Cell Lymphoma Rhizen Pharmaceuticals SA March 2019 Phase 1|Phase 2
NCT03703375 Recruiting Lymphoma T-Cell Celgene November 6 2018 Phase 3
NCT03593018 Recruiting Relapsed Angioimmunoblastic T-Cell Lymphoma|Refractory Angioimmunoblastic T-cell Lymphoma The Lymphoma Academic Research Organisation|Celgene November 9 2018 Phase 3
NCT03703375 Recruiting Lymphoma T-Cell Celgene November 6 2018 Phase 3
NCT03593018 Recruiting Relapsed Angioimmunoblastic T-Cell Lymphoma|Refractory Angioimmunoblastic T-cell Lymphoma The Lymphoma Academic Research Organisation|Celgene November 9 2018 Phase 3

Tech Support

Answers to questions you may have can be found in the inhibitor handling instructions. Topics include how to prepare stock solutions, how to store inhibitors, and issues that need special attention for cell-based assays and animal experiments.

Handling Instructions

Tel: +1-832-582-8158 Ext:3

If you have any other enquiries, please leave a message.

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