Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Catalog No. Product Name Information
S2097 Ambrisentan Ambrisentan (LU-208075, BSF-208075) is a highly selective antagonist of the endothelin-1 type A receptor, used in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).
S1917 Crystal Violet Crystal violet is a triarylmethane dye.
S1679 Flurbiprofen Flurbiprofen is a member of the phenylalkanoic acid derivative family of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).
S1997 Liranaftate Liranaftate (M-732) is a squalene epoxidase inhibitor with anti-fungicidal activities.
S1247 Leflunomide (HWA486) Leflunomide (HWA486, RS-34821, SU101, Arava) is a pyrimidine synthesis and protein tyrosine kinase inhibitor belonging to the DMARD, used as an immunosuppressant agent. The active metabolite of Leflunomide is A77 1726, which inhibits dihydroorotate dehydrogenase (DHODH). Leflunomide is also an agonist of the AhR.
S2126 Naftopidil Naftopidil (KT-611) is a selective α1-adrenergic receptor antagonist with Ki of 3.7 nM, 20 nM, and 1.2 nM for α1a, α1b, and α1d, respectively, used for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.
S2099 Temocapril HCl Temocapril HCl (CS-622) is the hydrochloride of Temocapril, which is a long-acting angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor, used for the treatment of hypertension.
S3161 Sertaconazole nitrate Sertaconazole nitrate (FI-7045) is a topical broad-spectrum antifungal that is developed to provide an additional agent for the treatment of superficial cutaneous and mucosal infections.
S1706 Lamivudine (BCH-189) Lamivudine (BCH-189, GR109714X) is a potent nucleoside analog reverse transcriptase inhibitor, used for treatment of chronic HBV and HIV/AIDS. It works by blocking the HIV reverse transcriptase and hepatitis B virus polymerase.
S2131 Roflumilast (B9302-107) Roflumilast (APTA 2217, B9302-107, BY 217, BYK 20869) is a selective inhibitor of PDE4 with IC50 of 0.2-4.3 nM in a cell-free assay.
S2100 Temocapril Temocapril (CS-622) is a long-acting angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor, used for the treatment of hypertension.
S3162 Tylosin tartrate Tylosin tartrate is a macrolide antibiotic approved for the control of mycoplasmosis in poultry.
S1245 Latrepirdine 2HCl Latrepirdine is an orally active,and neuroactive antagonist of multiple drug targets, including histamine receptors, GluR, and 5-HT receptors, used as an antihistamine drug.
S1500 Betamethasone Betamethasone (NSC-39470, SCH-4831) is a glucocorticoid steroid with anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties.
S1875 Tranexamic Acid Tranexamic Acid is an antifibrinolytic for blocking lysine-binding sites of plasmin and elastase-derived plasminogen fragments with IC50 of 5 mM.
S2101 Gabexate Mesylate Gabexate Mesylate is a serine protease inhibitor with IC50 of 0.19 μM which is used therapeutically in the treatment of pancreatitis and disseminated intravascular coagulation.
S3163 Benztropine mesylate Benztropine is a dopamine transporter (DAT) inhibitor with IC50 of 118 nM.
S1622 Prednisone (NSC-10023) Prednisone (NSC-10023, Adasone) is a synthetic corticosteroid agent that is particularly effective as an immunosuppressant compound.
S1874 Risedronate Risedronate (Risedronic Acid) is a bisphosphonate used to strengthen bone, treat or prevent osteoporosis, and treat Paget's disease of bone.
S2102 Rasagiline Mesylate Rasagiline Mesylate (TVP-1012) is a new MAO-B inhibitor for the treatment of idiopathic Parkinson's disease.