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Catalog No.S4737 Synonyms: psoralene, Ficusin, Furocoumarin

Psoralen Chemical Structure

CAS No. 66-97-7

Psoralen is a naturally occurring furocoumarin that intercalates with DNA, inhibiting DNA synthesis and cell division.

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Biological Activity

Description Psoralen is a naturally occurring furocoumarin that intercalates with DNA, inhibiting DNA synthesis and cell division.
In vitro

Psoralen inhibits the proliferation of MCF-7/ADR cells as shown by G0/G1 phase arrest rather than encouraging apoptosis. Psoralen reverses MDR(multidrug resistance) through inhibiting ATPase activity rather than reducing P-gp expression. Psoralen inhibits the migration abilities of MCF-7/ADR cells by repressing EMT possibly through inhibiting the activation of NF-κB. Psoralens are photoactive compounds that readily alkylate DNA when activated by longwave ultraviolet light. Proliferation has been significantly promoted in MCF-7/ADR cells treated with low concentration of psoralen (<10.75 µM) and inhibited with high concentration(>21.5 µM). Psoralen can inhibit metastasis of breast cancer. Psoralen mediates a variety of cell processes including cell death, proliferation, inflammation and migration[1].

Cell Data
Cell Lines Assay Type Concentration Incubation Time Formulation Activity Description PMID
LoVo NGew[pZEgXSxdH;4bYNqfHliYYPzZZk> M3e2UmN6fG:2b4jpZ4l1gSCjZ3HpcpN1KEyxVn:gLIh2dWGwIHnueIV{fGmwYXygZYRmdm:lYYLjbY5wdWFrIHPlcIwhdGmwZUugVoFv\2ViMD60MVE3KHWPLDDJR|UxRTF4IN88US=> NWi2SZpZOTV6M{ezNVE>
HL-60 NIXXPIpEgXSxdH;4bYNqfHliYYPzZZk> NEXO[ZZEgXSxdH;4bYNqfHliYXfhbY5{fCCKTD22NEApcHWvYX6g[oljem:|YYLjc41iMSClZXzsJIxqdmV9IGLhcodmKDBwND2xOkB2VSxiSVO1NF0yPiEQvF2= Ml;3NVU5Ozd|MUG=
HT-29 cells Mlr1R5l1d3SxeHnjbZR6KGG|c3H5 MYW5OkBp MXfDfZRwfG:6aXPpeJkh[WejaX7zeEBpfW2jbjDIWE0zQSClZXzsd{Bi\nSncjC5OkBpenNiYomgUXRVKGG|c3H5MEBKSzVyPUSxMlch|ryP MX2yN|c1PjR5Nx?=
HCT116 cells MWPDfZRwfG:6aXPpeJkh[XO|YYm= NXvYZm44QTZiaB?= MWDDfZRwfG:6aXPpeJkh[WejaX7zeEBpfW2jbjDIR3QyOTZiY3XscJMh[W[2ZYKgPVYhcHK|IHL5JG1VXCCjc4PhfUwhUUN3ME20OU43KM7:TR?= M1rQSFI{PzR4NEe3

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In vivo Psoralen has been characterized as a tumor suppressor in various tumors[1]. Psoralen ameliorates sex hormone deficiency-induced osteoporosis in female and male mice. It has antiosteoporosis effect in ovariectomy-induced osteoporotic rats via stimulating osteoblastic differentiation from bone mesenchymal stem cells[2].


Cell Research:


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  • Cell lines: Human breast cancer MCF-7/ADR cells, MCF-10A, and MCF-7 cells
  • Concentrations: 0, 21.5, 43.0, 64.5, 86.0, 107.5 µM
  • Incubation Time: 48 h
  • Method:

    The effects of psoralen on cell proliferation are measured by MTT assay. MCF-10A and MCF-7/ADR cells are cultured in 96-well plates at a cell density of 2×104 cells per well for 48 h. The medium is then removed and replaced by fresh medium containing different concentrations of psoralen (0, 21.5, 43.0, 64.5, 86.0, 107.5 μM) for 48 h. Cells in the negative control group are incubated with RPMI-1640 culture medium supplemented with 0.1% dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO). Cells are incubated with 10 µL MTT (5 mg/mL) for 4 h, and then discarded the medium and added 200 µL DMSO. The spectrophotometric absorbance is measured at 490 nm with enzyme-labeling instrument after the crystals were fully dissolved.

    (Only for Reference)
Animal Research:


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  • Animal Models: ICR mice
  • Dosages: 10 mg/kg and 20 mg/kg
  • Administration: intragastrically
    (Only for Reference)

Solubility (25°C)

In vitro DMSO 37 mg/mL (198.75 mM)
Water Insoluble
Ethanol Insoluble

* Please note that Selleck tests the solubility of all compounds in-house, and the actual solubility may differ slightly from published values. This is normal and is due to slight batch-to-batch variations.

Chemical Information

Molecular Weight 186.16


CAS No. 66-97-7
Storage powder
in solvent
Synonyms psoralene, Ficusin, Furocoumarin
Smiles C1=CC(=O)OC2=CC3=C(C=CO3)C=C21

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