Hygromycin B

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Catalog No.S2908 Synonyms: Hygrovetine

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Hygromycin B Chemical Structure

CAS No. 31282-04-9

Hygromycin B (Hygrovetine), a selective antibiotic that is effective on most bacteria, fungi and higher eukaryotes, inhibits protein synthesis by interfering with translocation and causing mistranslation at the 70S ribosome.

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Biological Activity

Description Hygromycin B (Hygrovetine), a selective antibiotic that is effective on most bacteria, fungi and higher eukaryotes, inhibits protein synthesis by interfering with translocation and causing mistranslation at the 70S ribosome.
In vitro

Hygromycin B has a single binding site within the 30S, it locates in the major groove of the helix very close to the helical axis, and makes contact with nucleotides from both RNA strands in the region 1490-1500 and 1400–1410. Ring I of HygB is involved in nonsequence-specific interactions with the backbone phosphate oxygen atoms of G1494 in addition to base-specific interactions with G1494 and U1495. Rings II and III make weak base-specific hydrogen bonds to both C1404 and U1498, but their main role apparently is to position ring IV for interaction with bases in the 1496–1498 region. Ring IV of HygB comes within 4A of the second base of the P site bound mRNA codon. [1] Hygromycin B (0.38 mM) completely halts yeast cell growth in rich media. Hygromycin B strongly block Polypeptide synthesis in cell-free extracts from rabbit reticulocytes, wheat germ and yeast. Hygromycin B inhibits peptide chain elongation by yeast polysomes by preventing elongation factor EF-2-dependent translocation. [2] Hygromycin B inhibits (80%) the elogation-factor-(EF)G-plus-GTP-dependent reaction of either AcPhe-tRNA or natural peptideyl-tRNA with puromycin in Escherichia coli cell-free systems. Hygromycin B blocks the nascnet peptide chains of either purified endogenous E. coli polysomes or poly(uridylic acid)-programmed ribosomes during polypeptide synthesis. Hygromycin B inhibits the non-enzymic translocation and the release of AcPhe-tRNA from the ribosomal acceptor site promoted by depletion of NH4 ions. [3] Hygromycin B is used for resistance selection in mouse L cells transfected with Escherichia coli genes coding for resistance to the aminocyclitol antibiotics hygromycin B. [4] Hygromycin B is used as a selectable marker for T-DNA transfer and integration in the ectomycorrhizal fungus Suillus bovinus. [5]


Solubility (25°C)

In vitro Water 100 mg/mL (189.56 mM)
DMSO Insoluble
Ethanol Insoluble

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Chemical Information

Molecular Weight 527.52


CAS No. 31282-04-9
Storage powder
in solvent
Synonyms Hygrovetine
Smiles CNC1CC(C(C(C1O)OC2C3C(C(C(O2)CO)O)OC4(O3)C(C(C(C(O4)C(CO)N)O)O)O)O)N

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