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SB-3CT Chemical Structure

CAS No. 292605-14-2

SB-3CT is an effective and selective gelatinase inhibitor with Ki of 13.9 nM and 600 nM for MMP-2 and MMP-9, respectively.

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  • The matrix metalloproteinase 9(MMP9) inhibitor(SB-3CT) attenuated angiotensin II (Ang II)-induced cardiomyocyte hypertrophy in vitro. (A) Representative immunofluorescent (α-actinin) images of neonatal rat cardiomyocytes (NRCMs) in the presence or absence of MMP9 inhibitor that were administered PBS or Ang II for 48 h. Bar=200 μm. (B) Statistical results for the cell surface area (CSA) of NRCMs. (C-E) The relative mRNA expression levels of atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP), brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) and β-myosin heavy chain (β-MHC) in NRCMs in the presence or absence of MMP9 inhibitor that were administered PBS or Ang II for 48 h. The intensities were normalized to the levels of GAPDH mRNA with the value in the PBS group defined as 1. * P<0.05 versus the control group, # P<0.05 versus the Ang II group. n=6 samples per experimental group

    Cell Physiol Biochem, 2017, 44(6):2281-2295. SB-3CT purchased from Selleck.

  • A) Inhibitory effect of SB‐3CT at the indicated concentrations against migration of HUVECs analyzed by a wound‐healing assay. These photos were obtained under fluorescence microscopy (×100) at 0 and 24 h after scraping. Bar = 200 μm.

    Mol Nutr Food Res, 2018, doi:10.1002/mnfr.201700969. SB-3CT purchased from Selleck.

  • B) Representative immunoblot and quantitative analysis of the effect of SB-3CT on the decrease in claudin-5 (25 kDa) and (C) AQP4 (35 kDa) expressions induced by MDMA at 1 h (n=4-6).

    Neuropharmacology, 2017, 118:157-166. SB-3CT purchased from Selleck.

  • EdU assays of directly co-cultured EOC cells with or without SB-3CT were performed. EOC cells cultured alone were used as controls. SB-3CT mediated MMP2/9 inhibition partially offset the proliferation-promoting effects of ADSCs in EOC.

    Exp Cell Res, 2018, 337(1):16-27. SB-3CT purchased from Selleck.

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Biological Activity

Description SB-3CT is an effective and selective gelatinase inhibitor with Ki of 13.9 nM and 600 nM for MMP-2 and MMP-9, respectively.
MMP-2 [1]
(Cell-free assay)
MMP-9 [1]
(Cell-free assay)
13.9 nM(Ki) 600 nM(Ki)
In vitro

SB-3CT directly inhibits bone marrow endothelial cell invasion and tubule formation in Matrigel in vitro. [3]

Cell Data
Cell Lines Assay Type Concentration Incubation Time Formulation Activity Description PMID
A673 M3PXOJFJXFNiYYPzZZk> NYm4ZnVLeUiWUzDv[kBx\WSrYYTybYMh[2GwY3XyJINmdGxibHnu[ZMhfG9iaXTlcpRq\nlibYXseIlxdGVib4Dwc5J1fW6rdHnld{Bnd3JiZIL1[{Bz\XC3coDvd4lv\zpiUILpcYFzgSC|Y4Ll[Y4h\m:{IFG2O|Mh[2WubIO= M1PnOFxiKHSjcnfleF0oZ2KuYX7rK{BpemWoPTfoeJRxezpxL4D1Zo1m\C6wY3LpMo5tdS6waXiu[493NzJ7NEO1NVM6Lz5{OUSzOVE{QTxxYU6=
Saos-2 NHG1WXhyUFSVIHHzd4F6 NILsTXVyUFSVIH;mJJBm\GmjdILpZ{Bk[W6lZYKgZ4VtdCCuaX7ld{B1dyCrZHXueIlngSCvdXz0bZBt\SCxcIDvdpR2dmm2aXXzJIZweiCmcoXnJJJmeHW{cH;zbY5oQiCScnntZZJ6KHOlcnXlckBnd3JiU3Hvd{0zKGOnbHzz MlvtQIEhfGG{Z3X0QUdg[myjbnunJIhz\WZ;J3j0eJB{Qi9xcIXicYVlNm6lYnmucoxuNm6raD7nc5YwOjl2M{WxN|koRjJ7NEO1NVM6RC:jPh?=
BT-37 NHHiSHByUFSVIHHzd4F6 NUTkd5lteUiWUzDv[kBx\WSrYYTybYMh[2GwY3XyJINmdGxibHnu[ZMhfG9iaXTlcpRq\nlibYXseIlxdGVib4Dwc5J1fW6rdHnld{Bnd3JiZIL1[{Bz\XC3coDvd4lv\zpiUILpcYFzgSC|Y4Ll[Y4h\m:{IFLUMVM4KGOnbHzz NUP2TFVVRGFidHHy[4V1RSehYnzhcosoKGi{ZX[9K4h1fHC|Oj:vdJVjdWWmLn7jZokvdmyvLn7pbE5od3ZxMkm0N|UyOzlpPkK5OFM2OTN7PD;hQi=>
SK-N-SH NVTMeJh5eUiWUzDhd5NigQ>? NU\iVlY1eUiWUzDv[kBx\WSrYYTybYMh[2GwY3XyJINmdGxibHnu[ZMhfG9iaXTlcpRq\nlibYXseIlxdGVib4Dwc5J1fW6rdHnld{Bnd3JiZIL1[{Bz\XC3coDvd4lv\zpiUILpcYFzgSC|Y4Ll[Y4h\m:{IGPLMW4uW0hiY3XscJM> MmnsQIEhfGG{Z3X0QUdg[myjbnunJIhz\WZ;J3j0eJB{Qi9xcIXicYVlNm6lYnmucoxuNm6raD7nc5YwOjl2M{WxN|koRjJ7NEO1NVM6RC:jPh?=
NB1643 NVrWfXBLeUiWUzDhd5NigQ>? M2CxUpFJXFNib3[gdIVlcWG2cnnjJINidmOncjDj[YxtKGyrbnXzJJRwKGmmZX70bYZ6KG23bITpdIxmKG:ycH;yeJVvcXSrZYOg[o9zKGS{dXegdoVxfXKyb4Ppcoc7KFC{aX3hdpkhe2O{ZXXuJIZweiCQQkG2OFMh[2WubIO= NUC3WWl[RGFidHHy[4V1RSehYnzhcosoKGi{ZX[9K4h1fHC|Oj:vdJVjdWWmLn7jZokvdmyvLn7pbE5od3ZxMkm0N|UyOzlpPkK5OFM2OTN7PD;hQi=>
OHS-50 MV3xTHRUKGG|c3H5 MYPxTHRUKG:oIIDl[IlifHKrYzDjZY5k\XJiY3XscEBtcW6nczD0c{Bq\GWwdHnmfUBufWy2aYDs[UBweHCxcoT1col1cWW|IH\vdkBlenWpIILldJVzeG:|aX7nPkBRemmvYYL5JJNkemWnbjDmc5IhV0iVLUWwJINmdGy| MnO1QIEhfGG{Z3X0QUdg[myjbnunJIhz\WZ;J3j0eJB{Qi9xcIXicYVlNm6lYnmucoxuNm6raD7nc5YwOjl2M{WxN|koRjJ7NEO1NVM6RC:jPh?=
Rh41 MYXxTHRUKGG|c3H5 M3fEZZFJXFNib3[gdIVlcWG2cnnjJINidmOncjDj[YxtKGyrbnXzJJRwKGmmZX70bYZ6KG23bITpdIxmKG:ycH;yeJVvcXSrZYOg[o9zKGS{dXegdoVxfXKyb4Ppcoc7KFC{aX3hdpkhe2O{ZXXuJIZweiCUaESxJINmdGy| NITCNGI9[SC2YYLn[ZQ:L1:kbHHub{chcHKnZk2nbJR1eHN8Lz;weYJu\WRwbnPibU5vdG1wbnnoModwfi9{OUSzOVE{QSd-Mkm0N|UyOzl:L3G+
SJ-GBM2 NVLYe3BYeUiWUzDhd5NigQ>? MVzxTHRUKG:oIIDl[IlifHKrYzDjZY5k\XJiY3XscEBtcW6nczD0c{Bq\GWwdHnmfUBufWy2aYDs[UBweHCxcoT1col1cWW|IH\vdkBlenWpIILldJVzeG:|aX7nPkBRemmvYYL5JJNkemWnbjDmc5IhW0pvR1LNNkBk\Wyucx?= NVe0Wnd4RGFidHHy[4V1RSehYnzhcosoKGi{ZX[9K4h1fHC|Oj:vdJVjdWWmLn7jZokvdmyvLn7pbE5od3ZxMkm0N|UyOzlpPkK5OFM2OTN7PD;hQi=>
NB-EBc1 M1\DbZFJXFNiYYPzZZk> NI[zfm5yUFSVIH;mJJBm\GmjdILpZ{Bk[W6lZYKgZ4VtdCCuaX7ld{B1dyCrZHXueIlngSCvdXz0bZBt\SCxcIDvdpR2dmm2aXXzJIZweiCmcoXnJJJmeHW{cH;zbY5oQiCScnntZZJ6KHOlcnXlckBnd3JiTlKtSWJkOSClZXzsdy=> MUK8ZUB1[XKpZYS9K39jdGGwazegbJJm\j1paIT0dJM7Ny:ydXLt[YQvdmOkaT7ucI0vdmmqLnfvek8zQTR|NUGzPUc,Ojl2M{WxN|k9N2F-
LAN-5 NYHsWVI{eUiWUzDhd5NigQ>? MWjxTHRUKG:oIIDl[IlifHKrYzDjZY5k\XJiY3XscEBtcW6nczD0c{Bq\GWwdHnmfUBufWy2aYDs[UBweHCxcoT1col1cWW|IH\vdkBlenWpIILldJVzeG:|aX7nPkBRemmvYYL5JJNkemWnbjDmc5IhVEGQLUWgZ4VtdHN? NYC2SIJjRGFidHHy[4V1RSehYnzhcosoKGi{ZX[9K4h1fHC|Oj:vdJVjdWWmLn7jZokvdmyvLn7pbE5od3ZxMkm0N|UyOzlpPkK5OFM2OTN7PD;hQi=>

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Methods Test Index PMID
Western blot
Claudin11 / Occludin / ZO1 / Laminin-γ3 / β1-integrin ; 

PubMed: 19828778     

In vitro, primary rat Sertoli cell-germ cell cocultures are treated with SB-3CT (0, 5, and 10 μM) in the presence of MEHP for 12 h. The protein levels of claudin11, occludin, ZO1, laminin-γ3, and β1-integrin in primary rat Sertoli cell-germ cell cocultures are determined by Western blot analysis. ACTB serves as the loading control. 

In vivo In L-CI.5s T-cell lymphoma model, SB-3CT (5-50 mg/kg/d i.p.) potently inhibit liver metastasis and increases survival of mice. [2] SB-3CT (50 mg/kg/d i.p.) inhibits human prostate cancer growth, osteolysis and angiogenesis in a bone metastasis model. [3] In a mouse model of embolus-induced “permanent” focal cerebral ischemia, SB-3CT counteracts degradation of neuronal laminin, protects neurons from ischemic cell death, and ameliorates neurobehavioral outcomes after embolic MCA occlusion. [4]


Animal Research:[2]
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  • Animal Models: Mouse L-CI.5s T-cell lymphoma model
  • Dosages: 50 mg/kg/d
  • Administration: i.p.
    (Only for Reference)

Solubility (25°C)

In vitro DMSO 61 mg/mL (199.08 mM)
Ethanol 10 mg/mL warmed (32.63 mM)
Water Insoluble
In vivo Add solvents to the product individually and in order(Data is from Selleck tests instead of citations):
4% DMSO+corn oil
For best results, use promptly after mixing.

* Please note that Selleck tests the solubility of all compounds in-house, and the actual solubility may differ slightly from published values. This is normal and is due to slight batch-to-batch variations.

Chemical Information

Molecular Weight 306.40


CAS No. 292605-14-2
Storage powder
in solvent
Synonyms N/A
Smiles C1C(S1)CS(=O)(=O)C2=CC=C(C=C2)OC3=CC=CC=C3

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