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PD98059 Chemical Structure

Molecular Weight(MW): 267.28

PD98059 is a non-ATP competitive MEK inhibitor with IC50 of 2 μM in a cell-free assay, specifically inhibits MEK-1-mediated activation of MAPK; does not directly inhibit ERK1 or ERK2.

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  • a-c, Inhibitors of BRAFV600E (PLX4032) and MEK1/2 (PD98059 or AZD6244) increase PGC1α and ID2 expression (a, b) and repress integrin expression and signalling (b, c). Cells were treated with indicated concentration of inhibitors for 6 h (a, b) or 24 h (c). d, e, PLX4032 increases the interaction between ID2 and TCF4 (d) and decreases the occupancy of TCF4 at the promoters of integrin genes (e). f–g, PGC1α and ID2 are partially required for PLX4032-mediated inhibition of invasion and metastasis. For in vitro assays (f), A375 cells were incubated with 1 μM PLX4032 for 10 h. Images represent one picture captured per membrane with the scale bar representing 200 μm. Values in a, b, e and f represent mean±s.d. of independent biological triplicates; *P<0.05 and **P<0.01 by Student's t-test  in a, b, e, f.

    Nature, 2016, 537(7620):422-427.. PD98059 purchased from Selleck.


    Melanoma cell viability and in vivo growth by cyclindependent kinase 2/4 inhibition. Western blot analysis for c-Jun, phosphorylated-ERK1/2 (Thr202/Tyr204) (p-ERK1/2), and total ERK1/2 protein levels was done for human melanoma cell lines treated with the BRAFV600E inhibitor GDC-0879 (1 μM), or MEK inhibitors CI-1040 (1 μM), U0126 (1 μM), and PD98059 (10 μM) for 18 hours.

    J Natl Cancer Inst 2012 104(21), 1673-9. PD98059 purchased from Selleck.


    Melanoma cell viability and in vivo growth by cyclindependent kinase 2/4 inhibition. In vivo growth of LOXIMVI xenografts in athymic nude Foxn1nu mice is shown. Tumors were allowed to grow to a maximum volume of 250 mm3, and the mice were subsequently treated daily at the indicated dose levels with CDK2/4 inhibitors by intraperitoneal injection in combination with a BRAFV600E- or MEK-inhibitor. CDK2/4 inhibitor (CVT-313/indolocarbazole CDK4-I) treatment sensitizes tumors to GDC-0879 and CI1040.

    J Natl Cancer Inst 2012 104(21), 1673-9. PD98059 purchased from Selleck.

    effect of ERK1/2 inhibitor PD98059 (1, 5, and 10 μM) on SRP72 protein expression was evaluated on Jurkat cells stimulated with rhIL-1. The cells were harvested at 0,120, and 240 min, and the protein expression was verified by WB using antibodies against human SRP72, human SRP54 (nonphosphorylated SRP protein), and humanGAPDHas constitutive protein.Adecreased SRP72 expression at 10 μM and 240 min was found.



    J Biol Chem 2010 285, 32824-32833. PD98059 purchased from Selleck.

  • C, effect of ERK1/2 inhibitor PD98059 (1, 5, and 10 μM) was evaluated in SRP72-immunoprecipitated cell lysates. WB using anti-phosphoserine antibody showed a decreased SRP72 band when used as the inhibitor at concentrations of 1 μM at 240 min, 5 μM at 120 min, and 10 μM at 120 and 240 min (lanes 3, 5, 8, and 9). D, results were analyzed and RUA illustrated, finding significant results at 1 μM at 240 versus 0, 5 μM at 120 versus 0, and 10 μM at 120 versus 0 min.



    J Biol Chem 2010 285, 32824-32833. PD98059 purchased from Selleck.

    We used real time RT-PCR to investigate the effects of PD98059 on SRP72 mRNA expression. All the samples were treated under the same experimental conditions used in protein tests done by WB, and phosphorylation was measured indirectly by IP-WB. The results did not show significant changes on the mRNA expression of SRP72 after the treatment with these inhibitors.



    J Biol Chem 2010 285, 32824-32833. PD98059 purchased from Selleck.


    Activation of a TLR2eERK1/2 pathway in MDDC. (C) MDDC were either untreated or treated with C. pneumoniae alone or in the presence of the ERK1/2 inhibitor PD98059 for 48 h. IL-12p70 and IL-10 release in culture media was assessed by ELISA. (D) MDDC were treated as in panel C for 48 h and then cocultured with purified allogeneic CD3t T cells. On day 12, supernatants were collected, and secreted cytokines were measured by ELISA.

    Microbes Infect 2013 15, 105-14. PD98059 purchased from Selleck.

    HepG2 cells, “Pnt-2” primary HCC cells or THLE-2 normal liver cells were pretreated with PD-98059 (1 mM) or MEK-162 (“MEK”, 1 mM) for 1 h prior toWAY-600 (“WAY”, 100 nM) treatment, after applied period, cell viability and apoptosis were tested by MTT assay (F and H).

    Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 2016, 474(2):330-7.. PD98059 purchased from Selleck.

  • Collagen I and α-SMA are conducive for S. aureus adhesion to and invasion into BMFBs. BMFBs were treated with PD98059 2 h before the addition of 5 ng/ml TGF-β1; 24 h later, the adhesion (A) and invasion (B) assays were performed as previously described. The results are expressed as the mean cfu/ml ± SD from experiments performed in triplicate (*P < 0.05, **P < 0.01).

    Microb Pathog, 2017, 106:25-29. PD98059 purchased from Selleck.

    After starved in serum-free medium for 24h,T47D cells incubated with the indicated concentrations of  PD98059 for 3h,followed by 20-minute  stimolation of 100ng/ml EGF.


    2010 Dr. Zhang of Tianjin Medical University. PD98059 purchased from Selleck.

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Biological Activity

Description PD98059 is a non-ATP competitive MEK inhibitor with IC50 of 2 μM in a cell-free assay, specifically inhibits MEK-1-mediated activation of MAPK; does not directly inhibit ERK1 or ERK2.
Features Does not inhibit c-Raf phosphorylated MEK1.
MEK1 [1]
(Cell-free assay)
2 μM
In vitro

PD98059 inhibits either basal MEK1 or a partially activated MEK produced by mutation of serine at residues 218 and 222 to glutamate (MEK-2E) with IC50 of 2 μM. PD98059 does not inhibit the MAPK homologues JNK and P38. PD98059 is highly selective against MEK, as it does not inhibit a number of other kinase activities including Raf kinase, cAMP-dependent kinase, protein kinase C, v-Src, epidermal growth factor (EGF) receptor kinase, insulin receptor kinase, PDGF receptor kinase, and phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase. PD98059 inhibits PDGF-stimulated activation of MAPK and thymidine incorporation into 3T3 cells with IC50 of ~10 μM and ~7 μM, respectively. [1] PD98059 potently prevents the activation of MEK1 by Raf or MEK kinase with IC50 of 4 μM, and weakly inhibits the activation of MEK2 by Raf with IC50 of 50 μM. PD98059 does not inhibit the activation of MEK homologues MKK4 and RK kinase that participate in stress and interleukin-1-stimulated kinase cascades in KB and PC12 cells, and the activation of p70 S6 kinase by insulin or epidermal growth factor in Swiss 3T3 cells. [2] PD98059 completely blocks the nerve growth factor (NGF)-induced differentiation of PC12 cells without altering cell viability. [3] PD98059 inhibits the proliferation of RAW264.7 cells in the culture containing RANKL in a dose-dependent manner, resulting in an apparent decrease of TRAP-positive cells. [4]

Cell Data
Cell Lines Assay Type Concentration Incubation Time Formulation Activity Description PMID
H1355 MWnGeY5kfGmxbjDBd5NigQ>? M2rQUFI2KM7:TR?= NIC1OVIyKGh? MoLNZox2dnS|IITo[UBDY2GfUD3pcoR2[2WmIHnuZ5Jm[XOnIHnuJJBpd3OyaH:tR4hsOSCjbnSgdIhwe3Cqbz3FVmsh\XiycnXzd4lwdg>? MXWyOVc3QTF6MR?=
MCF-7  NXu2N2J[TnWwY4Tpc44hSXO|YYm= MV:xNEDPxE1? MXKxJIg> M4POUIlvcGmkaYTzJGlNNTF6LXXubIFv[2WmIHPlcIwhdWmpcnH0bY9v M4fDN|I2PzJ5MEGx
HepG2  MVzGeY5kfGmxbjDBd5NigQ>? NXXmUpNOOTBizszN M4C1e|UhcA>? MWDicI9kc3NicHjvd5Bpd3K7bHH0[YQhVUGSS4OgbY5lfWOnZDDifUBmgG:pZX7veZMhXEeILd8yNS=> MYeyOVU3ODR6OB?=
HepG2  MXLHdo94fGhiSX7obYJqfGmxbjDBd5NigQ>? MXKyNEDPxE1? Moj4NlQhcA>? MX\zeZBxemW|c3XzJHRITi4QskGtbY5lfWOnZDDj[YxtKHC{b3zp[oVz[XSrb36gZY5lKGmwdnHzbY9v M{[3VFI2PTZyNEi4
SW480 Mm[ySpVv[3Srb36gRZN{[Xl? NWDDO4xwOjEEoN88US=> NUHL[2RZOcLiaB?= NIPP[JBz\WS3Y3XzJJRp\SCneIDy[ZN{cW:wIH;mJGFVTjNicILveIVqdg>? NWj6R201OjV2NEe4NVY>
HCT-15 MYXGeY5kfGmxbjDBd5NigQ>? MV6xJIg> MX\heJRmdnWjdHXzJHBITTJvaX7keYNm\CCyaH;zdIhwenmuYYTpc44hd2ZiRYLrxsA> NH3FbnAzPTR|MUSyOS=>
HCT-15 MnLhRZBweHSxc3nzJGF{e2G7 M1uwR|EhcA>? M1nIbYFjd2yrc3jld{B1cGVicILveIVkfGm4ZTDl[oZm[3S|IH;mJHBITTMEoHHnZYlve3RiY4XyZ5VucW5vaX7keYNm\CCjcH;weI9{cXN? NGfT[IUzPTR|MUSyOS=>
786-O NH21OotCeG:ydH;zbZMhSXO|YYm= Mnr5OVDDqM7:TR?= NUXzUGdsOjRiaB?= MUHwc5RmdnSrYYTld:KhfGinIIDyc{1ieG:ydH;0bYMh\W[oZXP0d{Bw\iCQQx?= NHjIfnozPDVyOES3Oi=>
A498 NXzyS4ROSXCxcITvd4l{KEG|c3H5 MlO3OVDDqM7:TR?= NVzMfIx6OjRiaB?= NUDyd3BJeG:2ZX70bYF1\XQEoITo[UBxem9vYYDvdJRwfGmlIHXm[oVkfHNib3[gUmM> NGXwSIczPDVyOES3Oi=>
A375 MYnD[YxtKEmwdnHzbY9vKEG|c3H5 NUfqZpN7OTEkgKOyNEDDvU1? MnW4NlQhcA>? MX7y[YR2[2W|IH3lcIFvd22jIHPlcIwhcW64YYPpc44> MYOyOFQ3PjB|Nh?=
HBMEC MmSwSpVv[3Srb36gRZN{[Xl? M1\xfVExKM7:TR?= M37iRVEhcA>? M{GycoJtd2OtczDWSWdHNWmwZIXj[YQhTXCqQUKg[ZhxemW|c3nvci=> M{\RbVI1PDV6OUiy
HPAEpiCs  MmPHSpVv[3Srb36gRZN{[Xl? M3HUeFMxKM7:TR?= MoTjNUBp M4nyfolvcGmkaYTzJHRPTi4QsTDzeIlufWyjdHXkJJA1Oi:yNESgUWFRUyCyaH;zdIhwenmuYYTpc44> MkPyNlQ1PDF6N{C=
BeWo MULGeY5kfGmxbjDBd5NigQ>? MUexNOKh|ryP M1;DWFIhcA>? Ml35bY5pcWKrdIOgSXJMOS9{ M3eyXlI1PDN|OES2
PC3  NVfTeXh4SXCxcITvd4l{KEG|c3H5 NGP6No82OCEQvF2= NXrVcHVLOC53IHi= M{\QfIlvcGmkaYTzJG1JYS12NEmtbY5lfWOnZDDhdI9xfG:|aYRCpC=> MkTKNlQ1OjR6OEm=
HGC-27 NV;5UW1zSXCxcITvd4l{KEG|c3H5 NIX2VmwyKML3TR?= NGTPS4wyKGh? M3;sSJN2eHC{ZYPz[ZMhWkGGMECxJJBtfXNiTVutNlIxPi2rbnT1Z4VlKGOnbHygeoli[mmuaYT5JIxwe3N? MmXzNlQ1OTZ|NEm=
MCF-7 M4S3W2Z2dmO2aX;uJGF{e2G7 MVuxNOKh|ryP MlzBNVAwOzBibXnu M{j6XZJm\HWlZYOgeIhmKFWWUD3k[ZBmdmSnboSgSXJMKHCqb4PwbI9zgWyjdHnvci=> NWGwOJNlOjR|OUC4NVk>
HeLa MXjGeY5kfGmxbjDBd5NigQ>? MkDkOVAh|ryP NXvvOINQOC53IHi= MYricI9kc3NiVGLYMVEhdnWlbHXhdkBucWe{YYTpc44h[W6mIGTYUmlRKGSxd36tdoVofWyjdHnvci=> MmfZNlQ{PzZ6Mke=
HL-60  MW\GeY5kfGmxbjDBd5NigQ>? NVv5b3lzOTBxMkCg{txO MmfHNUBp M4KxfIlvcGmkaYTzJJRp\cLiTj6gZ4hqdmWwc3nz[Zh1emGldNMgbY5lfWOnZDDkbYZn\XKnboTpZZRqd25iaX70c{BoemGwdXzvZ5l1\XN? MkPJNlQ{PTdyMkC=
HL-60 M2jHcWZ2dmO2aX;uJGF{e2G7 MoTHNkDDvU1? NYS2bmFrOTZiaB?= NITvUnJFVVOR Mn7mbY5pcWKrdIOgeIhmKGG|c3;jbYF1cW:wIH;mJJBUPjJzIGLh[k0yKGGwZDDOSmFV[zNuIHHu[EB1cGViUlGtbY5lfWOnZDDwbI9{eGixconsZZRqd25ib3[gcpVkdGWjcjDOSmFV[zN? NGrS[WIzPDN|MEC2PC=>
HEK 293 MVzGeY5kfGmxbjDBd5NigQ>? NGHqPJEyOCEQvF2= NFS4[GY2KGh? MWHEUXNQ MV3pcohq[mm2czDXcpQucW6mdXPl[EDPui2lYYTlcolvN1SFRkSgZYN1cX[rdImgZY5lKG63Y3zlZZIh|rJvY3H0[Y5qdiCjY3P1cZVt[XSrb36= MlHLNlQ{OjR|Nk[=
SW480 MnewSpVv[3Srb36gRZN{[Xl? NX3vVYxnOTBizszN M2TTS|IxKGh? NYqzcmF1TE2VTx?= MYnzeZBxemW|c3XzJJRp\SCFUmSgZYN1cX[rdIm= NY\vdIY{OjR|MkSzOlY>
HCSMCs MonJS5Jwf3SqIFnubIljcXSrb36gRZN{[Xl? NHTGXWYyOCEQvF2= M3\Bd|I1KGh? M2j2SIJtd2OtczDGRWJRPC2rbnT1Z4VlKEiFQWPNR{Bxem:uaX\ldoF1cW:w MlrJNlQ{OTJ|OEG=
PANC-1 M3nBTGZ2dmO2aX;uJGF{e2G7 NFr2VJkzOCEQvF2= MnPJOFghcA>? M4Oy[IlvcGmkaYTzJJRp\SCneIDy[ZN{cW:wIH;mJO6VPkRiaX6gdoV{eG:wc3WgeI8hfGinIGDQRXLPvMLiYXfvcol{fMLi MlvpNlQzQTRzM{O=
A549 NGL4WldHfW6ldHnvckBCe3OjeR?= NX7k[HVsOzBizszN M3myd|AvPSCq MXvEUXNQ MoLVbY5pcWKrdIOgeIhmKHSqcn;tZolvNWmwZIXj[YQhUUxvOD;DXGNNQC2OdXOgZYN1cX[rdIm= NGLrNHMzPDJ5N{[5Oi=>
A549 MofWSpVv[3Srb36gRZN{[Xl? NEOzOVU{OCEQvF2= NWjlZlBmOC53IHi= NVzxeoNzTE2VTx?= MXjpcohq[mm2czD0bJJwdWKrbj3pcoR2[2WmIFOvSWJR|rJiVHjyNlM2yqCyaH;zdIhwenmuYYTpc44> Mor2NlQzPzd4OU[=
MC-3 M4fKdmFxd3C2b4Ppd{BCe3OjeR?= M1nm[|ExKM7:TR?= MVWyOEBp NIno[Hpxd3SnboTpZZRm\CCPRWPDMYlv\HWlZXSgZZBweHSxc3nzJIlvKCClZXzsdy=> NH[4cVkzPDJ5MEWyNy=>
Raji  NF\hZZFHfW6ldHnvckBCe3OjeR?= MmjCNVAh|ryP MWqxJIg> NG\mNINjdG:la4OgbJNDSU[IIHnu[JVk\WRiRYLrNU8zKHCqb4PwbI9zgWyjdHnvci=> MkTlNlQzPjl4M{C=
Raji  NWL2[m9oT3Kxd4ToJGlvcGmkaYTpc44hSXO|YYm= M3fQclExKM7:TR?= NYHWfYczOSCq M1XxNYlvcGmkaYTzJJRp\SCkYYPhcEBweiCqc1LBSmYue3SrbYXsZZRm\CClZXzsJJBzd2yrZnXyZZRqd25iYX7kJJZq[WKrbHn0fS=> MUiyOFI3QTZ|MB?=
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HepG2 NILs[WhHfW6ldHnvckBCe3OjeR?= MYmyNEDPxE1? MXSyJIg> NFzze3pmdmijbnPld{BXSjFvaX7keYNm\CCIT2jPN4EhfHKjboPjdolxfGmxbnHsJIFkfGm4aYT5 NHv4S3gzPDJ2N{mwPS=>
TE4 MX\GeY5kfGmxbjDBd5NigQ>? MkHNNlAwPTBxMUCwJO69VQ>? M3qzUFQ5KGh? NXXVc4k1TE2VTx?= M4DDd4lvcGmkaYTzJJAuTXKtIHHu[EB4d3K2bXHucolvKGSxd37y[Yd2dGG2ZXSgdE1Cc3RiaX6gZUBld3OnLXTldIVv\GWwdDDtZY5v\XJ? M4SwXFI1OjR2MEKz
TE1 MVzGeY5kfGmxbjDBd5NigQ>? NEj3RoozOC93MD:xNFAh|ryP M1njTFQ5KGh? NEfDdZJFVVOR NFK0bmtqdmirYnn0d{BxNUW{azDhcoQhf2:{dH3hco5qdiCmb4fudoVofWyjdHXkJJAuSWu2IHnuJIEh\G:|ZT3k[ZBmdmSnboSgcYFvdmW{ NVjsUFZ5OjR{NESwNlM>
KYSE30 MoX3SpVv[3Srb36gRZN{[Xl? NInjXoYzOC93MD:xNFAh|ryP MWO0PEBp MWPEUXNQ M1;1NolvcGmkaYTzJJAuTXKtIHHu[EB4d3K2bXHucolvKGSxd37y[Yd2dGG2ZXSgdE1Cc3RiaX6gZUBld3OnLXTldIVv\GWwdDDtZY5v\XJ? NH;WbI4zPDJ2NECyNy=>
TE3 MmW4SpVv[3Srb36gRZN{[Xl? M371e|UxKM7:TR?= NUH1[4I6PDhiaB?= NVPVemk4TE2VTx?= M2HFdJVxemWpdXzheIV{KHSqZTDlfJBz\XO|aX;uJI9nKEiOQTDjcIF{eyCL MmXINlQzPDRyMkO=
KYSE30 NI[xe2ZHfW6ldHnvckBCe3OjeR?= NGfOeog2OCEQvF2= M3PYWlQ5KGh? MVPEUXNQ NYfDbIE1fXC{ZXf1cIF1\XNidHjlJIV5eHKnc4Ppc44hd2ZiSFzBJINt[XO|IFm= MVOyOFI1PDB{Mx?=
MKN7 MVTGeY5kfGmxbjDBd5NigQ>? MlrGOVAh|ryP M4SweFQ5KGh? NYPtflVOTE2VTx?= M2PDTYlv[3KnYYPld{BmgHC{ZYPzbY9vKG:oIFjMRU1CODJib4KgTGxCNUF{NDDtc4xm[3WuZYO= NVPq[25oOjR{NESwNlM>
NCI-N87  MYjGeY5kfGmxbjDBd5NigQ>? MlzWOVAh|ryP M4fVeFQ5KGh? NVHW[HdPTE2VTx?= NVz0[no3cW6lcnXhd4V{KGW6cILld5Nqd25ib3[gTGxCNUFyMjDvdkBJVEFvQUK0JI1wdGWldXzldy=> MkHmNlQzPDRyMkO=
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ARPE-19 MYTGeY5kfGmxbjDBd5NigQ>? MWOyNEDPxE1? MWKwMlUhcA>? M2j0NolvcGmkaYTzJGFx\Wyrbj3pcoR2[2WmIIDoc5NxcG:{eXzheIlwdiCxZjDFdosh[W6mIFHreC=> M3GxcFI1OjJ5OUG4
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MCF-7 M2L3bGZ2dmO2aX;uJGF{e2G7 M37s[lIxKM7:TR?= NWG5SFZQOSCq M{HDOIFjd2yrc3jld{BmgHC{ZYPzbY9vKG:oIIDoc5NxcG:{eXzheIVlKEWUSzDjc{11emWjdH3lcpQhf2m2aDDjc45rfWejdHW= MkLrNlQzOTZ{OEm=
MCF-7 MX;BdI9xfG:|aYOgRZN{[Xl? NFvEO3AzOCEQvF2= NV2wc3dnOSCq NXTsbphZcW6lcnXhd4V{KGOjc4Dhd4UuQSCnbor5cYUh[WO2aY\peJk> Ml3zNlQzOTZ{OEm=
DLD-1  M4TLVmZ2dmO2aX;uJGF{e2G7 NHrHNmczOMLizszN MnXjOFghcA>? Mo\3doVlfWOnczD0bIUhSk6LUEOg[ZhxemW|c3nvckBxemVvdILlZZRm\CC5aYToJFUu[XqjLXTD NVjKUW1XOjR{MUG1PFE>
HT-29 MUXGeY5kfGmxbjDBd5NigQ>? NG\3[o0zOMLizszN MlT4OFghcA>? Mnz5doVlfWOnczD0bIUhSk6LUEOg[ZhxemW|c3nvckBxemVvdILlZZRm\CC5aYToJFUu[XqjLXTD MkTXNlQzOTF3OEG=
7402 MkLpRZBweHSxc3nzJGF{e2G7 NIq2Zoo{OCEQvF2= NWjyNVBIPSCm M1npU4Rm[3KnYYPld{Bk\WyuIIDyc4xq\mW{YYTpc44> M4jSblI1OjFzMkWz
7721 NWHhUo95SXCxcITvd4l{KEG|c3H5 MoPpN|Ah|ryP M4LW[|Uh\A>? M1\xOIRm[3KnYYPld{Bk\WyuIIDyc4xq\mW{YYTpc44> Mm\5NlQzOTF{NUO=
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In vivo Treatment of mice 30 minutes before focal cerebral ischemia with PD98059 protects against damage, resulting in a decrease in infarct volume. [5] Pretreated with PD98059 (10 mg/kg per i.v. injection) 30 minutes before and then together with hourly cerulein injections for 3 hours significantly ameliorates cerulein-induced acute pancreatitis ipancreatitis on the basis of pancreatic wet weight and histology. [6] Administration of PD98059 (10 mg/kg) in mice 1 hour after carrageenan causes a reduction in all the parameters of inflammation measured. [7]


Kinase Assay:


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In vitro MEK-inhibitory activity:

Incorporation of 32P into myelin basic protein (MBP) is assayed in the presence of glutathione S-transferase (GST) fusion proteins containing the 44-kDa MAPK (GST-MAPK) or the 45-kDa MEK (GST-MEK1). Assays are conducted in 50 μL of 50 mM Tris, pH 7.4/10 mM MgCl2/2 mM EGTA/10 μM [γ-32P]ATP containing 10 μg of GST-MEK1, 0.5 μg of GST-MAPK, and 40 μg of MBP. After incubation at 30°C for 15 minutes, reactions are stopped by addition of Laemmli SDS sample buffer. Phosphorylated MBP is resolved by SDS/10% PAGE.
Cell Research:


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  • Cell lines: K-Balb, KNRK, v-raf-3Y1, SRA/3Y1, EGFR/3T3, and K562
  • Concentrations: Dissolved in DMSO, final concentrations ~100 μM
  • Incubation Time: 3 dyas, or 7-10 days
  • Method:

    For monolayer growth, cells are plated into multi-well plates at 10,000-20,000/mL. Forty-eight hours later, various concentrations of PD98059 are added to the cell growth medium and incubation is continued for an additional 3 days. Cells are then removed from the wells by incubation with trypsin and enumerated with a Coulter Counter. For growth in soft agar, cells are seeded into 35-mm dishes at 5,000-10,000 cells per dish with growth medium containing 0.3% agar and desired concentrations of PD98059. After 7-10 days of growth, visible colonies are manually enumerated with the aid of a dissecting microscope.

    (Only for Reference)
Animal Research:


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  • Animal Models: Male Sprague–Dawley rats with acute pancreatitis
  • Formulation: Dissolved in DMSO, and diluted in saline
  • Dosages: 10 mg/kg
  • Administration: Injection i.v.
    (Only for Reference)

Solubility (25°C)

In vitro DMSO 14 mg/mL warmed (52.37 mM)
Water Insoluble
Ethanol Insoluble
In vivo Add solvents to the product individually and in order(Data is from Selleck tests instead of citations):
4% DMSO+30% PEG 300+5% Tween 80+ddH2O
For best results, use promptly after mixing.

* Please note that Selleck tests the solubility of all compounds in-house, and the actual solubility may differ slightly from published values. This is normal and is due to slight batch-to-batch variations.

Chemical Information

Molecular Weight 267.28


CAS No. 167869-21-8
Storage powder
in solvent
Synonyms N/A

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    Molecular Weight

*When preparing stock solutions, please always use the batch-specific molecular weight of the product found on the via label and MSDS / COA (available on product pages).

Dilution Calculator

Dilution Calculator

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Concentration (start) x Volume (start) = Concentration (final) x Volume (final)

This equation is commonly abbreviated as: C1V1 = C2V2 ( Input Output )

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* When preparing stock solutions always use the batch-specific molecular weight of the product found on the vial label and MSDS / COA (available online).

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    C5=C4/X C5: LOG(C5):
    C6=C5/X C6: LOG(C6):
    C7=C6/X C7: LOG(C7):
    C8=C7/X C8: LOG(C8):
Molecular Weight Calculator

Molecular Weight Calculator

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Definitions of molecular mass, molecular weight, molar mass and molar weight:

Molecular mass (molecular weight) is the mass of one molecule of a substance and is expressed in the unified atomic mass units (u). (1 u is equal to 1/12 the mass of one atom of carbon-12)
Molar mass (molar weight) is the mass of one mole of a substance and is expressed in g/mol.

Molarity Calculator

Mass Concentration Volume Molecular Weight

Tech Support

Answers to questions you may have can be found in the inhibitor handling instructions. Topics include how to prepare stock solutions, how to store inhibitors, and issues that need special attention for cell-based assays and animal experiments.

Handling Instructions

Tel: +1-832-582-8158 Ext:3

If you have any other enquiries, please leave a message.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question 1:

    How to formulate this inhibitor for i.p. injection?

  • Answer:

    You can prepare the stock by the vehicle 30% PEG400/0.5% Tween80/5% Propylene glycol, 0.5% CMC.

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