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mutant-EGFR Selective Inhibitors

Catalog No. Product Name Information Selective / Pan IC50 / Ki
S8741 Avitinib (AC0010) Avitinib (AC0010) is a pyrrolopyrimidine-based irreversible EGFR inhibitor that is mutation-selective with IC50 value of 0.18 nM against EGFR L858R/T790M double mutations, nearly 43-fold greater potency over wild-type EGFR (IC50 value, 7.68 nM). It has comparable anti-tumor activity and tolerated toxicity. Selective EGFR L858R/T790M, IC50: 0.18 nM
S7000 AP26113-analog (ALK-IN-1) AP26113-analog (ALK-IN-1) is an analog of AP26113 which is a potent and selective ALK inhibitor. It is also an inhibitor of EGFR. Selective EGFR(C797S/del19), IC50: 28.4 nM; EGFR(C797S/T790M/del19), IC50: 59.1 nM; EGFR(del19), IC50: 36.8 nM; EGFR(T790M/del19), IC50: 138.6 nM; EGFR(del19), IC50: 36.8 nM
S8229 Brigatinib (AP26113) Brigatinib (AP26113) is a potent and selective ALK (IC50, 0.6 nM) and ROS1 (IC50, 0.9 nM) inhibitor. It also inhibits IGF-1R, FLT3, and mutant variants of FLT3 (D835Y) and EGFR with lower potentcy. Selective EGFR(C797S/T790M/del19), IC50: 67.2 nM; EGFR(C797S/del19), IC50: 39.9 nM; EGFR(T790M/del19), IC50: 150.3 nM; EGFR(del19), IC50: 43.7 nM
S8242 EAI045 EAI045 is an allosteric inhibitor that targets selected drug-resistant EGFR mutants but spares the wild-type receptor. Selective
S8817 Almonertinib (HS-10296) Almonertinib (Aumolertinib, HS-10296, Ameile) is a small molecule inhibitor of EGFR-activating mutations and T790M-resistant mutation with limited activity against wild-type EGFR. Selective
S8412 Naquotinib(ASP8273) Naquotinib (ASP8273) is an orally available, irreversible, mutant-selective, epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) inhibitor, with potential antineoplastic activity. Pan
S8814 TAS6417 TAS6417 (CLN-081, TPC-064) is a novel EGFR inhibitor that targets EGFR exon 20 insertion mutations while sparing wild-type (WT) EGFR. IC50 values ranges from 1.1 ± 0.1 to 8.0 ± 1.1 nmol/L. Pan EGFR T790M/L858R, IC50: 2 nM; EGFR L858R, IC50: 1.9 nM; EGFR(d746-750), IC50: 1.4 nM; EGFR(d746-750/T790M), IC50: 1.1 nM
S8724 Lazertinib Lazertinib (YH25448,GNS-1480) is a potent, highly mutant-selective and irreversible EGFR-TKI with IC50 values of 1.7 nM, 2 nM, 5 nM, 20.6 nM and 76 nM for Del19/T790M, L858R/T790M, Del19, L85R and Wild type EGFR respectively, showing much higher IC50 values aganist ErbB2 and ErbB4. Pan Del19/T790M, IC50: 1.7 nM
S7206 CNX-2006 CNX-2006 is a novel irreversible mutant-selective EGFR inhibitor with IC50 of < 20 nM, with very weak inhibition at wild-type EGFR. Pan mutant EGFR, IC50: <20 nM
S8584 Theliatinib (HMPL-309) Theliatinib (HMPL-309) is a highly potent EGFR inhibitor with Ki value of 0.05 nM against the wild type EGFR and IC50 values of 3 nM and 22 nM against EGFR and EGFR T790M/L858R mutant. It demonstrats 50 fold greater selectivity for EGFR compared to 72 other kinases. Pan EGFR T790M/L858R, IC50: 22 nM
S6881 JND3229 JND3229 is a potent reversible inhibitor of EGFRC797S with an IC50 value of 5.8 nM. JND3229 also potently suppresses EGFRL858R/T790M and EGFRWT with IC50 values of 30.5 nM and 6.8 nM, respectively. Pan EGFR L858R/T790M, IC50: 30.5 nM
S7824 Nazartinib (EGF816) Nazartinib (EGF816, NVS-816) is a covalent, irreversible, mutant-selective EGFR inhibitor that has nanomolar inhibitory potency against activating mt (L858R, ex19del) and T790M mt, with up to 60-fold selectivity over wild type (wt) EGFR in vitro. Pan mutant EGFR, Ki: 0.031 μM
S7926 Lifirafenib (BGB-283) Lifirafenib (BGB-283, Beigene-283) potently inhibits RAF family kinases and EGFR activities in biochemical assays with IC50 values of 23, 29 and 495 nM for the recombinant BRAFV600E kinase domain, EGFR and EGFR T790M/L858R mutant. Pan EGFR(T790M/L858R), IC50: 495 nM
S5098 Gefitinib hydrochloride Gefitinib (ZD1839) is an EGFR inhibitor with IC50s of 15.5 nM and 823.3 nM for WT EGFR and EGFR (858R/T790M), respectively. Pan EGFR (858R/T790M), IC50: 823.3 nM
S8294 Olmutinib (BI 1482694) Olmutinib (BI 1482694) is a novel third-generation epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutation-specific tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI). Also a potent inhibitor of Bruton's tyrosine kinase. Pan