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GSK923295 Chemical Structure

CAS No. 1088965-37-0

GSK923295 is a first-in-class, specific allosteric inhibitor of CENP-E kinesin motor ATPase with Ki of 3.2 nM, and less potent to mutant I182 and T183. GSK923295 induces post-mitotic apoptosis. Phase 1.

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Biological Activity

Description GSK923295 is a first-in-class, specific allosteric inhibitor of CENP-E kinesin motor ATPase with Ki of 3.2 nM, and less potent to mutant I182 and T183. GSK923295 induces post-mitotic apoptosis. Phase 1.
Features First potent, CENP-E-selective inhibitor that has been tested in Phase I clinical trials for treatment of Refractory Cancers.
CENP-E [1]
(Cell-free assay)
3.2 nM(Ki)
In vitro

GSK923295 is the first potent and selective inhibitor of the mitotic kinesin centromere-associated protein-E (CENP-E). [1][2] GSK923295 is uncompetitive with both ATP and microtubules (MT), inhibiting CENP-E MT-stimulated ATPase activity with a Ki of 3.2 nM, highly selective over other kinesins. GSK923295 inhibits release of inorganic phosphate and stabilizes CENP-E motor domain interaction with microtubules, reduces the rate of ATP-promoted dissociation of CENP-E from MT (koff, MT) by more than 50-fold. GSK923295 causes failure of metaphase chromosome alignment and induces mitotic arrest. GSK923295 is a potent inhibitor of tumor cell growth, with an average GI50 of 253 nM and a median GI50 of 32 nM for 237 tumor cell lines. [1] GSK923295 inhibits tumor cell growth more effectively when mitogen-activated protein kinase (MEK/ERK) signaling is also inhibited. [4]

In vivo GSK923295 produces clear increases in the abundance of mitotic figures and scattered apoptotic bodies in tumors. GSK923295 causes a dose-dependent increase in the ratio of 4n to 2n nuclei. GSK923295 exhibits robust, dose-dependent antitumor activity against Colo205 xenografts, including partial and complete regressions at the 125 mg/kg dose.[1] GSK923295 demonstrates significant antitumor activity against solid tumor models, inducing CRs in Ewing sarcoma, rhabdoid, and rhabdomyosarcoma xenografts, may be a valuable therapeutic target in pediatric cancer. [3]


Kinase Assay:[1]
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Kinesin motor domains are expressed in Escherichia coli BL21(DE3) and purified. CENP-E proteins includes residues 2–340 with a carboxyl-terminal 6-his tag. All studies using MT are conducted in PEM25 buffer [25mM PipesK+ (pH 6.8), 2mM MgCl2, 1mM EGTA] supplemented with 10 μM paclitaxel. The IC50 for steady-state inhibition is determined at 500 μM ATP, 5 μM MT, and 1 nM CENP-E in PEM25 buffer.
Cell Research:[1]
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  • Cell lines: Tumor cell lines
  • Concentrations: ~10 μM
  • Incubation Time: 72 h
  • Method: Cell-growth inhibition assays are performed by MDS in 384-well plates, and DNA content of fixed cells stained with DAPI using an Incell 1000 is analyzed. DNA content is determined 24 h after seeding (T0) and after exposure to varying concentrations of drug for an additional 72 h (T72). All T72 measurements are normalized to T0. Curves are analyzed using the XLfit curve-fitting tool to determine the concentration of GSK923295 yielding 50% growth inhibition relative to T0 and Ymax values (GI50).
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Animal Research:[1]
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  • Animal Models: mice bearing xenografts of the Colo205 colon tumor-cell line
  • Dosages: 125 mg/kg, two cycles of three daily injections separated by 1 week
  • Administration: i.p.
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Solubility (25°C)

In vitro DMSO 100 mg/mL (168.88 mM)
Ethanol 100 mg/mL (168.88 mM)
Water Insoluble

* Please note that Selleck tests the solubility of all compounds in-house, and the actual solubility may differ slightly from published values. This is normal and is due to slight batch-to-batch variations.

Chemical Information

Molecular Weight 592.13


CAS No. 1088965-37-0
Storage powder
in solvent
Synonyms N/A
Smiles CC(C)OC1=C(C=C(C=C1)C(=O)NC(CC2=CC=C(C=C2)C3=CN4C=CC=C(C4=N3)C(C)O)CNC(=O)CN(C)C)Cl

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Clinical Trial Information

NCT Number Recruitment interventions Conditions Sponsor/Collaborators Start Date Phases
NCT00504790 Completed Drug: GSK923295 Cancer GlaxoSmithKline June 25 2007 Phase 1

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