MAO-A Selective Inhibitors

Catalog No. Product Name Information Selective / Pan IC50 / Ki
S3212 Moclobemide (Ro 111163)

Moclobemide is a MAO-A (5-HT) inhibitor with IC50 of 6.1 μM.

Selective MAO-A (5-HT), IC50: 6.1 μM
S2102 Rasagiline Mesylate

Rasagiline Mesylate is a new MAO-B inhibitor for the treatment of idiopathic Parkinson's disease.

Pan MAO-A, IC50: 412 nM
S2339 Paeonol

Paeonol (Peonol), a phenolic compound extracted from Chinese herbs Paeonia suffruticosa (moutan cortex) and Cynanchum paniculatum, inhibits MAO with an IC50 of about 50 μM.

Pan MAO-A, IC50: 54.6 μM
S1472 Safinamide Mesylate

Safinamide Mesylate is mesylate salt of Safinamide, selectively and reversibly inhibits MAO-B with IC50 of 98 nM, exhibits 5918-fold selectivity against MAO-A. Phase 3.

Pan MAO-A, IC50: 580 μM