CDK3 Inhibitors

Catalog No. Product Name Information Selective / Pan IC50 / Ki
S1249 JNJ-7706621

JNJ-7706621 is pan-CDK inhibitor with the highest potency on CDK1/2 with IC50 of 9 nM/4 nM and showing >6-fold selectivity for CDK1/2 than CDK3/4/6. It also potently inhibits Aurora A/B and has no activity on Plk1 and Wee1.

Pan CDK3/CyclinE, IC50: 58 nM
S1524 AT7519

AT7519 is a multi-CDK inhibitor for CDK1, 2, 4, 6 and 9 with IC50 of 10-210 nM. It is less potent to CDK3 and little active to CDK7. Phase 2.

Pan CDK3/CyclinE, IC50: 360 nM