Vitamin A Acetate

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Catalog No.S4083 Synonyms: Retinyl (Retinol) Acetate

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Vitamin A Acetate Chemical Structure

CAS No. 127-47-9

Vitamin A Acetate (Retinyl, Retinol) is a group of unsaturated nutritional hydrocarbons, that includes retinol, retinal, retinoic acid, and several provitamin A carotenoids, among which beta-carotene is the most important.

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Biological Activity

Description Vitamin A Acetate (Retinyl, Retinol) is a group of unsaturated nutritional hydrocarbons, that includes retinol, retinal, retinoic acid, and several provitamin A carotenoids, among which beta-carotene is the most important.
In vitro

Vitamin A deficiency impairs innate immunity by impeding normal regeneration of mucosal barriers damaged by infection, and by diminishing the function of neutrophils, macrophages, and natural killer cells. Vitamin A is also required for adaptive immunity and plays a role in the development of T both-helper (Th) cells and B-cells. Vitamin A deficiency diminishes antibody-mediated responses directed by Th2 cells, although some aspects of Th1-mediated immunity are also diminished. [1]

In vivo Vitamin A acetate (VAA) (fed on an otherwise conventional diet) responds to 105 semiallogeneic cells (a suboptimal dose) in a host-versus-graft (HvG) reaction in mice, whereas mice on a conventional diet do not. [2] Vitamin A acetate can bring a solid and long-lasting state of tolerance induced by the intravenous injection into newborn CBA mice of lymphoid cells from (CBA X C57BL/10ScSn) F1 hybrids to an end, the effect of which is to increase the proportion of the moiety of the T-cell population that produces IL-2. [3] Vitamin A acetate-supplemented diet develops a positive skin reaction to purified protein derivative of mycobacteria in High-dose Mycobacterium bovis-infected mice, and their spleen cells show an increased IL-2 production in vitro. [4]


Solubility (25°C)

In vitro DMSO 65 mg/mL (197.87 mM)
Ethanol 65 mg/mL (197.87 mM)
Water Insoluble

* Please note that Selleck tests the solubility of all compounds in-house, and the actual solubility may differ slightly from published values. This is normal and is due to slight batch-to-batch variations.

Chemical Information

Molecular Weight 328.49


CAS No. 127-47-9
Storage powder
in solvent
Synonyms Retinyl (Retinol) Acetate
Smiles CC1=C(C(CCC1)(C)C)C=CC(=CC=CC(=CCOC(=O)C)C)C

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NCT04641663 Not yet recruiting Dietary Supplement: Multi-target Dietary Supplement (MTDS) Aging|Age-related Cognitive Decline Douglas Boreham|McMaster University|Northern Ontario School of Medicine January 4 2021 Not Applicable
NCT04315311 Not yet recruiting Drug: CREON Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI) AbbVie December 31 2020 Phase 4
NCT04583150 Recruiting Procedure: Bariatric surgery Bariatric Surgery|Obesity|Reproductive Health|Fertility Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris December 3 2020 --

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