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Ifenprodil Tartrate Chemical Structure

CAS No. 23210-58-4

Ifenprodil is an atypical noncompetitive antagonist at the NMDA receptor, it interacts with high affinity at a homogeneous population of NMDA receptors in neonatal rat forebrain with IC50 of 0.3 μM.

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  • (B) Vehicle-treated rats, BDNF-treated rats, rats pre-treated with CTX-B and rats pre-treated with Ifenprodil showed equivalenttime in the pairing chambers prior to the conditioning day. There were no differences in these groups;thus,the preconditioning values were pooled for graphical representation. Only BDNF-treated rats showed a clear preference for the chamber paired with spinal clonidine (10 g). *P < 0.05, compared with pre-conditioning, two-way ANOVA, F(1,1,1/20) = (23.25, 16.89, 10.97), n = 6/group. (C) Difference score, indicates that application of BDNF in intact rats increased the time spent in the clonidine-paired chamber, while pre-injection of CTX-B or Ifenprodil into the rACC attenuated the difference score. #P < 0.05, one-way ANOVA, F(3,20) = 15.38, n = 6/group. Data are expressed as the mean ± SEM.

    Brain Res Bull, 2016, 127:56-65. Ifenprodil Tartrate purchased from Selleck.

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Biological Activity

Description Ifenprodil is an atypical noncompetitive antagonist at the NMDA receptor, it interacts with high affinity at a homogeneous population of NMDA receptors in neonatal rat forebrain with IC50 of 0.3 μM.
NMDA Receptor [1]
0.3 μM
In vitro

Ifenprodil inhibits NMDA-induced currents at NR1A/NR2B and NR1A/NR2A receptors with IC50 of 0.34 μM and 146 μM in oocytes voltage-clamped at -70 mV. Ifenprodil may act as a weak open-channel blocker of NR1A/NR2A receptors, the degree of inhibition seen with 100 μM Ifenprodil at NR1A/NR2A receptors is not altered by changes in the concentration of extracellular glycine. The inhibitory effect of 1 mM Ifenprodil at NR1A/NR2B receptors is reduced by increasing the concentration of glycine. [1] Ifenprodil (10 μM) inhibits virtually all of the NMDA receptor-evoked current in very young rat cortical neurons that contain a single population of receptors exhibiting a high affinity for glycine. Ifenprodil (10 μM) inhibits both the high-affinity population and a significant proportion of the low-affinity component in older rat cortical neurons, thus revealing three pharmacologically distinct populations of NMDA receptors in single neurons. [2] Ifenprodil antagonizes NMDA receptors in an activity-dependent manner, whilst also increasing the receptor affinity for glutamate recognition-site agonists. Ifenprodil inhibition curves against 10 μM and 100 μM NMDA-evoked currents yielded IC50 values of 0.88 μM and 0.17 μM, respectively. Ifenprodil (3 μM) potentiates to approximately 200% of control levels in rat cultured cortical neurones. Ifenprodil exhibits a 39- and 50-fold higher affinity for the agonist-bound activated and desensitized states of the NMDA receptor, respectively, relative to the resting, agonist-unbound state. Ifenprodil binding to the NMDA receptor results in a 6-fold higher affinity for glutamate site agonists. [3]


Solubility (25°C)

In vitro DMSO 95 mg/mL (118.6 mM)
Ethanol 62 mg/mL (77.4 mM)
Water 9 mg/mL (11.23 mM)

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Chemical Information

Molecular Weight 800.98


CAS No. 23210-58-4
Storage powder
in solvent
Synonyms N/A
Smiles CC(C(C1=CC=C(C=C1)O)O)N2CCC(CC2)CC3=CC=CC=C3.CC(C(C1=CC=C(C=C1)O)O)N2CCC(CC2)CC3=CC=CC=C3.C(C(C(=O)O)O)(C(=O)O)O

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