• Inhibitory Selectivity
  • Solubility
Catalog No. Product Name Solubility(25°C)
Water DMSO Alcohol
S7436 NH125 <1 mg/mL 100 mg/mL 100 mg/mL
S8274 STO-609 <1 mg/mL 8 mg/mL <1 mg/mL
S7423 KN-93 Phosphate 92 mg/mL 100 mg/mL <1 mg/mL
S7422 KN-62 <1 mg/mL 100 mg/mL <1 mg/mL
S8366 CRT0066101 82 mg/mL 25 mg/mL 2 mg/mL
S7188 CID755673 <1 mg/mL 43 mg/mL <1 mg/mL
S3766 Tanshinone IIA sulfonate (sodium) -1 mg/mL 79 mg/mL -1 mg/mL

Isoform-specific Inhibitors

Catalog No. Information Product Use Citations Product Validations


NH125 is a selective eEF-2 kinase inhibitor with IC50 of 60 nM, >125-fold selectivity over PKC, PKA, and CaMKII, and also a potent histidine kinase inhibitor.



STO-609 is a specific inhibitor of the Ca2+/Calmodulin-dependent protein kinase kinase(CaM-KK) that inhibits the activities of recombinant CaM-KKα and CaM-KKβ isoforms, with Ki values of 80 and 15 ng/ml, respectively, and also inhibits their autophosphorylation activities.


KN-93 Phosphate

KN-93 Phosphate is a potent and specific inhibitor of Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II (CaMKII) with Ki of 0.37 μM, no remarkable inhibitory effects on APK, PKC, MLCK or Ca2+-PDE activities.



KN-62 is a potent and specific inhibitor of Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II (CaMKII) with Ki of 0.9 μM; also a non-competitive antagonist of the purinergic receptor P2RX7 (IC50 = 15 nM). It is selective for CaMKII relative to PKA, PKC and MLCK, but inhibits CaMKI and CaMKIV equally well, The Ki value of KN-62 for CaMK V is 0.8 μM.



CRT0066101 is a small molecule PKD family specific inhibitor which specifically blocks PKD1/2 activity and does not suppress PKCα/PKCβ/PKCε activity in multiple.



CID755673 is a cell-active pan-PKD1/2/3 inhibitor with IC50 of 180 nM, 280nM, and 227 nM, respectively, about 200-fold selectivity over other CAMKs.


Tanshinone IIA sulfonate (sodium)

Sodium tanshinone IIA sulfonate (STS) is a water-soluble derivative of tanshinone IIA isolated as the main pharmacologically active natural compound from a traditional Chinese herbal medicine, the dried root of Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge known as Danshen; a potent negative allosteric modulator of the human purinergic receptor P2X7.