Catalog No.S7303 Synonyms: R278474, TMC278, DB08864

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Rilpivirine (R278474, TMC27, DB08864) is a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI), and used to treat HIV-1 infection.

Rilpivirine Chemical Structure

CAS No. 500287-72-9

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Biological Activity

Description Rilpivirine (R278474, TMC27, DB08864) is a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI), and used to treat HIV-1 infection.
Features Approved anti-HIV drug with longer half-life and reduced side-effect profile than older NNRTIs.
Reverse transcriptase [1]
In vitro

Rilpivirine shows antiviral activity with EC50 ranging from 0.1 nM to 2 nM against wild-type and selected site-directed single and double mutants of HIV-1. [1] Rilpivirine inhibits viral replication at concentrations at which first-generation NNRTIs could not suppress replication, and produces a high genetic barrier to resistance development. [2]

Cell Data
Cell Lines Assay Type Concentration Incubation Time Formulation Activity Description PMID
MT4 cells MYPGeY5kfGmxbjDhd5NigQ>? M2G1cmFvfGm4aYLhcEBi[3Srdnn0fUBi\2GrboP0JJdqdGRidInw[UBJUVZzIFzBTUBqdm[nY4Tl[EBqdiCPVESgZ4VtdHNiYomgSWdHWCCkYYPl[EBz\XCuaXPheIlwdiCjc4PhfUwhTUN3ME2wMlAxOSEQvF2= MX:xO|IzOzJ|MB?=
MT4 cells NX\uXGk6S3m2b4TvfIlkcXS7IHHzd4F6 MXKzJIRigXN? MY\DfZRwfG:6aXPpeJkh[WejaX7zeEBpfW2jbjDNWFQh[2WubIOgZYZ1\XJiMzDkZZl{KGK7IFXHSnAh[mG|ZXSgdoVxdGmlYYTpc44h[XO|YYmsJGNEPTB;MjFOwG0> Ml61NVczOjN{M{C=
human PBMC cells MlLWSpVv[3Srb36gZZN{[Xl? M3Hzc2FvfGm4aYLhcEBi[3Srdnn0fUBi\2GrboP0JGh2dWGwIHntcZVvd2SnZnnjbYVv[3lidnnyeZMhOSC|dXL0fZBmKERiaYPvcIF1\SB7MmXHNFAyKGmwZnXjeIVlKGmwIHj1cYFvKFCETVOgZ4VtdHNiYomgZ4VtdCCkYYPl[EBie3OjeTygSWM2OD1yLkCwNFI3KM7:TR?= MnPSNVk6OzN5OUe=
human TZM-bl cells MmOwR5l1d3SxeHnjbZR6KGG|c3H5 M1myOFQh\GG7cx?= M3LHNmN6fG:2b4jpZ4l1gSCjZ3HpcpN1KGi3bXHuJHRbVS2kbDDj[YxteyCjZoTldkA1KGSjeYOgZpkhYFSWIHHzd4F6NCCFQ{WwQVE6NjRizszN M2X1T|IzQDV4NUSx
human MT4 cells M1:4XmZ2dmO2aX;uJIF{e2G7 MU[3NkBp M{XobWFvfGm4aYLhcEBi[3Srdnn0fUBi\2GrboP0JG5PWlSLLYLld4l{fGGwdDDITXYyKGijcnLvdolv\yC{ZY\ldpNmKHS{YX7zZ5JqeHSjc3WgXVE5QExibYX0ZY51KGmwZnXjeIVlKGmwIHj1cYFvKE2WNDDj[YxteyCjc4Pld5Nm\CCjczDpcohq[mm2aX;uJI9nKH[rcnHsJJJmeGyrY3H0bY9vKGGodHXyJFczKGi{czDifUBJ\UyjLVPEOE1NXFJvYnX0ZU1o[WxiYYPzZZktKEWFNUC9NE4xODN5IN88US=> MoH4NlMyOzd|NEC=
MT2 cells NWLJToVJS3m2b4TvfIlkcXS7IHHzd4F6 M2GxW2N6fG:2b4jpZ4l1gSCrbjDoeY1idiCPVEKgZ4VtdHNiYYPz[ZN{\WRiYYOgbY5pcWKrdHnvckBw\iClZXzsJIdzd3e2aDygR2M2OD16IN88US=> NGDLR|UzOzJ7OEiwPS=>
MT2 cells NVnHXIdiTnWwY4Tpc44h[XO|YYm= NWLsbJltSW62aY\pdoFtKGGldHn2bZR6KGGpYXnud5QhUHWvYX6gbY1ufW6xZHXmbYNq\W6leTD2bZJ2eyBzIF7MOE4{KHKndnXyd4UhfHKjboPjdolxfGG|ZTDLNVA{ViCjbnSgXVE5OUNiZH;1ZoxmKG23dHHueEBqdm[nY4Tl[EBqdiCqdX3hckBOXDJiY3XscJMh[XO|ZYPz[YQh[XNiaX7obYJqfGmxbjDv[kB3cXKjbDDpcoZm[3Srb36sJGVEPTB;MD6wNFIh|ryP MYCyNlA5OTl7Mx?=
In vivo After iv administration of Rilpivirine, Elimination half-life ranges from 4.4 h in rat to 31 h in dog. After oral administration of Rilpivirine in PEG 400, half-life ranges between 2.8 h in rat and 39 h in dog. [1]

Protocol (from reference)

Animal Research:[1]
  • Animal Models: Sprague−Dawley rat, beagle dog, white New Zealand rabbit, and cynomolgus monkey.
  • Dosages: 4 mg/kg ( rat); 1.25 mg/kg (other species)
  • Administration: i.v., p.o.

Solubility (25°C)

In vitro

Chemical Information

Molecular Weight 366.42


CAS No. 500287-72-9
Storage 3 years -20°C powder
2 years -80°C in solvent
Smiles CC1=CC(=CC(=C1NC2=NC(=NC=C2)NC3=CC=C(C=C3)C#N)C)C=CC#N

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Molarity Calculator

Mass Concentration Volume Molecular Weight

Clinical Trial Information

NCT Number Recruitment Interventions Conditions Sponsor/Collaborators Start Date Phases
NCT05112939 Recruiting Drug: RPV LA Healthy Janssen Research & Development LLC November 16 2021 Phase 1
NCT04012931 Recruiting Drug: Rilpivirine|Drug: ARV Background Regimen HIV Janssen Research & Development LLC July 18 2019 Phase 2

(data from, updated on 2022-01-17)

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