New STING Inhibitors

Cat.No. Product Name Information
S6667 STING inhibitor C-178 C-178 is a covalent inhibitor of STING,covalently bind to Cys91.
S6652 H-151 H-151 is a highly potent and covalent antagonist of STING that has noteworthy inhibitory activity both in human cells and in vivo.
S8796 diABZI STING agonist(compound 3) STING agonist 1 (compound 3) is a potent non-nucleotide STING agonist and has tremendous potential to improve treatment of cancer in humans.
S6575 C-176 STING inhibitor STING inhibitor C-176 is a potent, small-molecule inhibitor of STING, a central signaling component of the intracellular DNA sensing pathway.
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