New HSP (e.g. HSP90) Inhibitors

Cat.No. Product Name Information
S6721 JG98 JG-98 is an allosteric inhibitor of Hsp70 that binds tightly to a deep pocket that is conserved in members of the Hsp70 family.
S7716 TAS-116 TAS-116 is a novel, small-molecule HSP90 inhibitor which inhibits geldanamycin-FITC binding to HSP90 proteins with Ki values of 34.7 nmol/L, 21.3 nmol/L, >50,000 nmol/L, and >50,000 nmol/L for HSP90α, HSP90β, GRP94, and TRAP1, respectively. Furthermore, TAS-116 does not inhibit other ATPases such as HSP70 (IC50 >200 μmol/L).
S6568 ML346 ML346 is a Hsp70 activator and a novel modulator of proteostasis for protein conformational diseases.
All HSP (e.g. HSP90) Inhibitors