New Estrogen/progestogen Receptor Chemicals

Cat.No. Product Name Information
S4097 Dydrogesterone Dydrogesterone is an orally active progestogen which acts directly on the uterus, producing a complete secretory endometrium in an estrogen-primed uterus.
S8710 LSZ102 LSZ102 is a potent, orally bioavailable selective estrogen receptor degrader that inhibits ERα transcription with an IC50 of 6 nM.
S6651 G15 (GRB-G15) G15 is a cell-permeable high affinity and selective G-protein coupled estrogen receptor 1 (GPER) antagonist with an affinity of approximately 20 nM that displays no affinity for ERα and ERβ at concentrations up to 10 μM.
P1089 Goserelin Acetate Cav 2.2 blocker 1 (compound 9) is a N-type calcium channel (Cav 2.2) blocker for the treatment of pain with IC50 of 1 nM.
S9520 Lasofoxifene Tartrate Lasofoxifene Tartrate is a third-generation, non-steroidal selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) which binds with high affinity to the human estrogen receptor-α with IC50 value of 1.5 nM.
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