Customer Rewards Program

(only available for end-users in the United States)


1.Beginning May 11th, 2015, all customers purchasing Selleck products can earn Reward Points by collecting and registering point codes . Registered codes will be associated with your order and points will be awarded ($1 = 1 point). Maximum limit for a single order is 400 points. E.g. Orders valued at $300, will receive 300 points. Orders valued at $1000, will receive 400 points.

2.How to register point codes: click “My Account” on and then login or register a new account. Next, select “Enter Point Code” and enter your code to register your order. You can then immediately redeem rewards using your points or save up for larger rewards later.

3.Every customer is limited to a maximum point redemption of 4000 points($200) per year.


Reward:Starbucks Cards ($10)