Small Molecule Compound Libraries for Drug Discovery and Drug Screening

Selleck is dedicated to developing high quality and high purity bio-active, small molecule compounds for use as research tools. We have one of the largest collections of small molecule compounds in the world, with a focus on inhibitors of cell signaling pathways. Selleck assembles relevant sets of a variety of small molecular compound libraries for high throughput drug screening, target identification in drug discovery, cell signaling pathway analysis, and other pharmaceutical-related applications.

Advantages of Selleck’s Small Molecule Compound Library

Well-characterized compounds with high quality, high purity and pharmacological activity

1. All screening compounds within Selleck’s small molecule compound libraries have been proven to be pharmacologically-active.

2. Most of the compounds within the Selleck library collection are in either pre-clinical, clinical, or are FDA-approved drugs.

3. Each small molecule compound in the library sets are manufactured under strict quality control processes. As one of the leading manufacturers of small molecule chemicals in the world, Selleck’s product offerings and quality standards has resulted in more than 10,000 customers ranging from industry players to academic/research institutes.

Rich documents Each kind of small molecule library is supplied with a comprehensive documentation set containing activity descriptions, plate position maps, physical information, and a structural database file for integration into your compound database.
Novel Libraries are composed of relevant molecular library, including proprietary Selleck compound collections.
Ready-to-use format - Efficient re-supply Selleck’s small molecule screening library is pre-plated for your convenience in either 10mM DMSO or dry powder format, distributed in 96-well plates.

Customize screening library for your special requirement

Each Selleck’s compound library includes a unique collection of small molecules including inhibitors, activators, and inducers which are well characterized. The small molecule compound screening libraries are available in 96-well plates, supplied in either frozen DMSO solution or dry powder format for your convenience.

In addition to the commercial compound library plates, we can partner with you to create a custom compound screening library using Selleck’s screening compound collections of over 800 bioactive small molecules tailored to your desired specifications.

You can select compounds, quantities, format (dry/solid or DMSO), plate map and concentration to meet your specific requirement.

Customize your Library
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