New DNA/RNA Synthesis Inhibitors

Cat.No. Product Name Information
S6359 Purine Purine is a heterocyclic aromatic organic compound which plays crucial roles in DNA and RNA. It is also significant components in a number of other important biomolecules, such as ATP, GTP, cyclic AMP, NADH, and coenzyme A.
S6077 Cytidine 5′-triphosphate (disodium salt) Cytidine 5'-triphosphate is a pyrimidine nucleoside triphosphate that is involved in a variety of biochemical reactions. It is used in the synthesis of RNA by RNA polymerases.
S9382 Thymine Thymine is one of the four nucleobases in the nucleic acid of DNA.
S4888 Guanine Guanine is one of the four main nucleobases found in the nucleic acids DNA and RNA.
S5505 2’-deoxyuridine 2'-deoxyuridine is frequently halogenated to create thymidine analogues useful for studies of DNA synthesis and degradation mechanisms.
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