All New Products Listed Chronologically

Catalog No. Product Name Information Isotype
S0947 Cafestol Cafestol is a natural diterpenes extracted from coffee beans. Cafestol induces apoptosis and regulates a variety of inflammatory mediators to reduce inflammation. Cafestol inhibits PI3K/Akt pathway. Cafestol also can reduce the production of ROS in the leukemia cell line HL60. Oct 26 2021
E0118 BDP-13176 BDP-13176 is a potent fascin 1 inhibitor with an IC50 of 240 nM. Oct 26 2021
S6764 Pamufetinib (TAS-115) Pamufetinib (TAS-115) is a highly potent c-Met and VEGFR dual inhibitor with IC50s of 30 nM and 32 nM for recombinant VEGFR2 and recombinant MET, respectively. Oct 26 2021
S2965 (R)-(-)-JQ1 Enantiomer (R)-(-)-JQ1 Enantiomer is the stereoisomer of (+)-JQ1. (+)-JQ1 potently decreases expression of both BRD4 target genes, whereas (R)-(-)-JQ1 Enantiomer has no effect. Oct 26 2021
S9826 TPX-0046

TPX-0046 is a novel RET/SRC inhibitor with a mean IC50 of 17 nM for RETG810R in Ba/F3 cell proliferation assay.

Oct 26 2021
S9925 Imeglimin (EMD 387008) Hydrochloride

Imeglimin (EMD 387008, IMEG, PXL 008, RVT-1501) Hydrochloride is a new class of oral glucose-lowering agents. Imeglimin normalizes glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity by preserving mitochondrial function from oxidative stress and favoring lipid oxidation in liver of HFHSD mice.

Oct 26 2021
E1002 Setmelanotide (RM-493)

Setmelanotide (RM-493, BIM-22493, CAM 4072) is a cyclic peptide full agonist of melanocortin-4 receptor (MC4R) with an EC50 of 0.27 nM and a Ki of 2.1 nM.

Oct 26 2021
E0128 C-171

C-171 is a covalent small-molecule inhibitor of STING. C-171 efficiently inhibits both hsSTING and mmSTING through covalently target the predicted transmembrane cysteine residue 91 and thereby block the activation-induced palmitoylation of STING.

Oct 26 2021
E0126 MQAE

MQAE (1-(Ethoxycarbonylmethyl)-6-methoxyquinolinium bromide, N-[ethoxycarbonylmethyl]-6-methoxy-quinolinium bromide) is a 'non-ratiometric'chloride ion (Cl−)-quenched fluorescent indicator that is used to determine intracellular Cl− concentration ([Cl−] i).

Oct 26 2021
E0127 C-170

C-170 is a covalent small-molecule inhibitor of STING. C-170 efficiently inhibits both hsSTING and mmSTING through the same covalent modification with C-171.

Oct 26 2021
S9920 GYY4137 GYY4137 is a novel, water-soluble hydrogen sulfide (H2S)–releasing molecule with vasodilator and antihypertensive activity. GYY4137 shows potent anti-hepatocellular carcinoma activity through blocking the STAT3 pathway. GYY4137 also shows anti-inflammatory activity. Oct 26 2021
E0034 CyPPA

CyPPA is a subtype-selective positive modulator of SK channels with EC50s of 5.6 μM and 14 μM for hSK3 and hSK2, repectively. CyPPA is inactive on both hSK1 and hIK channels.

Oct 26 2021
S0726 XMD8-85 (ERK5-IN-1) XMD8-85 (ERK5-IN-1) is a selective and potent inhibitor of ERK5 and LRRK2 with IC50s of 0.162 μM and 0.339 μM, respectively. Oct 21 2021
S7371 Fadraciclib (CYC065) Fadraciclib (CYC065) is a novel, orally available ATP-competitive inhibitor of CDK2/CDK9 kinases with IC50 of 5 nM and 26 nM, respectively. Oct 21 2021
S0874 Vonafexor (EYP001) Vonafexor (EYP001, PLX007) is a novel non-bile acid, selective, second generation farnesoid X receptor (FXR) agonist. Oct 21 2021
E0084 Fluorofenidone Fluorofenidone (AKF-PD) inhibits nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate oxidase (NADPH oxidase, NOX) via PI3K/Akt pathway in the pathogenesis of renal interstitial fibrosis. Fluorofenidone also attenuates BLM-induced pulmonary inflammation and fibrosis through suppressing the activation of NALP3 inflammasome and the IL-1β/IL-1R1/MyD88/NF-κB signalling pathway. Oct 21 2021
S0572 SMCC SMCC (Succinimidyl-4-(N-maleimidomethyl cyclohexane)-1-carboxylate) is a hetero-bifunctional crosslinker that contain N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) ester and maleimide groups that allow covalent conjugation of amine- and sulfhydryl-containing molecules. SMCC-conjugated antigen couples spleen cells to induce antigen-specific immune responses. Oct 21 2021
S1335 VX-150 VX-150 (EOS-62073) is an orally bioavailable pro-drug that rapidly converts into its active moiety, which is a highly selective inhibitor of NaV1.8 relative to the other sodium channel subtypes (>400-fold). Oct 21 2021
S8361 PF-4136309 PF-4136309 (INCB8761, PF-04136309) is a potent, selective, and orally bioavailable CCR2 antagonist with an IC50 of 5.2 nM for human CCR2. Oct 21 2021
E0054 Tegoprazan Tegoprazan (CJ-12420, IN-A001, K-CAB, LXI-15028, RQ-00000004) is a novel potent and highly selective inhibitor of gastric H+/K+-ATPase with IC50s ranging from 0.29 μM to 0.52 μM for porcine, canine, and human H+/K+-ATPases in vitro, respectively. Oct 21 2021