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S9728 BSO (L-Buthionine-(S,R)-sulfoximine)

BSO (L-Buthionine-(S,R)-sulfoximine, L-Buthionine sulfoximine) is a cell-permeable, potent, fast acting and irreversible inhibitor of g-glutamylcysteine synthetase (γ-glutamylcysteine synthetase, γ-GCS) and depletes cellular glutathione levels. The IC50 of BSO on melanoma, breast and ovarian tumor specimens are 1.9 μM, 8.6 μM, and 29 μM, respectively.

Dec 22 2020
S2989 Nα-Acetyl-L-asparagine

Nα-Acetyl-L-asparagine (N-Acetylasparagine, (S)-2-acetamido-4-amino-4-oxobutanoic acid) is an endogenous metabolite that exists in human brain.

Dec 15 2020
S2992 Sodium mesoxalate monohydrate

Sodium mesoxalate monohydrate (sodium 2,2-dihydroxymalonate) is an endogenous metabolite.

Dec 15 2020
S2993 D-Saccharic acid potassium salt

D-Saccharic acid potassium salt (D-Glucaric acid potassium, Potassium bisaccharate) is an endogenous metabolite.

Dec 15 2020
S2999 Acetic acid octyl ester

Acetic acid octyl ester (Octyl acetate) is one of the major components of essential oils in the vittae, or oil tubes, of the wild parsnip (Pastinaca sativa). Acetic acid octyl ester exhibits antioxidant activity.

Dec 15 2020
S0504 SU14813 SU14813 (SU 014813) is a multiple receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor with IC50 of 50 nM, 2 nM, 4 nM and 15 nM for VEGFR2, VEGFR1, PDGFRβ and Kit (c-Kit). SU14813 exhibits potent antiangiogenic and antitumor activity. Dec 15 2020
S3006 Methyl isoeugenol

Methyl isoeugenol (Methylisoeugenol) is an eugenol analogue isoeugenol isolated from Acori Tatarinowii Rhizoma. Methyl isoeugenol is a highly attractive lure for Z. diversus and would be a valuable inclusion as an attractant in monitoring and male annihilation programs.

Dec 15 2020
S3009 Menthone

Menthone is one of the main volatile components of the essential oil of peppermint (Mentha piperita L.). Menthone is used as antioxidant agent and has a good compensatory effect with significant reduction in DNA damages in sperm cells.

Dec 15 2020
S2998 Isophorone

Isophorone (IPHO), an α,β-unsaturated cyclic ketone, is a clear liquid with a camphor-like odor. Isophorone is used as a precursor to polymers.

Dec 15 2020
S2990 Dihydroxyfumaric acid hydrate

Dihydroxyfumaric acid hydrate (DHF) is an endogenous metabolite. The diester derivative of dihydroxyfumaric acid hydrate (DHF) has been used exclusively as an electrophile in organic synthesis.

Dec 15 2020
S2988 DL-5-Hydroxylysine hydrochloride

DL-5-Hydroxylysine hydrochloride, an endogenous metabolite, is a racemic mixture of D- and L- enantiomers of 5-hydroxylysine which may be used as potential target markers for radical-induced protein oxidation.

Dec 15 2020
S2994 DL-Homocysteine

DL-Homocysteine is a weak neurotoxin that affects the production of kynurenic acid (KYNA) in the brain. DL-Homocysteine inhibits the activity of both KYNA biosynthetic enzymes, kynurenine aminotransferases (KATs) I and II.

Dec 15 2020
S2986 9-Methoxycanthin-6-one

9-Methoxycanthin-6-one is present in intact plant parts and in callus tissues of different explants with anti-tumour activity.

Dec 15 2020
S0041 UCB9608 UCB9608 (compound 44) is a potent, selective and orally bioavailable inhibitor of PI4KIIIβ with IC50 of 11 nM. UCB9608 is a potent immunosuppressive agent that improves metabolic stability and exhibits excellent pharmacokinetic profile. Dec 15 2020
S0869 Carbetapentane Carbetapentane (Pentoxyverine, CB) is an antitussive anticonvulsant nonselective sigma-1 (σ1) agonist. Dec 15 2020
S0067 GS-444217 GS-444217 (ASK1-IN-1) is a potent, selective, orally available and ATP-competitive inhibitor of ASK1 (apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1) with IC50 of 2.87 nM. Dec 15 2020
S0870 Barnidipine Barnidipine (Libradin, Mepirodipine, Vasexten, YM-09730-5, Cyress, Hypoca, Oldeca) is an antihypertensive drug that belongs to the dihydropyridine (DHP) group of calcium antagonist (CaA) with Ki of 0.21 nM for [3H]nitrendipine binding sites. Dec 15 2020
S0775 IRAK4-IN-4 IRAK4-IN-4 (compound 15) is an inhibitor of interleukin-1 receptor–associated kinase 4 (IRAK4) and cyclic GMP-AMP synthase (cGAS) with IC50 of 2.8 nM and 2.1 nM, respectively. Dec 15 2020
S0977 AC1903 AC1903 (compound 2) is a specific and selective TRPC5 (transient receptor potential canonical channel 5) inhibitor with IC50 of 4.06 μM. Dec 15 2020
S3141 Maleimide Maleimide exhibits fluorescence quenching ability and can be used for the specific detection of thiol analytes as fluorogenic probes. Maleimide is also used for production of antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) which is used in cancer research. Dec 15 2020