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Cat.No. Product Name Information Added
E0032 Olesoxime (TRO 19622)

Olesoxime (TRO19622) is a novel, orally active and CNS-penetrant mitochondrial-targeted neuroprotective compound.

Sep 01 2021
E0035 CP-31398 Dihydrochloride

CP-31398 Dihydrochloride stabilizes the active conformation of p53 and promotes p53 activity in cancer cell lines with mutant or wild-type p53.

Sep 01 2021
E0033 IWP-4

IWP-4 is a potent Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway inhibitor with an IC50 of 25 nM.

Sep 01 2021
E0121 Parsaclisib (INCB050465)

Parsaclisib (INCB050465, INCB-50465, IBI376) is a potent and highly selective PI3Kδ(PI3K delta) inhibitor with an IC50 of 1 nM at 1 mM ATP in biochemical assay and approximately 20,000-fold selectivity for PI3Kα, PI3Kβ, PI3Kγ and 57 other kinases.

Sep 01 2021
S2971 SIBA SIBA (5′-Isobutylthio-5′-deoxyadenosine, 5'-Deoxy-5'-isobutylthioadenosine, 5'-Isobutylthioadenosine) is a synthetic analogue of S-adenosylhomocysteine and is a powerful antipro-liferative drug. SIBA is not only an inhibitor of transmethylation but also interferes with polyamine biosynthesis, probably by blocking aminopropyltransferase. Sep 01 2021
A2120 Anti-mouse IL-17A-InVivo Anti-mouse IL-17A-InVivo monoclonal antibody (Clone:17F3) reacts with mouse IL-17A which is a 15-20 kDa cytokine expressed by Th17 cells, γδ T cells, iNKT cells, NK cells, LTi cells, neutrophils, and intestinal Paneth cells. Anti-mouse IL-17A-InVivo has been shown to neutralize IL-17A in vivo. Aug 29 2021
A2121 Anti-mouse IFNAR-1-InVivo Anti-mouse IFNAR-1-InVivo monoclonal antibody (Clone: MAR1-5A3) reacts with mouse IFNAR-1 (IFN alpha/beta receptor subunit 1). Anti-mouse IFNAR-1-InVivo has been shown to inhibit Type I IFN receptor signaling in vitro and in vivo. Aug 29 2021
S0272 Derenofylline (SLV320) Derenofylline (SLV320) is a selective and potent adenosine A1 antagonist with Ki of 1 nM. Derenofylline shows selective for adenosine A1 over A2A, A2B, and A3 receptors with Ki of 398 nM, 3981 nM, and 200 nM, respectively. Aug 23 2021
S9726 Rimiducid (AP1903) Rimiducid (AP1903) is a chemical protein dimerizer and binds tightly to the target FKBP fusion protein while binding minimally to the abundant natural FKBP. Rimiducid elicites potent and dose-dependent apoptosis of cells in culture expressing dimerizer-dependent Fas constructs, with an EC50 of ≈0.1 nM. Aug 23 2021
E0019 Dipivefrin Hydrochloride Dipivefrin (Dipivefrine, Propine, Pivalephrine) is a prodrug of epinephrine which is hydrolyzed to epinephrine after absorption into the eye. Aug 19 2021
E0020 Lupenone Lupenone (Lup-20(29)-en-3-one, lupeone) is an isolated compound exhibiting anti-oxidative, anti-inflammation, and anti-diabetic activities. Lupenone can protect SH-SY5y cells against METH-induced neuronal apoptosis through the PI3K/Akt pathway. Aug 19 2021
E0002 CGP-37157 CGP-37157 is a potent, selective, and specific inhibitor of mitochondrial Na(+)-Ca2+ exchanger at concentrations ≤ 10 μM. Aug 19 2021
S7848 QX-314 chloride QX-314 chloride directly activates and permeates the human isoforms of TRPV1 and TRPA1 to induce inhibition of sodium channels. Aug 19 2021
S9919 Pimonidazole Pimonidazole (Ro 03-8799) is a novel hypoxia marker used for complementary study of tumor hypoxia and cell proliferation in cervical carcinoma. Aug 19 2021
S9935 Teduglutide Teduglutide (ALX-0600, Gattex, Revestive, TAK 633) is an analogue of human glucagon-like peptide-2 (GLP-2) and binds to the GLP-2 receptors. Teduglutide prolongs the intestinotrophic properties of GLP-2 in animal models. Aug 19 2021
S9832 CC-90009 CC-90009 is a novel cereblon (CRBN) E3 ligase modulator and specifically targets GSPT1 (G1 to S phase transition 1) for proteasomal degradation. Aug 19 2021
A2116 Rat IgG2b isotype control-InVivo Rat IgG2b isotype control-InVivo monoclonal antibody (Clone:LTF-2) reacts with keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH). Because KLH is not expressed by mammals this antibody is ideal for use as an isotype-matched control for rat IgG2b antibodies in most in vivo and in vitro applications. Aug 19 2021
A2119 Rat IgG1 isotype control-InVivo Rat IgG1 isotype control-InVivo monoclonal antibody (Clone:HRPN) reacts with horseradish peroxidase (HRP). Because HRP is not expressed by mammals this antibody is ideal for use as an isotype-matched control for rat IgG1 antibodies in most in vivo and in vitro applications. Aug 19 2021
A2118 Anti-mouse IL-6-InVivo Anti-mouse IL-6-InVivo monoclonal antibody (Clone:MP5-20F3) can reacts with mouse IL-6 (interleukin-6) which is a 21-28 kDa cytokine that is expressed by many cell types, including T lymphocytes, B lymphocytes, monocytes, fibroblasts, and endothelial cells. Anti-mouse IL-6-InVivo has been shown to neutralize the bioactivity of natural or recombinant IL-6. Aug 19 2021
E0018 Triheptanoin Triheptanoin (API, IND106011, UX007, Glycerol trienanthate) is a synthetic, medium-chain triglyceride consisting of three odd-chain 7-carbon (heptanoate) fatty acids on a glycerol backbone. Triheptanoin is used for treatment of fatty acid oxidation disorders and GLUT1. Aug 11 2021