The radiosensitizing effect of the aurora kinase inhibitors, ENMD-2076, on canine mast cell tumours in vitro

ENMD-2076 is an aurora kinase inhibitor that also has multi-target tyrosine kinase inhibitor properties. In this study, the mRNA and the protein expression of aurora-A and aurora-B were evaluated in three canine mast cell tumour cell lines. Dose-dependent cytotoxicity was seen in the cells treated, and it affected the cell cycle with cells in the G2/M phase being selectively killed. The cells were also evaluated for radiosensitivity with/without ENMD-2076, and radiosensitization was seen after 3 Gy and 6 Gy exposures with ENMD-2076 for 48 h. Protein expression of caspase-3 was gradually increased, and the expression intensity was highest at 24 h post irradiation in cells without ENMD-2076 treatment, which indicates that radiation exposure with ENMD-2076-induced cell death faster than radiation treatment alone. Our study results c

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Cat.No. Product Name Information
S1181 ENMD-2076 ENMD-2076 has selective activity against Aurora A and Flt3 with IC50 of 14 nM and 1.86 nM, 25-fold selective for Aurora A than over Aurora B and less potent to RET, SRC, NTRK1/TRKA, CSF1R/FMS, VEGFR2/KDR, FGFR and PDGFRα. ENMD-2076 inhibits the growth of a wide range of human solid tumor and hematopoietic cancer cell lines with IC50 from 0.025 to 0.7 μM, which induces apoptosis and G2/M phase arrest. Phase 2.

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FLT3 Aurora Kinase VEGFR