Curaxin CBL0137 has the potential to reverse HIV-1 latency

A cure for human immunodeficiency virus type-1 (HIV-1) has been hampered by the limitation of current combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) to address the latent reservoirs in HIV-1 patients. One strategy proposed to eradicate these reservoirs is the "shock and kill" approach, where latency-reversing agents (LRAs) are used to reactivate and promote viral cell death and/or immune killing of reactivated cells. Here, we report that curaxin CBL0137, an antitumor compound, can potentiate tumor necrosis factor-α-mediated reactivation of latently infected HIV-1cell lines. Additionally, the single use of CBL0137 is sufficient to reactivate HIV-1 latent reservoirs in peripheral mononuclear cells (PBMCs) isolated from HIV-1 positive, cART-treated, aviremic patients. Thus, CBL0137 possesses capabilities as a LRA and could be considered for the "shock and kill" approach.

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Cat.No. Product Name Information Publications Customer Product Validation
S8483 CBL0137 HCl CBL0137 (CBLC137, Curaxin 137) HCl activates p53 and inhibits NF-kB with EC50s of 0.37 μM and 0.47 μM in the cell-based p53 and NF-kB reporter assays, respectively. It also inhibits histone chaperone FACT (facilitates chromatin transcription complex). (6)

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