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Fluorescent Peptides Synthesis
Peptide Labeling with Biotin, FITC, etc.

Selleck provides fluorescent peptide synthesis services at a competitive price. In the last five years we have completed and delivered thousands of fluorescent peptides such as biotin peptide, FITC labeling peptide, Alexa Fluor lebeling peptides, as well as other dyes labeling peptides for our global customers.

Fluorescent peptides and other dye-bonded peptides are useful tools in biochemical and biological research for the study of interactions between proteins, to analyze conformational structures, to design substrates, etc. The most important characteristics of fluorescent peptides is their high sensitivity and non-radioactive detection. Many commercial protein kinase assays have been developed using fluorescent peptides. Selleck has developed a unique and reliable method to synthesize fluorescent peptides and other dye labeling peptides with different characteristics. Our method of manufacturing can not only greatly reduce the cost and turnaround time for the production of fluorescent peptides, but also enhance the success rate.

Usually, dye-labeling peptides such as biotinylated peptides and FITC labeling peptides can be introduced either N-terminally or C-terminally. We recommend N terminus modification. The reason is that the peptides are synthesized from C terminus to N terminus. So the N terminus modification is the last step in the SPPS protocol and no additional specific coupling steps are required. On the contrary, the C terminus modification requires additional processing steps and is usually more complex.

Our Fluorescent Peptides Services:

1. The choice of dyes:Fluorescein (yellow), Tetramethylrhodamine (purple), Sulforhodamine (red), Dinitrophenyl (yellow), Dansyl (yellow),etc.
2. To manufacture the linkage between the dye and the peptide a covalent bond is employed, which is stable and not destructive under most biological conditions.
3. A functional linker can be introduced between the dye and peptide.
4. A dye can be at any position: N-terminus, C-terminus, or in the middle of sequence.

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