New Immunology & Inflammation related Inhibitors

Cat.No. Product Name Information
S5737 Diclofenac Epolamine Diclofenac Epolamine is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent (NSAID) with antipyretic and analgesic actions.
S5674 Lodoxamide Tromethamine Lodoxamide Tromethamine is the tromethamide salt form of lodoxamide, a synthetic mast cell stabilizing compound with anti-inflammatory activity.
S8660 GI254023X GI254023X is a selective inhibitor of ADAM10 with 100-fold selectivity for ADAM10 over ADAM17. The IC50 values for recombinant ADAM10 amd ADAM17 are 5.3 nM and 541 nM, respectively.
S5661 Tiaprofenic acid Tiaprofenic acid is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug used to treat pain, especially arthritic pain.
S5648 Iguratimod Iguratimod is a small molecule compound with anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory actions and used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.
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